Translucent Tech Gadgets Could Be a New Trend (Again)

Back in the 90s, there was a craze for see through plastic toys, gizmos, and tech. Fast forward 30 years and guess what!  The trend for translucent tech gadgets is looking to make a comeback. So, could translucent tech gadgets become a new trend again? For anyone that is old enough to remember, this trend was annoying first-time round, but in style and fashion everything makes a comeback eventually.

The Nothing company headed by designer Carl Pei (recently of One Plus) has promised to revolutionise modern tech design and for this he has looked to the past craze for translucent tech. The company is launching a new brand of wireless earbuds which are completely translucent and look likely to become popular with a whole new audience.

The translucent ear buds are completely transparent. They are not on the market yet and advertising is proving to be a problem. The issue is that the clear plastic earbuds are impossible to see in a picture so until they can be held in the hand it is anyone’s guess what they really look like.

In addition, Carl Pei has stated that creating translucent technology is extremely difficult. All the component parts including screws and batteries must be equally clear or the whole illusion will be spoiled. That said they seemed to have achieved this aim because as far as we can see from the few pictures available, the ear buds do seem to be completely transparent.

Carl Pei says that the Nothing company aims to eliminate branding such as logos from their tech products so that all that is left for the customer is raw technology. However, this doesn’t mean that the customer is in any doubt of the brand because if it is translucent and logo free, then only one company is doing this right now. This means the product itself is the brand logo!

Translucent tech already has a niche following with gamers looking for 90s retro appeal. And in recent years some tech companies have dabbled with translucent tech gadgets such as Xiaomi ‘s transparent TV. The big question is whether people who grew up in the 90s will have such fond memories of see-through tech that they will want to revisit it today?

At the end of the day, the longevity and lasting appeal of the Nothing translucent earbuds will depend upon their sound quality and comfort as well as the price. They will undoubtedly become fashionable with millenials but whether this craze lasts are anyone’s guess.

One major issue with the Nothing translucent ear buds in a see-through case is that they will be hard to find. Many of us already struggle with locating our earbuds because they are so small so often get forgotten in a bag or drawer. Imagine the problems with searching for your see-through ear buds when they are so hard to see that they are practically invisible.