How to Make Window XP Faster

Windows XP came into being in 2001, but despite its age, many people still use it, and as an operating system it has worked very well. The issue with using it today is that it can be slow and may not support more recent programs. However if you want to stick with using it, there are ways to improve performance. So if you want to know how to make Window XP faster, you can try a couple of tweaks to improve performance.

Try These Tips

One way to make Windows XP faster is to uninstall programs you don’t use. Simply go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –and then double-click on Add/Remove Programs. Review the list and uninstall programs you never use.

You can also try turning off unnecessary visual effects by setting your XP to best possible performance. Go into Start –> Settings –> Control Panel. In the Control Panel, click on System and then go to the Advanced tab. Once you click on this you will see the Performance Options window.  Select Adjust for best performance, and then click OK . This will turn off visual effects that may be slowing down your computer.

Another option is to carry out a clean-up and defrag. Windows XP comes with a built-in disk cleaner and disk defragmenter do this  go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Clean-up.  To use the Disk Defragmenter, go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter.

The basic problem with Windows XP is that support for it was ended back in 2014, so the operating system is no longer updated, although an exception was made for exceptional security updates. That said, despite its age, XP is still being used in many countries and by people who see no reason to change.

How Do You Make Window XP Faster?

Although you can try these tweaks, the best way to make Windows faster is to download a new operating system. Windows 10 is freely available to all Windows users, so this is definitely the best way to increase the speed of your computer.

To download Windows 10, go to the Windows 10 website. Under Create Windows 10 installation media, click Download tool now and Run.

Then choose the Upgrade this PC now and follow the prompts.

Once the upgrade is completed and it can take a few hours, then, go to Settings Update & Security –> Activation, and you should see a digital license for Windows 10.

The problem with Windows XP is that although it was a fantastically popular operating system that worked very well in its day, that day was some time ago! This means Windows XP is no longer current and it cannot deal with the new technology and even if you manage to improve speed and performance, this operating system is now well out of date.

Your best solution is to download Windows 10 – an operating system that has had its share of complaints but is so much faster than the now antiquated Windows XP system.