Best Tech Websites for Students

There are some great tech websites out there which are aimed at students and kids of all ages. So let’s take a look at some of the best tech websites for students. All our choices are fun to use, engaging and informative without the distraction of loads of clickbait articles to distract attention.

NASA Space Place

This website is a great place for kids to “explore Earth and Space” so is ideal for those who already have an interest in our planet and the great beyond as well those who are just getting started.

NASA Space Place is very well laid out and interactive. There are some great games as well as good quality information about the latest developments in science and tech. This site is extremely good for younger children with an interest in STEM subjects so it will help kids understand more about tech. If there is a downside, it is that it may need additional plug ins to run games and that older students may find it over simple.


As suggested by the name, the Code website aims to get you coding as soon as possible and it is ideal for kids or for novices. That said it is suitable for all levels of abilities from 4 year olds to college aged students. The site offers some great ways for kids to build code and tutorials include, building worlds on Minecraft, programming droids and more.

Code is popular with consumers. 30% of US students have an account on Code and with the aim of the site to support learning and computer science, signing up to this website is a great idea for kids and for people who would like to learn coding but don’t know where to start.

Kinetic City

Kinetic City is a whole science program online that helps kids learn all about different science topics. The site includes plenty of science experiments, games and challenges. One great feature is Science Gym which combines physical education with activities such as jumping and dancing where you can measure heart and pulse rate. We also like Spark Club which is all about energy and sustainability such as wind and solar power.


Aimed at elementary school children, Funology is the science of fun but despite this, the site is educational and it is fun too. Funology offers some great experiments that can be carried out using household items and some of the games are absorbing and fun to play. The only downsides about Funology are that the site is full of distracting pop ups and that this one is definitely aimed at the younger age group.

To find the best tech websites online for adults, check out our recommendations on the Techular website. That way you won’t waste time wading through hundreds of sites in order to get the information you want.