The U.S. Restricts Technology Imports from China

The world has had enough imports from China, to be honest.

The United States doesn’t want anything related to technology to be imported from China. These restrictions include products like those used on hair and goods that serve as technology from specific Chinese companies. The US doesn’t want these goods because it is known that the companies used forced labor from Xinjiang to create these products.

This policy would let the United States agents destroy or derail technological goods that are brought into the US by these named entities or companies in Xinjiang. Xinjiang is a western region in China. It has lots of Uighurs and other minorities in prisons and internment camps.

This move is known to increase the already present tensions between China and the United States. It is way worse than the time when the United States banned the importation of Tomatoes and Cotton that was produced in Xinjiang. This measure made companies that used Chinese cotton as a means of survival to get ready because the US had no desire to import these products any longer.

Officials following the Department of Homeland Security had a conversation with reporters at the beginning of the week. They stated that the following analysis was done legally; more future assessments will be done.

Why did the U.S. restrict technology imports from China?

Xinjiang has a Vocational Skill and Education Training Center. This center provides labor that is done by prisoners to manufacturing companies around, as stated by the border agency.

These are the reasons why the US stated they don’t want any product made from the labor of prisoners. They do not want to be a part of this madness. The US is thinking about their future and what the history books will say. These restrictions would prevent the importation of hair products that would be made by Lop County Hair Product Industrial Park. Other companies that are restricted include the following; LYSZD Baoding Trade and Business Company, Yili Zhou Wan Garment Manufacturing Company, materials used for sewing clothes processed by Xinjiang Junggar Cotton, and Hefei Bitland Information Tech Company that makes use of computers.

These human rights violations are extreme, and for that reason, the response towards them should be epic.

The scope of what would happen to these companies in China isn’t clear at the moment. But we know what to expect. Border agency officials are known to state the value of dollars and the number of funds these Chinese companies would be losing after forcing prisoners to suffer unnecessary labor by making their products.

Laws from the United States have completely prevented the purchase of any good or service that was created using labor that wasn’t necessary. Human rights groups state that this practice has been going on in Xinjiang for quite a while. Lots of these prisoners are called into these programs which keeps them working in farms, factories, or textile mills.

I don’t blame the United States. What is being done to those prisoners isn’t right or fair in any way.