Best Technology Gifts for Teenagers

Most teenagers are obsessed with tech, so if you are looking for ideas for birthdays or special occasions, technology gifts for teenagers can be a great idea. There is a wide range of choices out there from cool gadgets, fun music, and lighting tech to useful tools that support their increasingly online lifestyle.

Our Fave Tech Gifts for Teens

Portable Charger

One thing that unites all teenagers is the phone. If your teenager is always running out of battery power, a mobile charging pack can keep him or her fully connected wherever their day may take them. A portable charger is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket and can deliver a high speed charge. We liked the Anker PowerCore, but other brands are also available.

Technology gifts for teenagers that provide a useful function are always welcome. In addition it means that there are no excuses for not calling home because of running out of power!

Digital Drums

If your teenager is interested in making music, choose from a wide range of music tech. Sphero Tech Drums is a great way to make music without the need to buy expensive musical instruments. The coloured rings allow you to compose music by tapping on the surface of the light up rings and you can get access to a bank of sounds as well as sync it with other music apps such as Garage Band. If your teenager wants to try out his or her own musical creations, he or she can create a musical masterpiece with just a few taps of the finger.

Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is also important and technology gifts for teenagers that enable this to happen are always going to be well received. Wireless headphones incorporated into a beanie hat or headband will allow your teenager to listen to music while running, walking or even falling asleep in bed!

When you are a teenager, your room is your domain, so technology gifts for teenagers that help improve or add to the individuality and comfort of their bedroom are likely to be popular.

Mood Lighting

Lighting gifts are great tech technology gifts for teenagers. The Lunsy Smart LED Strip Lights can create a wonderful lighting ambience that syncs with music and can be controlled via the phone.

Essential Oils & Diffuser

Alternatively, why not give your teenagers a gift to improve the atmosphere of the bedroom? The NOW Foods Portable USB Oil Diffuser is a heat free oil diffuser that gently releases fragrant essential oils into the atmosphere. Girls will love the calming fragrance that can create a festival atmosphere and if you have teenage boys at home, it will help mask the smell of old socks and teenage hormones!

Choose from a range of cool fragrances from NOW Foods, such as Orange Essential Oil,  Peace and Harmony or Organic Peppermint. These fragrances are suitable for all teenagers, and they will love that their room always smells good and a little bit mysterious and different from the rest of the family home.

How to Make Excel Files Read Only

It is great to collaborate online and to make changes to documents. This helps virtual teams work together remotely in a way that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. However, if you have worked hard on a document that must be maintained and left unchanged, it is important to ensure that it is protected. If you want to know how to make Microsoft Excel files read only, it is not difficult but you must carry out a few simple steps to ensure that the next person who sees your Excel file does not change it.

Tip on How to Make Excel Files Read Only

You have a couple of options but the safest way is to use the Protect Sheet option. 

First up, click on the worksheet tab and choose Protect Sheet in the drop down menu.

Then enter a password so that you and only you can make changes to the excel file later if required.  You will need to store this password in a safe place because there is no way it can be recovered later if you forget it.

The Protect Sheet tab comes with a drop down menu that can be customized in order for other viewers to make changes. To enable them to do this you must check each box. Options include select locked cells, select unlocked cells, format cells  format columns, etc.  However, If you leave all these boxes unchecked  any further users can only view the Excel files and not change them.

Once you have ticked OK and re-entered your password , your Excel file is now protected.

If you want to unprotect it at a later date, right click on the worksheet tab and click Unprotect Sheet. The password for the downloadable Excel file is “easy.”

Alternatively, you can make your Excel file read only by saving your copy of the sheet. This enables other users to make changes but it leaves you with the “master copy “ intact.

How to make Excel files read only by this method is easier, but it is not as secure as Protect Sheet.

First open your worksheet or Excel file. Choose the File Tab and click on Save As. Then click on Browse.

Once you have done this, Click on the Tools button and the click on General Options in the drop down menu. This will reveal a box that gives you a couple of options. Choose Password to Modify and type in a password. This means that any readers will be unable to change the document without the password.

However, if you only want to advise them not to modify the document and trust them not to make changes, just tick the Read Only recommended  box. If you do this you don’t have to enter the password.

Enter the file name, using the read only prefix and save.

Password to Modify is not a security setting. If you choose this option, your Excel file is not encrypted so if there is any security risk Protect Sheet is always the better option.

