Can Injured Bones be Revitalized? What Role Does Technology Play?

Broken and injured bones can be difficult to get over, with younger people facing a far quicker recovery time than people who have a few years on the clock. Injured bones generally heal themselves by knitting together over a period of time, but this process can be painful and lengthy. Healing time will vary depending upon the severity of the fracture and the physical health of the individual.

Scientists are looking at technology to improve the healing process, and results can be surprising. One new system for healing shattered bones and major bone injuries may be achieved by applying an electric charge to the area to encourage bone growth.

This requires a scaffold of non-toxic polymer, which supports the broken area, and when this is combined with electric stimulation via an ultrasound, it encourages bones to regrow far faster than otherwise possible.

So far, this technology has only been tested on mice, but results are promising. As well as the injured bones, it also seems effective for helping the body rebuild tendons and cartilage. Researchers at the University of Connecticut who are carrying out this investigation still do not fully understand why an electric charge should encourage bone growth, so we may have a long wait until this technology is actually used in hospitals.

Although we can all be involved in an accident that causes injured bones, strengthening your bones will help protect you. Exercise is a simple way of preventing joint pains and for strengthening bone structure, and because so many of us lead such sedentary lives, many of us are at risk of breaking a bone far more easily than an athlete or active person.

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