Top Tech Websites

There are thousands of tech websites online. Among them are a wide range of niche sites that cover specific types of technology, such as cameras, gaming, music, or phones. There are also some sites that provide an overview of everything related to technology and everything in between. Here is a brief overview of four of the most popular tech websites out there.

4 Tech Websites You Should Be Following

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is massively popular and huge website. It publishes thought-provoking articles on all types of technology, consumer guides, product reviews, and you can find out about the latest video games, phones, and technology trends. As an added advantage, you can find some great deals too. An additional feature is that you can download “how to” guides to practically anything on this tech website. New content is updated to the site on an hourly basis, and the site is easily navigable. In our opinion, Digital Trends is one of the best technology websites out there.


This website does not focus on the nitty gritty of one piece of technology over another, and unlike many other tech websites, it is not a consumer guide. Wired provides you with all the news of current events and tech developments in the world via a magazine-style layout. If you want to know what Elon Musk is doing, find out about science and space, and learn about how cyber security is affecting your government, you can find it all in Wired. The only downside to this site is that irritating pop-ups related to your browsing history can make this site difficult to read sometimes.

Tech Radar

Tech Radar’s principle purpose is as a tech buying guide, so if you are in the market for a new phone, camera, laptop, vacuum cleaner, or even a VPN, you can find out all about it on this site. As with the other major tech websites, Tech Radar is presented in a magazine format of articles covering the latest tech news, but the primary focus is as a consumer guide for hundreds of tech products. If you want to weigh up the pros and cons about buying, or need to download a consumer guide, this website will suit your needs. In addition, it saves you money by highlighting some great internet deals that you may miss elsewhere.

LifeHacker (Gizmodo)

The Life Hacker website aims to help you do everything better and offers a wide range of tips and advice on just about everything from money, family, relationships, and technology. It makes for interesting reading in general. The technology arm of this site is called Gizmodo, and here you can find tech advice on all sorts of issues including reviews on phones, games, gadgets, and more.

Whether you are looking for a wearable device or want to turn your house into a smart home, these top tech websites offer sound advice and a new way of looking at technology. Happy browsing!