How to Make Window XP Faster

Windows XP came into being in 2001, but despite its age, many people still use it, and as an operating system it has worked very well. The issue with using it today is that it can be slow and may not support more recent programs. However if you want to stick with using it, there are ways to improve performance. So if you want to know how to make Window XP faster, you can try a couple of tweaks to improve performance.

Try These Tips

One way to make Windows XP faster is to uninstall programs you don’t use. Simply go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –and then double-click on Add/Remove Programs. Review the list and uninstall programs you never use.

You can also try turning off unnecessary visual effects by setting your XP to best possible performance. Go into Start –> Settings –> Control Panel. In the Control Panel, click on System and then go to the Advanced tab. Once you click on this you will see the Performance Options window.  Select Adjust for best performance, and then click OK . This will turn off visual effects that may be slowing down your computer.

Another option is to carry out a clean-up and defrag. Windows XP comes with a built-in disk cleaner and disk defragmenter do this  go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Clean-up.  To use the Disk Defragmenter, go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter.

The basic problem with Windows XP is that support for it was ended back in 2014, so the operating system is no longer updated, although an exception was made for exceptional security updates. That said, despite its age, XP is still being used in many countries and by people who see no reason to change.

How Do You Make Window XP Faster?

Although you can try these tweaks, the best way to make Windows faster is to download a new operating system. Windows 10 is freely available to all Windows users, so this is definitely the best way to increase the speed of your computer.

To download Windows 10, go to the Windows 10 website. Under Create Windows 10 installation media, click Download tool now and Run.

Then choose the Upgrade this PC now and follow the prompts.

Once the upgrade is completed and it can take a few hours, then, go to Settings Update & Security –> Activation, and you should see a digital license for Windows 10.

The problem with Windows XP is that although it was a fantastically popular operating system that worked very well in its day, that day was some time ago! This means Windows XP is no longer current and it cannot deal with the new technology and even if you manage to improve speed and performance, this operating system is now well out of date.

Your best solution is to download Windows 10 – an operating system that has had its share of complaints but is so much faster than the now antiquated Windows XP system.

What are the 10 Types of Technology?

Technology is crucially important to our world. Everything that we do and everything that we use is shaped by technology, whether it is listening to music, transportation, energy, medical technology,  or just about anything else you can think of. So what are the 10 different types of technology?

It depends upon how you view it. Many technological advances cross over from one category to the next. This is the science of creating tools that we can all use in a variety of ways.

10 Common Types of Technology

1. Transport technology can refer to built in systems for our cars, high speed trains and even space travel. The overriding need is the same; to make our journeys safer, faster and easier whether we are driving to the local shops or booking a space ride with Elon Musk!

2. Information Technology, or IT, is crucially important. This covers everything from the devices we use, to internet banking, networking and communication. When you consider what are the 10 different types of technology, IT plays a major role in all of them.

3. Technology within the home covers a wide range of disciplines. We have architectural technology such as lifts and elevators, plus all our gadgets and gizmos in the home to make our lives easier.

4. The future will see more development in the internet of things whereby all our devices such as the fridge and the oven are connected via the internet.

5. All workplaces feature advances in technology, whether this is in an agricultural setting such as with robotic milking machines, or within the manufacturing industry, mining, or distribution.

6. Energy technology is extremely important right now. Scientists are working on ways to improve our energy efficiency and use natural resources such as wind power, solar energy, and even wave-power. All different concepts but working to the same end.

7. Clothing technology is becoming increasingly popular. As well as smart watches, tomorrow’s clothing may come with built in sensors and temperature controls.

8. Art music and films could not run without the latest technology, whether it is CGI or the latest production methods for sound. Today you can have a professional recording studio in your bedroom – impossibility only a few years ago.

9. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step to technology. Once our devices can repair themselves and make their own decisions, who knows where the future will lead?

10. If you consider what are the 10 different types of technology, one of the most important advances has to be in medical technology. Whether it is about operations or diagnosis, medical technology is breaking new ground every day with smart solutions available to us all.

A good example of this comes from Premier Research Labs, a company that specializes in technological health solutions. The EarthWrappe Regular Heating Pad is a deep heat, infrared heating pad with genuine rose granite discs which naturally contain crystalline quartz and mica to deliver a unique soothing effect.

Ideal for relieving muscle and joint pain, enhancing the immune system and as a relief from stress, this inexpensive method of easing pain is a great example of cutting edge medical technology that can benefit us all.

What’s your favorite type of technology?

How Do I Create a URL for an Image on My Computer?

