Solid State Drive vs. Hard Drive

When it comes to buying a new laptop, you will need to make the choice between Solid State Drive vs. Hard Drive. Both methods of storage and functionality have their advantages so let’s take a look and find out more.

What is the difference between Solid state Drive and hard Drive?

Both SSD and HDD do the same job. They boot your system and store applications and your personal files.

The Hard Drive is the traditional method of computer storage and although the size of these have reduced and the storage space they can provide has increased, the principle has remained the same since the early days of computing. The hard drive is a physical spinning metal plate in your computer. It stores all your information onto this plate so this is held on your computer whether it is on or it is off.

Solid state drive is a far more recent development, first being seen in the rise of netbooks in the early 2000s. This type of storage does not have any moving parts and instead information is stored on a series of interconnected flash memory chips.  Because some SSDs have a very limited memory capacity, users can exceed storage space very quickly so the idea is that you store your information on the cloud.

SSD Speed vs. HDD speed.

SSD is undeniably faster than HDD. It boots faster, launches apps and programs faster and has a faster operating speed. HDD by comparison can get filled up very fast if your data exceeds your storage space. When this happens the drive can suffer from fragmentation where the data has to be stored in the available space on the drive which is not necessarily in the same block of data. The drive then will be slower because the computer has to access all these pieces of data and put them all together.

HDD is better if you need to store a lot of data.

If you need to store a lot of data such as films or your complete music collection HDD may be better because you have all this information in place on your own computer rather than stored in the cloud.

HDD is cheaper too and you do get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to storage space.

SDD by contrast is rarely available at over 2TB and these larger memory capabilities are very expensive when compared with HDD.

In conclusion

SDD is the way of the future. It is fast working and with fewer moving parts in your computer, performance is generally faster and better. In addition if you carry your laptop around and are generally not very careful, it is less likely to go wrong than HDD with its spinning plate storage.

However if you are working to a budget and need storage without necessarily subscribing to cloud storage, HDD is still a good option for many.