New Must-Have Apps Technology for Kids

Computer apps are not just about the next game craze and mindlessly zoning out online. There are some fantastic apps out there for kids that can help them learn and get creative with technology, and even better, many of these are free or low cost. Apps technology is aimed at all ages and at all parts of life, so let’s take at the new must have apps technology for kids.

Hopscotch:  Hopscotch is one of the best apps out there for technology. This iOS compatible app teaches kids basic coding so that they can replicate game favourites such as Angry Birds and invent their own computer games too. Aimed at the 9 to 11 year old bracket this free app is proving popular with kids and parents alike.

Apps technology is also great for learning languages.

Duolingo: This is an app that makes learning a second language fun and is a great way to get your kids on their way to fluency. Available in most languages including Spanish, French, and Russian, Duolingo teaches through play and is great for language learners of all ages.

Star Walk:  Technology apps are a great way to learn about the wider world, and with Star Walk, your kid’s horizons are set even further with this astronomy guide. It encourages your kids to get outside and snap the outside sky and to then learn about the constellations and the planets with the interactive sky map. Priced at $3, this app could set your children off on a lifelong interest in astronomy.

Treble Cat: One of the most rewarding things you can learn as a child is how to read music. Treble Cat makes this easy with this app which teaches children how to read the notes on the treble clef. Costing $5, this app is good value and will appeal to any child who is taking music lessons.

Monster Math 2: Technology apps that make school lessons fun offer a great way of learning without tears. Monster Math 2, aimed at elementary level, makes math learning fun and will help boost math skills while fighting monsters. This app is free to download and will help your kids excel in this sometimes difficult subject.

Lego Movie Maker: If your kids are Lego fans, this free app is great fun and we can see this becoming popular with all the family. It enables you to make movies from Lego creations, by turning the figures and constructions your kids build into stories. Available only on iOS, Lego Movie Maker is a great way to spark an interest in film making as well as good for boosting creativity.

Earth 3D – Amazing Atlas: This app brings the world to you  at a click of your finger and it helps your child learn about geography, climate and cultures around the globe. Fun to use and with some fantastically rich graphics, this app is mesmerizing. It is available only on iOS and it costs $3.

How Can I Restore My Vision from Computer Eye Strain?

Staring at a computer screen or phone screen for long periods of time leads to eye strain, causing itchy tired eyes, headaches, and more. In today’s world, this is hard to avoid as many of us need to be online for most of the day. So let’s take a look at some easy remedies to this common problem.

So how can I restore my vision from computer eye strain?

·       Eye exercises.

These can help restore vision very effectively. One issue is that we spend too much time constantly focusing on a nearby screen, so to give your eyes a mini workout and improve vision, look away from your screen every 20 minutes, and focus on a distant object or the horizon. You can also try looking at nearby objects and then focusing on something far away.

Switching your focal length for around 15 seconds may be enough to restore vision. This is an easy improvement if you want to know how to restore your vision without changing your lifestyle.

·       Move away from the computer!

This one is self-explanatory, but moving away from the computer every hour will not only improve vision, it will help your overall physical health as well. Taking a regular break will not only improve eye strain, it will help you keep fresh and fatigue free.

·       Make sure your lighting is good.

Eye strain is commonly caused by too much light or by straining in low light. Your lighting needs to be in the Goldilocks Zone, and this means not too bright or not too dark, but just right. As well as the lighting in your room, make sure your computer screen is at a conformable setting and is not causing excessive glare.

·       Take an eye test.

Are you sure it is the computer that is causing your eye strain? Visit your optician for an eye test to make sure.

·       Wear computer glasses.

Computer glasses help cut the glare from the screen so it can reduce eye strain too. When you visit your optician explain your problem, and you will probably find that with computer glasses your eyes improve immediately.

·       Take a supplement to boost eye health.

We are what we eat and a supplement that contains natural ingredients often missing from our usual diet can be a great boost to health as well as combat eye strain.

Pure Encapsulations is a reputable brand of supplements that can boost health and vitality in many different settings. Eye Protect Basics is a supplement aimed solely at eye care and is rich in minerals and vitamins that can support healthy eyesight, including zinc, lutein, copper and vitamin C.

We all take our healthy vision for granted, but it is extremely important to look after our eyes, as we only have one pair! If you are already looking up “how can I restore my vision” on Google, then it suggests that you need to take action fast or risk causing damage to your eyes with computer strain.

Taking steps to reduce and improve your computer time as well as the support of a good quality eye supplement will help restore your vision back to top condition.

Tele-Health: Can You Get an Accurate Diagnosis Virtually?

