Top Universities for Technology Degrees

Looking for top universities you can get your technology degree, the look no further. Because of how vast technology is as it comprises software engineering, information technology,  artificial intelligence, etc, It is no doubt you would want to get the degree from the best.  Listed below in no particular order are some of the top universities you could get your technology degrees 

Carnelian Mellon university

This is one of the most renowned universities in the world with a community of over 14,000 students in the seven schools and colleges in the university. Carnegie Mellon University is a private, internationally classed university with programs in various areas like science, technology,  business, public policy, etc. The school acceptance rate is 15% which makes admission very competitive. To apply for admission just go on the official school websites for admission requirements and guidelines.

 Brigham young university

Located in Provo, Utah in the salt sea area, the Brigham young university is another highly ranked private, Christian university where you can get a technology degree. Although the university is large with an enrollment of 28, 288 undergraduate students, the acceptance rate into the university is 67% which makes the university a little bit competitive. 78% of students who graduate earn a salary starting at 41,100 dollars. Popular majors in the institute include accounting, psychology, and psychology. Just log into the school’s official website for more information

The University of Michigan- ann arbor

The University of Michigan is a highly ranked public university that’s located in Ann Arbor, Michigan Detroit. The institute enrolls 30,204 undergraduate students. Admission into the institute is competitive as the school’s acceptance rate is 23%. The common majors in the school include business, economics, and information science. About 93 percent of graduating students earn a salary starting at 49,800 dollars. For more information on admission requirements, you can go on to their official page

Cornell university 

Located in Ithaca, New York,  Cornell is a highly ranked private university. The university is large with an enrollment of 15,038 students. The acceptance rate for admission is 11% which makes it very competitive. 95% of students who graduate from Cornell begin earning a salary of 64,800 dollars. Some majors in the school include biology, computer science, hospitality, and tourism management. So if you looking for a top school to get a degree, Cornell University is just one of them. You can get more information regarding the schools’ admission and requirements from their official page

Penn state

This institution has had a long-standing tradition of investing in the success of the student, academic excellence and it is committed to providing opportunities for students to study thus making it a great place to study. The acceptance rate for admission into the university is 56 percent making it slightly competitive. The university is exceptional in its dedication to the students, staff, and faculty. If you are looking to get a technology degree in a top university then Penn university can be another great choice. To gain more information on admission requirements, go on to their official page