How to DIY LED Lights

DIY LED lights aren’t just good for Christmas. These inexpensive strips of light can look fantastic in your home all year round. In addition, they are extremely cheap to run and are perfect for adopting a greener life style. So let’s check out some imaginative and effective ways on how to DIY LED lights in your home. 

Use LED lights to make backlit wall panels. 

Backlit wall panels look great, create a subtle atmospheric lighting effect in your home and are easy to make with basic woodworking skills. Essentially each panel is a flat support covered with a leatheresque material.  At the back of each panel you stick your RGB LED light strip in place and then fit on the wall with a few inches clearance. Once switched on the light will diffuse upwards and side ways creating a fantastic lighting effect. 

Use in the Kitchen for custom counter lighting

How to use DIY LED strips in the kitchen for a practical lighting method is very easy with basic wiring skills. You just need to decide where your lighting should run and stick the LED strips in place first peeling the strip open to reveal the internal wires. These can then be fitted into a terminal block in order to join multiple strings together and the whole system can be plugged into a hidden socket. The result transforms your kitchen. Find the full tutorial on the MUO website.  

Use LED lights to liven up your bed frame headboard

Some LED light strips come fitted with a sticky back plastic strip so you don’t need to bother with tacks or pins.  Just stick the LED light strip in place behind your bed head, and let the light do the rest.  It is that simple. All LED lights come with a light controller so that you can choose between one color, set the colors to change or even set a timer. 

Use LED lights to light up dark areas and cupboards

How to DIY LED Lights is never complicated and they can be used for many practical reasons. Use a string of LED lights to illuminate the back of your pantry, wardrobe or other dark areas and cupboards in your home. That way you never have to search for the flash light in order to locate hard to find items lurking at the back of the space. 

Use LED light strips to illuminate your shelving units 

This makes a great display area for shelving. Whether you want to highlight your home bar or your book case, how to use DIY LED lights offers a range of possibilities that looks both stunning and subtle in one hit!