Online meetings with your doctor have numerous advantages over visiting your doctor in person. These types of medical appointments have risen since the onset of the COVID pandemic and can be better for the patient and for the community as a whole.  

A tele health appointment enables you to stay at home if you feel unwell and yet still obtain online medical care. It minimises the risk to the patient of picking up infection if immunity levels are low, and it helps reduce the spread of infection in the doctor’s surgery and waiting room, especially important if you have an infectious disease or illness.

Tele health appointments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These days you can have a live face to face consultation via video software such as Skype, Zoom, or any of the other video platforms available. So you can speak to your doctor and he or she can see you from your smartphone or tablet.

One way to make the tele health diagnosis more accurate would be if the patient received a visit from a health care assistant who could measure temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure at the same time. That way, the doctor could obtain the hands on information without having to be physically present at the consultation.

You can also use messaging and send images so that your doctor can access your information later. Patient portals could facilitate this type of communication so that you could send your information and expect a response once your doctor has made a diagnosis.

Not all doctors surgeries are offering tele health appointments yet, and in many cases, the appointment can only be carried out by telephone, but tele health is certainly something we can expect to see more of in the future.

At present tele health consultation is generally used as a preliminary diagnosis. A tele health diagnosis can be accurate, but it does not really replace human intervention. Oftentimes, a doctor will be able to detect that something is wrong by other methods – such as how you carry yourself, your skin tone and smell. These are hard to monitor over a video call, yet are instantly apparent in a face to face consultation.

Despite the drawbacks, the trend towards virtual tele health appointments is going to continue because the advantages do outweigh any negative issues. In most cases, a doctor will request to see you in person once the preliminary diagnosis has been made, or if he or she suspects an underlying issue. In addition, it is important to remember that doctors are human like anyone else, and plenty of conditions have gone undetected even in traditional face to face appointments.

The bottom line is that you can get an accurate diagnosis virtually. In most cases, your doctor will be able to accurately prescribe treatment and see your condition over the screen. It will make seeing a doctor safer and quicker too. If you are comfortable with technology and you have a laptop or tablet so that the doctor can see you, there seems to be no reason why not.

Can Injured Bones be Revitalized? What Role Does Technology Play?

Broken and injured bones can be difficult to get over, with younger people facing a far quicker recovery time than people who have a few years on the clock. Injured bones generally heal themselves by knitting together over a period of time, but this process can be painful and lengthy. Healing time will vary depending upon the severity of the fracture and the physical health of the individual.

Scientists are looking at technology to improve the healing process, and results can be surprising. One new system for healing shattered bones and major bone injuries may be achieved by applying an electric charge to the area to encourage bone growth.

This requires a scaffold of non-toxic polymer, which supports the broken area, and when this is combined with electric stimulation via an ultrasound, it encourages bones to regrow far faster than otherwise possible.

So far, this technology has only been tested on mice, but results are promising. As well as the injured bones, it also seems effective for helping the body rebuild tendons and cartilage. Researchers at the University of Connecticut who are carrying out this investigation still do not fully understand why an electric charge should encourage bone growth, so we may have a long wait until this technology is actually used in hospitals.

Although we can all be involved in an accident that causes injured bones, strengthening your bones will help protect you. Exercise is a simple way of preventing joint pains and for strengthening bone structure, and because so many of us lead such sedentary lives, many of us are at risk of breaking a bone far more easily than an athlete or active person.

Diet is also crucially important for bone health ,and taking the support of a daily supplement will help protect against injured bones. Neurobiologix is a supplement range you can trust. Made in the U.S., the company specialises in natural and effective health supplements that support health and wellbeing without using chemicals or artificial additives.

Neurobiologix Bone Support provides multi nutrient support for bone health and is designed for two key purposes:

1: To ensure that teenagers and young adult women optimize peak bone mass.

2: To help slow the rate of bone loss in menopausal women, elderly people, and those with a family history of bone loss.

Neurobiologix Bone Support is packed full of bone strengthening minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium. The supplement will raise your levels of these vital nutrients, and when used in combination with a healthy diet, will offer you enhanced protection from the risk of injured bones. Obviously nothing can protect against the unexpected, but Neurobiologix Bone Support will help to strengthen your bones. This supplement is ideal for young growing teens as well as the elderly and is a great way to supplement your diet.

Will PS5 and Xbox Series X be Sold at a Loss?

Gaming is big business, and although customers have always had deep pockets when it comes to forking out for the latest system, this industry has taken a bit of a nose dive in recent months. According to the tech industry, both the PS5 and XBox series X are not likely to achieve the “money no object” status of earlier models, and there are rumours that both may be sold at a loss.

