Website Hosting Plans: GoDaddy versus BlueHost

If you are looking to create your website, there are numerous website hosting plans on the market, so it can be a confusing choice. Two of the biggest companies in this market are GoDaddy and BlueHost. GoDaddy is probably the best well known thanks to a global advertising campaign, but BlueHost looks good too. So which is best? We take a quick look at GoDaddy versus BlueHost to find out.

A Closer Look at GoDaddy

First up, GoDaddy. This website hosting domain can be yours for as little as £0.99. According to the advertising, GoDaddy has 19 million domains under its management, so if you choose this one, you are in good company. You have a great choice of names too, and because this is such a well known brand, the GoDaddy name inspires trust and confidence. You can choose between a .com or specific country extension such as or more.

Although the price is cheap for the most basic package, adding your email address to match your domain name costs extra, and if you want to secure your data and boost your rank via SSL, there will be an added yearly charge. That said GoDaddy seems well priced, so we probably should not quibble.

With GoDaddy you get a free month’s use of Web Builder. This takes you through each step of building your website from scratch without any need for any technical knowledge. You also have 24/7 access to a customer support team which you will probably need if you are new to building a website!

A Closer Look at BlueHost

BlueHost is not as popular as GoDaddy, but with over 2 million websites using the BlueHost domain, it looks good, and it comes with some freebies to tempt you in. These include a free domain name for a year, a free SSL certificate included in the price, and regular special offers. Prices start as £2.30 per month and you do get a free trial period and a 30 day money back guarantee.

BlueHost is a great option for anyone already that is already familiar with using WordPress. BlueHost is one of the top recommended WordPress providers, so you can enjoy hassle free WordPress on all accounts. You also have access to a wide range of analytics plus access to marketing services, tools, and paid ad credits.

As with GoDaddy, you do have access to a designated customer service helpline. BlueHost also provides educational resources including video tutorials, guides, and more. However, be careful after your trial period ends, as service and hosting fees may actually skyrocket.

So when it comes to GoDaddy versus BlueHost, which company comes out on top? In truth, there are no simple right or wrong answers, because both companies are similarly priced up front, and both offer great quality web hosting and customer support.

Both GoDaddy and BlueHost are fully partnered with WordPress, and both offer added extras. However, we like the analytical tools and extras provided by BlueHost, and we found the video tutorials easy to understand, so if you have some money set aside to host your site for more than just a year, this would be our choice.