Steps on How to Change Your Name on Google Accounts

If you want to know how to change your name on Google Accounts, it is easy to do. However, you cannot change your email address permanently. To do this, you must open a new Gmail account. Let’s take a look to find out more.

How to Change Your Name on Google Accounts

To change your Google account name or picture from your laptop or computer, first sign into your Google account. Under the Personal Info section, click on name and then edit. You will then be directed through some easy steps on the screen. You can change your profile picture too by clicking on the photo in the Personal Info section.

For iOS users, the process is much the same. Open the Gmail app, click on Menu, then Settings, and then Manage your Google Account. If you do not use Gmail, you can change your username by going to Personal Info is situated at the top of the page, so tap on that and you will be taken through the necessary steps.

For Android, first open your Settings tab. Click on Google, manage your account and then tap personal info. Click on the edit name function, make your required changes, and then click Done.

If you need to know how to change your name on Google accounts for your sent emails, this is also very straightforward. You might want to do this for example if you are running a marketing campaign and want to make your email address match your message or simply want a different header for some contacts.

Go to the Account Settings tab in Gmail and you will see a heading for Send Mail. Click on edit info here and you will be taken to a page that enables you to edit email address. The first address you will see is your usual email address. Below you have an option to change how this shows up in your recipient’s inbox. So for example your email address may be, and this will show up in brackets, but your new title will be the first thing that people see.

What’s Next

When you know how to change your name on Google accounts by changing your email address, you can of course add another email account to your existing Gmail account.

Alternatively, if you really want to make permanent lasting changes to your Google accounts, you can open up a whole new account. This option is easier than you may imagine and enables you to automatically forward incoming messages to the new account and also export your existing contacts to your new address.

You can take a temperature check of your Google accounts by periodically checking your account details. Click on your picture icon for Gmail and then click on manage your Google account. Here you will find all your personal details and privacy settings and how your data is used and personalised for marketing. Good luck!