Tele-Health: Can You Get an Accurate Diagnosis Virtually?

Online meetings with your doctor have numerous advantages over visiting your doctor in person. These types of medical appointments have risen since the onset of the COVID pandemic and can be better for the patient and for the community as a whole.  

A tele health appointment enables you to stay at home if you feel unwell and yet still obtain online medical care. It minimises the risk to the patient of picking up infection if immunity levels are low, and it helps reduce the spread of infection in the doctor’s surgery and waiting room, especially important if you have an infectious disease or illness.

Tele health appointments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These days you can have a live face to face consultation via video software such as Skype, Zoom, or any of the other video platforms available. So you can speak to your doctor and he or she can see you from your smartphone or tablet.

One way to make the tele health diagnosis more accurate would be if the patient received a visit from a health care assistant who could measure temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure at the same time. That way, the doctor could obtain the hands on information without having to be physically present at the consultation.

You can also use messaging and send images so that your doctor can access your information later. Patient portals could facilitate this type of communication so that you could send your information and expect a response once your doctor has made a diagnosis.

Not all doctors surgeries are offering tele health appointments yet, and in many cases, the appointment can only be carried out by telephone, but tele health is certainly something we can expect to see more of in the future.

At present tele health consultation is generally used as a preliminary diagnosis. A tele health diagnosis can be accurate, but it does not really replace human intervention. Oftentimes, a doctor will be able to detect that something is wrong by other methods – such as how you carry yourself, your skin tone and smell. These are hard to monitor over a video call, yet are instantly apparent in a face to face consultation.

Despite the drawbacks, the trend towards virtual tele health appointments is going to continue because the advantages do outweigh any negative issues. In most cases, a doctor will request to see you in person once the preliminary diagnosis has been made, or if he or she suspects an underlying issue. In addition, it is important to remember that doctors are human like anyone else, and plenty of conditions have gone undetected even in traditional face to face appointments.

The bottom line is that you can get an accurate diagnosis virtually. In most cases, your doctor will be able to accurately prescribe treatment and see your condition over the screen. It will make seeing a doctor safer and quicker too. If you are comfortable with technology and you have a laptop or tablet so that the doctor can see you, there seems to be no reason why not.

What Happened to Video Conferencing Technology During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

Throughout the Coronavirus quarantine, many people have taken to using video conference technology than would have been previously imagined. Zoom has led the way in this, and although this business conference tool was once used by businesses who needed to make conference calls, today Zoom is being used for thousands of different purposes, from providing a platform for social functions, online classes such as yoga, and just about everything you can think of that requires people to participate together online.

Why Zoom?

Zoom is the best known company – people are already using the Zoom name as a verb, as we do with Google, but other companies such as Microsoft Teams are popular for business use. However it is Zoom which has come out of the COVID-19 crisis as a winner. Since the pandemic, the quarterly profits are up 88% to around $622 million revenue.

True to say, we are all using Zoom for work, business, and pleasure – although a social event or a work meeting may be limited when compared to a real life face-to-face meeting. Zoom certainly provides the next best thing. However, don’t imagine that it is an easy option.

This video conferencing technology is intrusive. It means that we have to consider our appearance. We have to convey the right professional image from our own homes, and with Zoom there is no place to hide. We are all on screen and open to scrutiny from the other people attending the meeting.  If anything a Zoom meeting is more stressful than a real life meeting. After all you cannot sit at the back with Zoom. Everyone is in your face, and everyone has to participate or be noticed.

To ensure that you perform at your best on Zoom, taking supplements can help sharpen your mental edge and improve mood.

Try These Health Supplements

Pure Encapsulations is a U.S. company that specializes in health supplements aimed at improving mental focus and mood. One of these is Daily Immune, which provides a range of vitamins and minerals, including zinc to help boost your immune system and to keep you feeling well. Daily Immune also contains adaptogenic herbs, including eleuthero and astragalus that help maintain your balance to stress.

For improving mental function, NeuroScience has come up with a range of natural products that reflect clinical research into brain health. Choose from a range of supplements including Focus DL which contains natural plant stimulant Phenylalanine, and NorLox Ultra, which is proven to increase the brains feel good chemical serotonin and more.

Keeping healthy and happy throughout the lockdown has been challenging. Supplements can help to keep you fully focused and feeling healthier, which means that the next time you take part in a Zoom call you will look and feel able and ready to cope.

Best Food Delivery Options Using Mobile Apps

Ordering in food has never been as easy as it is now. Forget having to remember the name of that local restaurant and then having to make a phone call and book a delivery slot. These days, the best food delivery options using mobile apps make the whole process much easier. You can carry out all of the food ordering, pay online, and have your favorite meal delivered to you in comfort. 

Mobile apps have transformed the takeaway and restaurant business worldwide, making all types of food available to everyone. This is especially convenient these days during the fear of the Coronavirus, since you can select “contactless” mobile delivery options where the delivery driver just leaves the food at your front door. Keep reading to learn more about these mobile apps, especially if you’re craving Jamaica food delivery options!

A Taste of the Caribbean


If you like Caribbean food but live in the U.S., there are apps that feature Jamaica food delivery and give you plenty of choice in menus and available restaurants. GrubHub delivers Jamaican food to many U.S. locations, direct from restaurants. So if you have a craving for jerk chicken, dumplings, or any of those fantastic island recipes, you just enter your zip code on the app and you can instantly see what is available in your area. There is a wide coverage across the U.S., especially close to major cities.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is also a good choice for U.S. consumers with a passion for Jamaican food. If there is a Jamaican restaurant in your area, you can order your meal through the app, safe in the knowledge it will be delivered without any further hassle. Uber has a good reputation with delivery time and works with most restaurants operating in any given area.


For customers who live in Jamaica, there are some great local options. Peckish is a food app that caters solely to the island and so offers Jamaica food delivery from a fantastically diverse range of restaurants, from upmarket dining to fast food takeaways.

Quick Plate

Quick Plate is another option that enables you to browse local restaurants and order your meal directly. The app is easy to use and will enable you to enjoy your favourite restaurant meal from the comfort of your home. This app works throughout Jamaica and is partnered with restaurants including Cannonball, Broken Plate, and Chez Maria.


DoorDash in Jamaica is partnered with 127 restaurants across the island. So whether you fancy a breakfast, a McDonalds, Pizza, an Indian meal, or a Jamaican favourite, you have plenty of choice. DoorDash will even deliver you a sandwich. DoorDash is not available in all areas but does have wide coverage. You can check out availability via the app. (It’s also available in the U.S.)

One great thing about using Jamaica food delivery is that you don’t have to visit the restaurant. Yes, we all love going out to eat but since the Coronavirus, when staying in has become the new normal, ordering your food online is the only smart option available for many customers. In addition, the rise of Jamaica food delivery services has enabled many restaurants to improve their business model, catering to the delivery market instead of solely relying on foot traffic for customers.