Tech 101: Ethernet versus Internet for Your Home

If you run multiple computers and smart devices in your home, you might want to consider connecting them by Ethernet rather than the usual Wi-Fi system used by the internet. This is because when it comes to connection speed, the Ethernet is far faster and more reliable than any wireless technology.  So although most of us don’t consider that there is any alternative to using Wi-Fi, when it comes down to the Ethernet versus internet, there can be some surprising advantages to using Ethernet.

The Ethernet is a way of connecting computers together into a local area network or LAN. The Ethernet it is a physical wired connection that enables computers to pass information to each other in the same way as wireless, but the difference is that this information is passed through a cable rather than the air.

For those that are old enough to remember, before the rise in Wi-Fi technology, the Ethernet was the only way to bring computers together on a home network. Today this is less common for home use, but businesses still rely on Ethernet because it is so much faster and it is more secure.

For business use, it is a no brainer when it comes to the Ethernet versus internet. After all, we want security and speed, but for companies, especially those that deal with our finances such as banks, these two factors are crucial, so the Ethernet wins every time.

A home Ethernet system may be a good idea if there are several laptops or computers within the same building. However, it can be a hassle to set up. Setting up the Ethernet does require wiring work, such as the laying of ethernet cable and fitting of Ethernet sockets in the correct locations. It also requires careful planning. Where are you going to fit the sockets? How much wire will you need? And unless you want to live with a jumble of wires can you fit the cables within the walls or under the flooring?

In truth, most people will find that running their home computer network on Ethernet is far too much bother, and far too technically challenging, especially as most people find that Wi-Fi is so easy to use and to set up. In addition, the Ethernet is not suitable for Wi-Fi only devices such as iPads, tablets, or phones.

So, what should you choose when it comes to the ethernet versus internet? For home use, the ethernet is a step too far for most people, and unless you have a particular reason for wanting to do this, there seems little point to it. This is especially true now when wireless technology is so advanced and many of us access the internet via our tablets and phones which are Wi-Fi only.

However, for anyone running a business that requires secure fast connections and a network, the Ethernet is still the best way of establishing a reliable network.