A Uniform Resource Locator or URL is a web address, so if you want to save an image online, rather than just leave the image as part of your text or on your hard drive, you will need to create a new address or URL for your picture. You might be wondering “How do I create a URL for an image on my computer?,” but the important thing to remember that once you have done this, your image is now online rather than saved in your hard drive. If you post to social media and you don’t want to upload an image directly from your hard drive, causing a security loophole, creating a URL is the best option.

So how do I create a URL for an image on my computer?

The easiest way to do this is to use a picture hosting service to do it for you. There are literally hundreds of these online and many services are free, although some may require a subscription.  

Check out sites such as Imgur, Imgbb  Flickr and Photobucket. Picture hosting sites like these enable you to store and sort your images via the cloud and also enable you to upload pictures in full security. The type of picture hosting service that will suit you will depend upon your needs. Flickr for example is often used by serious photographers. Imgur and Photobucket are great for social media users.

If you then want to assign a URL for a picture on your computer, you can upload the picture to one of these picture hosting sites and copy the URL from there.

You can’t just create a URL without paying for a domain to host the URL. If you have your own website under one of the many domain operators such as GoDaddy, you can create your URL via this address. However, the easiest way and the most secure is always to use a picture hosting site.

What Does Social Media Do with Your Images?

If you do post to social media without creating a URL, the social media hosting site will convert your image so that it can be viewed in safety, and your home security will not be compromised. However it is important to remember that once the likes of Twitter and Facebook have your images, you no longer have any control over them. Essentially, when you post a picture to Facebook you are giving the company all rights to your images.

When you consider how to create a URL for an Image on my computer, it is important to remember that our images should be our own personal property in the same way as printed photographs. This means that it is important to protect them with an URL, so that you know exactly where your pictures are and what they are being used for.

If you don’t want your pictures to be shared, take time to check through the terms and conditions of picture hosting services, as well as the rules on social media.

The truth is that if you are going to post pictures online the best way is to always ensure each image does have an URL. So how do I create a URL for an image on my computer? Sign up to a picture hosting website or create an URL from your own website. That way you can be confident in keeping control over your online photos and images.  

How Do I Connect My MIDI Keyboard to My Computer?

Connecting a MIDI keyboard to a computer is not difficult once you know how. If you are a musician or a composer, attaching your keyboard brings in a whole new dimension, changing your humble laptop into a fully functioning musical instrument.  So the big question is how do I connect my midi keyboard to my computer?

Let’s find out.

How do I connect my MIDI keyboard to my computer?

First, up locate the MIDI port on your keyboard. This will probably be situated at the back of the unit and you will see two ports labelled “MIDI OUT” and “MIDI IN”. If you can’t find these, there should be a USB port instead.

Now check out the ports on your computer. You can connect to your PC through a USB port if you have a MIDI to USB connector or a USB port on your keyboard. Some computers come with a pre-installed MIDI port but not all. If not you will have to go through the USB.

If you want to connect directly to the soundcard on your computer, you will need a 15-pin game port, which should be found on the back of your PC.

How do I connect my MIDI keyboard to my computer with the soundcard?

Connect the 15-pin male connector to the 15-pin port on the back of your PC. Connect the 5-pin “MIDI OUT” connector to the “MIDI IN” port on your keyboard. Connect the 5-pin “MIDI IN” connector to the “MIDI OUT” port on your keyboard.

How do I connect my MIDI Keyboard to My Computer with a USB port?

To connect the keyboard using a USB connection or MIDI to MIDI connection, connect one end of the USB or MIDI cord to the appropriate port on your PC. Connect the other end to the corresponding port on your MIDI controller keyboard.

Once you have physically connected the MIDI keyboard to the computer, the next stage is to configure the software.  You may find that your computer does this automatically, but if not check out the user’s manual. You may need to download drivers from the manufacturer.

Once the MIDI keyboard is connected to the computer, you should then go back to the manufacturer site to find out how to install the software and set up your keyboard.

In some cases, you may not be able to connect your MIDI keyboard to your computer, because you may not have the right connections. This is an easy fix. There is a range of USB to MIDI interfaces that you can buy online to make this connection easy. You can actually attach a keyboard to a tablet, iPhone, or other device that may not have the right ports and sockets by using an inexpensive adaptor.

What Happened to Video Conferencing Technology During the Coronavirus Quarantine?

Throughout the Coronavirus quarantine, many people have taken to using video conference technology than would have been previously imagined. Zoom has led the way in this, and although this business conference tool was once used by businesses who needed to make conference calls, today Zoom is being used for thousands of different purposes, from providing a platform for social functions, online classes such as yoga, and just about everything you can think of that requires people to participate together online.

