Newest Military Tech You Should Know About

I used to be among the very many people who thought that military tech was limited to Hollywood movies. Although most of the things that are displayed in Hollywood are not real, some of them have started to come to reality. It’s no longer going to be just for the TV and cinemas; now, real soldiers will wield these beauties and actually use them.

In this article, we will look at some of the most fascinating and newest military tech that I believe you should also know about. Before I go on, I must mention that most of them are not yet released for action. They’re still under testing, and when testing is done, maybe we would update this list.

Self-steering bullets

I’m sure you have heard about the self-steering missile and thought, “Okay, maybe they were able to fit all the machines in because it is big,” well, here comes the self-steering bullet follows the target till it hits something.

This bullet is a 0.50-caliber, iron bending, long-range shell that is packed with sensors. Are you wondering how they could fit sensors into this chasm creator? Well, we’re wondering the same. All we know now is that the sensors are tiny, and the bullet has not been released yet. It’s still under testing. There haven’t been any explanations from the manufacturer of this one regarding how the bullet manages to change direction in the wind. Hopefully, we’ll get something before it is released.

Unmanned submarine

You have heard of war drones; have you heard of unmanned spy submarines? Well, now you have. This submarine can be controlled with a remote from thousands of miles away. But that’s not the juicy part; the juicy part is that they’re big too and can detect real submarines from miles away. Now, the Navy doesn’t have to send people down into the deep waters anymore. These machines are capable of doing the job on their own.

Invisibility made from proteins

Although this one is only functional when you look at it with bare eyes, it promises excellent results if expounded upon. The tech is made from a protein that use reflections, and it functions just as the darkness does. And just like the darkness, you can see through it if you use an infrared. It is, however, a significant discovery. The tech world is getting on to something, and we hope to see all these things actualized in no time. In my opinion, with more military tech comes a reduction in war threats.

The stealthy satellite melter

First released as a demo in 2018, the satellite melter is a beautiful war invention that helps to secure the air space of your country from invaders. How do you prevent spy satellites from monitoring your country without causing chaos in this sky? Simple, you melt it down. This war equipment does a great job with that. The best part is, you’ll never see it coming (that’s according to what the demo displayed). The tech will be launched in 2021. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.