What are the 10 Types of Technology?

Technology is crucially important to our world. Everything that we do and everything that we use is shaped by technology, whether it is listening to music, transportation, energy, medical technology,  or just about anything else you can think of. So what are the 10 different types of technology?

It depends upon how you view it. Many technological advances cross over from one category to the next. This is the science of creating tools that we can all use in a variety of ways.

10 Common Types of Technology

1. Transport technology can refer to built in systems for our cars, high speed trains and even space travel. The overriding need is the same; to make our journeys safer, faster and easier whether we are driving to the local shops or booking a space ride with Elon Musk!

2. Information Technology, or IT, is crucially important. This covers everything from the devices we use, to internet banking, networking and communication. When you consider what are the 10 different types of technology, IT plays a major role in all of them.

3. Technology within the home covers a wide range of disciplines. We have architectural technology such as lifts and elevators, plus all our gadgets and gizmos in the home to make our lives easier.

4. The future will see more development in the internet of things whereby all our devices such as the fridge and the oven are connected via the internet.

5. All workplaces feature advances in technology, whether this is in an agricultural setting such as with robotic milking machines, or within the manufacturing industry, mining, or distribution.

6. Energy technology is extremely important right now. Scientists are working on ways to improve our energy efficiency and use natural resources such as wind power, solar energy, and even wave-power. All different concepts but working to the same end.

7. Clothing technology is becoming increasingly popular. As well as smart watches, tomorrow’s clothing may come with built in sensors and temperature controls.

8. Art music and films could not run without the latest technology, whether it is CGI or the latest production methods for sound. Today you can have a professional recording studio in your bedroom – impossibility only a few years ago.

9. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step to technology. Once our devices can repair themselves and make their own decisions, who knows where the future will lead?

10. If you consider what are the 10 different types of technology, one of the most important advances has to be in medical technology. Whether it is about operations or diagnosis, medical technology is breaking new ground every day with smart solutions available to us all.

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What’s your favorite type of technology?