How To Use Castor Oil on Achy Joints

Castor Oil is one of those traditional health remedies that have gone out of fashion in recent years. Historically it has been long been used as a laxative but there is far more to this humble and inexpensive health ingredient than you may imagine.

According to research it seems that castor oil is a fantastic treatment for joint pains and arthritis. Castor oil has powerful anti inflammatory properties so it is ideal for massaging into the affected areas. It works for all types of joint pain including muscle strain, nerve inflammation and aching joints and muscles. So whether you have overdone your workouts or you are suffering from the effects of aging, castor oil is a treatment that works on all types of muscle and joint pain regardless of age. 

Castor oil also has a beneficial effect on arthritis. It will not cure arthritis but it will certainly reduce the painful symptoms so is certainly something that all sufferers of arthritis should try. This old school remedy is not a new invention. Historical research shows that as far back as Roman times, people were using castor oil rubs as a way to improve physical health and ease the joint pain and discomfort of arthritis.

To use castor oil to alleviate joint pains and achy muscles, the best way to do it is to add heat. Just massage the castor oil into the affected area and then heat with a hot water bottle for maximum effect. 

Home Health is a US health Company that specialises in safe and effective topical treatments. The company has produced a fine medicinal castor oil with no added parabans or chemicals. Home Health Castor Oil Cold Pressed and Processed is a fantastic natural product that can help sooth tired muscles and aching joints. It works best in combination with their Home Health Wool Flannel for Castor Oil Packs. The Flannel is washable and re useable and is ideal for applying castor oil to the body and enabling the oil to seep deep into your joints or muscles.

Once applied and in place, for best results apply a heat pack or a hot water bottle to the affected area and just wait for the soothing relief to calm down muscle and joint pain.

Castor oil has many additional uses. You can use it as a hair tonic and anti dandruff product. It can also help treat skin complaints such as dry skin or acne and it is great for scalp infections. 

However it is for joint pain where castor oil really scores. Safer and as effective as many pharmaceutical sprays and ointments , castor oil is a fantastic way of easing joint pain without breaking the bank or resorting to chemical products.