What Happened to Video Conferencing Technology During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

Throughout the Coronavirus quarantine, many people have taken to using video conference technology than would have been previously imagined. Zoom has led the way in this, and although this business conference tool was once used by businesses who needed to make conference calls, today Zoom is being used for thousands of different purposes, from providing a platform for social functions, online classes such as yoga, and just about everything you can think of that requires people to participate together online.

Why Zoom?

Zoom is the best known company – people are already using the Zoom name as a verb, as we do with Google, but other companies such as Microsoft Teams are popular for business use. However it is Zoom which has come out of the COVID-19 crisis as a winner. Since the pandemic, the quarterly profits are up 88% to around $622 million revenue.

True to say, we are all using Zoom for work, business, and pleasure – although a social event or a work meeting may be limited when compared to a real life face-to-face meeting. Zoom certainly provides the next best thing. However, don’t imagine that it is an easy option.

This video conferencing technology is intrusive. It means that we have to consider our appearance. We have to convey the right professional image from our own homes, and with Zoom there is no place to hide. We are all on screen and open to scrutiny from the other people attending the meeting.  If anything a Zoom meeting is more stressful than a real life meeting. After all you cannot sit at the back with Zoom. Everyone is in your face, and everyone has to participate or be noticed.

To ensure that you perform at your best on Zoom, taking supplements can help sharpen your mental edge and improve mood.

Try These Health Supplements

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Keeping healthy and happy throughout the lockdown has been challenging. Supplements can help to keep you fully focused and feeling healthier, which means that the next time you take part in a Zoom call you will look and feel able and ready to cope.