Why Zoom?

Zoom is the best known company – people are already using the Zoom name as a verb, as we do with Google, but other companies such as Microsoft Teams are popular for business use. However it is Zoom which has come out of the COVID-19 crisis as a winner. Since the pandemic, the quarterly profits are up 88% to around $622 million revenue.

True to say, we are all using Zoom for work, business, and pleasure – although a social event or a work meeting may be limited when compared to a real life face-to-face meeting. Zoom certainly provides the next best thing. However, don’t imagine that it is an easy option.

This video conferencing technology is intrusive. It means that we have to consider our appearance. We have to convey the right professional image from our own homes, and with Zoom there is no place to hide. We are all on screen and open to scrutiny from the other people attending the meeting.  If anything a Zoom meeting is more stressful than a real life meeting. After all you cannot sit at the back with Zoom. Everyone is in your face, and everyone has to participate or be noticed.

To ensure that you perform at your best on Zoom, taking supplements can help sharpen your mental edge and improve mood.

Try These Health Supplements

Pure Encapsulations is a U.S. company that specializes in health supplements aimed at improving mental focus and mood. One of these is Daily Immune, which provides a range of vitamins and minerals, including zinc to help boost your immune system and to keep you feeling well. Daily Immune also contains adaptogenic herbs, including eleuthero and astragalus that help maintain your balance to stress.

For improving mental function, NeuroScience has come up with a range of natural products that reflect clinical research into brain health. Choose from a range of supplements including Focus DL which contains natural plant stimulant Phenylalanine, and NorLox Ultra, which is proven to increase the brains feel good chemical serotonin and more.

Keeping healthy and happy throughout the lockdown has been challenging. Supplements can help to keep you fully focused and feeling healthier, which means that the next time you take part in a Zoom call you will look and feel able and ready to cope.

Advanced Technology Offers for Businesses

Technology offers many benefits to the small business owner, leading to cutting costs and improved time efficiency. Technology can make difficult tasks like accounting much easier, it can streamline communication and long distance networking, improve security, and help you carry many other day to day functions from hiring new staff to posting on social media, sending out mail shots and video conferencing.

So with a huge range of technology offers out there, which type of software is essential for small businesses?

Must-Have Advanced Technology Offers for Businesses


Accounting is usually a major headache, so using an accounts program will certainly make life easier whether you are a sole trader or a larger company. One of the best accounting software programs for users is Intuit QuickBooks This covers all your business accounting needs including Payroll. Intuit offers some great deals with prices starting for as little as $8.00 per month with regular special offers such as introductory discounts on packages.


If you are looking to expand your business online, you definitely require a website. If your needs are basic you might be able to use a free website builder such as Wix. This website builder is easy to use and has an impressive array of features. You can upgrade to a paid version with added features, when required later.

Asana and Taskworld

If you have to work with a remote team, you can bring everyone together with a work management platform and everyone can be on the same page quite literally, regardless of location. Asana is probably the best known and is free to use for up to 15 people. Other platforms include Taskworld which offers a free trial period to new users. Asana and Taskworld are both good at enabling people to share ideas and to work on the same documents and projects but are not suitable for hosting online live meetings.


For hosting meetings and video conferencing you need to use video conferencing tools. Zoom is probably the best well known but there are other technology offers available. Zoom can be free to use, but there are numerous options available to larger businesses. The free option for example times out after 40 minutes, so if you want a seamless meeting with shareholders, for example you need to check out the paid options to avoid embarrassment.

Cyber Ghost (VPN)

Internet security is very important so using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes this more robust. A VPN hides online activity and limits who can view the content of the network. There are numerous VPN offers available to businesses and although most of these are paid options you can sometimes find free offers too. One of these is Cyber Ghost which is a respected VPN provider with a range of price options including free deals on some packages.

Mail Chimp

Your business will undoubtedly need a marketing service. Mail Chimp is a marketing platform that can support you by providing a way to understand your potential customers and to connect with them on line. You can use Mail Chimp for sending out mail shots, carrying out market research and surveys and finding your customers on social media. There is a free option for businesses that are just getting started and other technology offers to suit all scales of business.

Best Food Delivery Options Using Mobile Apps

Ordering in food has never been as easy as it is now. Forget having to remember the name of that local restaurant and then having to make a phone call and book a delivery slot. These days, the best food delivery options using mobile apps make the whole process much easier. You can carry out all of the food ordering, pay online, and have your favorite meal delivered to you in comfort. 

