Best Baby Apps for New Parents

Becoming a new parent can be a challenging experience. There are new routines, bouts of crying, and sleepless nights to contend with, and that’s before we even think about how the baby is doing! Here are some of the best baby apps for new parents available to steer you through this difficult, although joyous time, and keep parenthood as stress-free and worry-free as possible.

3 Baby Apps for New Parents

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an app that helps you keep track of baby’s progress. It records feeding, diaper changes, milestones, appointments, and everything that you need to keep on top of your baby’s schedule. If you are leaving your baby with a caregiver, it enables you to share information and be alerted should the need arise. It enables you to track activities, baby’s mood, and moreover the course of the day.

Sound Sleeper

Baby apps for new parents often target specific purposes such as sleeping. Sound Sleeper is an app that offers a wide range of soothing sounds to help your baby sleep. This app can double as a baby monitor and it enables you to track sleep patterns. With this insight, you can understand and plan your day and nights more effectively.

Baby’s First

Baby’sFirst is a free app that helps you create a lovely record of all his or her developmental milestones. Although we all take photos all the time, this simple app collects your photos, adds prompts, and milestone checklists. When you are caught up in the early days of parenthood, it is easy to let these important days pass by. Baby apps for new parents often focus on the problems of parenthood, and we like this one because it focuses on joy.

Although baby apps for new parents can be useful, obviously nothing replaces hands-on care. If your baby has trouble sleeping, an app may be helpful, but a soothing bath before bedtime and some skincare products on sensitive areas will make your baby more comfortable and sleepier.

Essential Baby Products 

Natural organic soaps and skincare will help your baby’s delicate skin, which can become uncomfortable – especially around the diaper area. Try Ora’s Amazing Herbal range of baby products. One we particularly like is Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s Baby Salve, which is designed for tiny tushies, rolls, and folds.

Earth Mother OrganicsDiaper Balm is a soothing calendula balm that keeps your baby’s bottom chubby soft and cheerful and is a slightly less expensive option. Also, try Weleda’s Baby Calendula Body Cream.

When it comes to parenthood, baby apps for new parents can provide some great support. However, when it comes to hands-on care, your baby deserves the best natural products that will not irritate delicate skin. Making this part of your daily or nightly routine is the best way to ensure that your baby thrives and is happy, and hopefully, you will be able to sleep at night too.