Where Can I Buy Newborn Robotic Pets?

Robotic pets make great toys for children! There is a wide range available, and they can come in the form of crazy sci-fi animals, real-looking animals, remotely controlled robots, or more. Newborn robotic pets are especially appealing.

These cute little robots play just like 8-week-old puppies and kittens and have many characteristics of the real live animals, yet none of the disadvantages like having to walk them or take them out outside to go to the bathroom.

According to Tekno, the leading manufacturer of robotic pets, these creatures are designed with a love of animals in mind. These cute pet toys are completely interactive and safe, and if your child ever tires of his or her toy, a real life animal does not have to suffer.

Also there is no chance of a cute baby animal turning into a big dangerous dog that might quickly outgrow your home. Instead, these little robot toys are great fun to play with and are a big hit with children of all ages.

7 Benefits of Newborn Robotic Pets

  • The eyes will light up when it is awake, and it will respond to your voice and your touch.
  • It jumps, begs, plays and even sings.
  • It follows simple commands and wiggles the ears and tail.
  • The pet will jump into your hands on command.
  • It will interact with other robotic pets in the range.
  • It doesn’t need to eat, sleep, be walked or bathed.
  • It makes a great gift for any boy or girl!

Where to Get Newborn Robotic Pets

Tekno is the market leader in robotic pet designed, and you can buy their range of newborn robotic pets from a wide choice of outlets, including Amazon and Walmart.

Prices start at around $30, depending on the retailer and model. Many people find that once they buy one, they just have to own the full set. There are four in the range: Pink Kitty, Blue Puppy, Purple Puppy, and Teal Kitty. Undoubtedly, Tekno will be releasing other models in the future.

There are other brands available of robotic pet available. Wowee Chipper is a robotic dog that can fulfil many dog actions such as barking and playing.

You can also find remote controlled robotic pets such as the Top Race Robot Dog.

But in our opinion Tekno have got their design just right with their newborn robotic pets range. We can see that this toy craze will only grow as more and more people discover the experience of robotic pet toys and this brand in particular.

Of course, if you prefer to simplify tech, you can always get a real dog or cat as a pet. Just be sure you and your child are ready for responsible pet ownership.