Mobile apps have transformed the takeaway and restaurant business worldwide, making all types of food available to everyone. This is especially convenient these days during the fear of the Coronavirus, since you can select “contactless” mobile delivery options where the delivery driver just leaves the food at your front door. Keep reading to learn more about these mobile apps, especially if you’re craving Jamaica food delivery options!

A Taste of the Caribbean


If you like Caribbean food but live in the U.S., there are apps that feature Jamaica food delivery and give you plenty of choice in menus and available restaurants. GrubHub delivers Jamaican food to many U.S. locations, direct from restaurants. So if you have a craving for jerk chicken, dumplings, or any of those fantastic island recipes, you just enter your zip code on the app and you can instantly see what is available in your area. There is a wide coverage across the U.S., especially close to major cities.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats is also a good choice for U.S. consumers with a passion for Jamaican food. If there is a Jamaican restaurant in your area, you can order your meal through the app, safe in the knowledge it will be delivered without any further hassle. Uber has a good reputation with delivery time and works with most restaurants operating in any given area.


For customers who live in Jamaica, there are some great local options. Peckish is a food app that caters solely to the island and so offers Jamaica food delivery from a fantastically diverse range of restaurants, from upmarket dining to fast food takeaways.

Quick Plate

Quick Plate is another option that enables you to browse local restaurants and order your meal directly. The app is easy to use and will enable you to enjoy your favourite restaurant meal from the comfort of your home. This app works throughout Jamaica and is partnered with restaurants including Cannonball, Broken Plate, and Chez Maria.


DoorDash in Jamaica is partnered with 127 restaurants across the island. So whether you fancy a breakfast, a McDonalds, Pizza, an Indian meal, or a Jamaican favourite, you have plenty of choice. DoorDash will even deliver you a sandwich. DoorDash is not available in all areas but does have wide coverage. You can check out availability via the app. (It’s also available in the U.S.)

One great thing about using Jamaica food delivery is that you don’t have to visit the restaurant. Yes, we all love going out to eat but since the Coronavirus, when staying in has become the new normal, ordering your food online is the only smart option available for many customers. In addition, the rise of Jamaica food delivery services has enabled many restaurants to improve their business model, catering to the delivery market instead of solely relying on foot traffic for customers.

Best Hi Tech Careers

If you are looking for a career in technology, you have plenty of choices when it comes to opportunities. Almost all private businesses and government organizations rely on technology, so hi tech careers span all boundaries of modern life. This means it is hard to go wrong with a technology degree, and although there is competition for the top jobs, there is a wide demand for people with the right skills.

Hi tech careers can be very well paid and demanding. With the constantly changing tech landscape, you need to be prepared to be constantly learning and adapting to new developments in technology, because this is a fast moving science that is constantly changing. Here are three of the top hi tech careers you can pursue.

Top Hi Tech Careers

Data Scientist

This is an extremely crucial role in any organization or company (or government), as it is all about interpreting meaning from data and translating it into a coherent accurate strategy. Earnings usually start at around $118,000 a year, and you need to have a background in math or statistics, as well as computer programming and software engineering. 

Software Developer

There are always thousands of vacancies and openings for software developers, and with high wages, on average around $130,000 per year, this is one of the best hi tech careers to have. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are driving tech development, rather than just being a consumer.

The role of the software developer is challenging. There is a high demand for software developers, fueled by the demand for mobile apps and the other technology products that we all love. Any company will live or die by the success of its technology, so a software developer will always be in demand.

Information Security Analyst 

One thing that is a constant threat to any computer system is that of internet security. So  the job of an Information Security Analyst is one of those hi tech careers that will always be necessary in order to stay ahead of the scammers and the criminals, in order to keep any system safe and secure. You can expect to earn around $88,000 a year, depending upon the size of the corporation.

Although these three hi tech careers are generally best paid, other hi tech careers can be equally rewarding in terms of pay and job satisfaction. So becoming a web developer, IT manager, Systems Analyst or a Network Manager are all great careers that will suit you if you are considering a technology-based career and have the relevant STEM degree or MBA to back it up.

For less qualified people who may want a technology career but lack the relevant degree, becoming a Computer Support Specialist can be a good move. Becoming part of the IT team and manning help desks or troubleshooting IT problems can be a rewarding and interesting job that starts at around $47,000 a year, depending on the company and the complexity of the position.For more hi tech careers, check out the best tech websites for job openings.