How to Reduce Hearing Loss Due to Overexposure to Loud Tech Gear

Hearing loss can occur over time if you are exposed to noise and loud sounds on a regular basis. So, playing loud video games, having your music set to a high level or watching TV with the volume set to high, can cause long term damage although we don’t always notice at the time.

Hearing loss is a gradual process and can be caused by everyday actions and our usual technology. You don’t have to play in a rock band or work a pneumatic drill to damage your hearing because it happens to all of us.

The problem is that sound is often louder than you may think. It is measured in decibels and a normal conversation is around 60 decibels whereas a motorbike is around 95 decibels. Garden tools such as leaf blowers are 80 – 85 decibels and the roar of a crowd at a sporting event is around 100 decibels.

Worryingly any sound over 70 decibels for a prolonged period can cause hearing loss and according to doctors, the effects of lower noise levels over a prolonged period is the same as exposure to louder noise levels over shorter periods. This means that it is extremely important to monitor your sound levels when listening to music, playing video games, or watching TV.

Anything over 120 decibels such as being close to a siren or firecracker can cause instant hearing damage and pain in the ears.  And with most personal listening devices set to around 110 decibels maximum this can cause hearing damage in less than 5 minutes!

You cannot reverse hearing loss, but you can prevent it from getting worse. Wearing ear plugs when around loud noises, turning down the volume and avoiding noisy events are all measures that will help. Getting a hearing test from your doctor will enable you to gauge the extent of your hearing loss.

If you suffer from earache, a supplement may help. Hylands Earache tablets, relieves ear pain fast and can soothe and calm delicate ear tissue. The tablets are dissolved under the tongue and contain natural homeopathic ingredients that can help relieve ear pain associated with noise.

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You can’t reverse lost hearing. Once the damage is done, it is permanent. However, you can take steps to reduce the loss and taking a supplement may help reduce ear pain and discomfort.