How Do I Create a URL for an Image on My Computer?

A Uniform Resource Locator or URL is a web address, so if you want to save an image online, rather than just leave the image as part of your text or on your hard drive, you will need to create a new address or URL for your picture. You might be wondering “How do I create a URL for an image on my computer?,” but the important thing to remember that once you have done this, your image is now online rather than saved in your hard drive. If you post to social media and you don’t want to upload an image directly from your hard drive, causing a security loophole, creating a URL is the best option.

So how do I create a URL for an image on my computer?

The easiest way to do this is to use a picture hosting service to do it for you. There are literally hundreds of these online and many services are free, although some may require a subscription.  

Check out sites such as Imgur, Imgbb  Flickr and Photobucket. Picture hosting sites like these enable you to store and sort your images via the cloud and also enable you to upload pictures in full security. The type of picture hosting service that will suit you will depend upon your needs. Flickr for example is often used by serious photographers. Imgur and Photobucket are great for social media users.

If you then want to assign a URL for a picture on your computer, you can upload the picture to one of these picture hosting sites and copy the URL from there.

You can’t just create a URL without paying for a domain to host the URL. If you have your own website under one of the many domain operators such as GoDaddy, you can create your URL via this address. However, the easiest way and the most secure is always to use a picture hosting site.

What Does Social Media Do with Your Images?

If you do post to social media without creating a URL, the social media hosting site will convert your image so that it can be viewed in safety, and your home security will not be compromised. However it is important to remember that once the likes of Twitter and Facebook have your images, you no longer have any control over them. Essentially, when you post a picture to Facebook you are giving the company all rights to your images.

When you consider how to create a URL for an Image on my computer, it is important to remember that our images should be our own personal property in the same way as printed photographs. This means that it is important to protect them with an URL, so that you know exactly where your pictures are and what they are being used for.

If you don’t want your pictures to be shared, take time to check through the terms and conditions of picture hosting services, as well as the rules on social media.

The truth is that if you are going to post pictures online the best way is to always ensure each image does have an URL. So how do I create a URL for an image on my computer? Sign up to a picture hosting website or create an URL from your own website. That way you can be confident in keeping control over your online photos and images.