In a way, the industry has itself to blame. Yes, plenty of adults play on video games systems, but they are also popular with kids. In this time of economic uncertainty, replacing an old gaming system for the latest bright and shiny new model is not a smart move. Who can even afford it when living costs are rising, and future unemployment looks so likely?

So far, new prices have not been revealed, which is a bad sign for people trying to pre order. Both systems are likely to come in at around $499 but may offer paid extras that will inflate the cost dramatically.

At the moment, it is a weird stand-off between Sony and Microsoft. Neither company seems to want to commit to revealing a price, because both know that once one company does this, the other will respond with a lower price.

The upcoming PS5 console has certainly had its share of highs and lows. Recently, it was on pre order sale from a Canadian company who were offering it for just $397 (CAD $559). By contrast, a Danish retailer said that they would be selling it in excess of $1000. Of course, there are some hardened Sony fans who will pay whatever it takes to get the new console, but paying over $1,000 for a game console is just out of reach to many loyal customers.

According to Microsoft, it is already hinted that the XBox Series X will be sold at a loss, and although it seems likely to cost $499, Microsoft will not be seeing a profit on their latest game console.

There is method in their madness. According to Phil Spencer, the current vice president of gaming at Microsoft, the company makes most of their profits on games rather than the consoles ,so it does make business sense to ensure that people buy the console, because Microsoft knows the games will follow.

At present, the PS5 and X Box X  are locked in a price war. Sony with the PS5 is already leading in the popularity stakes, because their gaming systems are more popular worldwide. It is possible that Sony will also reduce the price to around $399, and if they can come in at $100 cheaper than the XBox X, they will win this price war.

In our opinion, both the PS5 and Xbox series X are beginning to look decidedly overpriced. There is a move away from gaming consoles as more people take to their mobile phones, so if you do want one of the latest models, the best advice is to hang on and see if you can bag a bargain sometime next year.

Which Technology is NASA Developing that Will Help Astronauts Reach Mars?

NASA is developing a range of exciting and innovative technology in order to help humans reach Mars. The Red Planet is an inhospitable place that has never been visited by humans, and although NASA has landed a preliminary rover on the surface, which was roughly the same size as a domestic car, sending astronauts is a whole different ball game.

According to NASA, they are currently working on six major technology projects in order to get there safely.

So which technology is NASA developing that will help astronauts reach Mars?

The first requirement is actually getting there.

6 NASA Technological Advancements

1. Propulsion

Traveling to Mars requires a voyage into deep space of over 150 million miles. In order to speed up the lengthy journey, NASA is working on propulsion systems. They haven’t yet figured out how to get into warp drive, but they have investigated numerous options including nuclear thermal propulsion and nuclear electric. These systems use nuclear fission but have different advantages; nuclear electric is efficient but nuclear thermal propulsion provides more power. Perhaps NASA will somehow combine both systems in one?

2. Inflatable Heat Shield

Landing on any planet with an atmosphere is intensely hot, so all spacecraft require a heat shield to protect against burning up as they enter the atmosphere. NASA is working on inflatable heat shields that are easy and small to store in the limited room of a spaceship and can be deployed when necessary.

3. New Spacesuits

NASA is working on high tech space suits that will be suitable for all space exploration. These next generation spacesuits allow the wearer to move in a natural way and are designed to provide the maximum life support and safety. The space suits designed specifically for Mars will provide cooling for the hot Martian summers and warmth to combat the sub-zero temperatures of the Martian winter.

4. Landing Craft and Living Space

Once the astronauts land on Mars, they will be travelling and living in the same Rover. This new Rover will be pressurised with breathable air, and the crew will be able to live in relative comfort for the duration of the mission. They will be able to use the onboard lab for investigation and drive the Rover in their ordinary clothes rather than donning space suits every time.

5. Power Supply

The astronauts will need a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, because if this fails, it is all over! NASA was developing solar power for this mission, but nuclear fission seems to be the more reliable option. This is because the Martian winters can be very long. This combined with dust storms which block out the light and can last for months just would not be reliable enough.

6. New Advances in Communication

Keeping in contact and relaying information to Earth is crucially important. To counter the long distances that information will need to travel, NASA is working on a laser communication system to speed things up.

This will not lead to instant conversations and communications. According to NASA, sending a map via the current technology would take 9 years to arrive. With a laser communications system this is reduced to 9 weeks.

Not all these technologies will eventually be used. At the time of writing which Technology is NASA developing that will help astronauts reach Mars, could all change or lead to other developments.

What are the Advantages of Technology in Human Life at Home?

People often harken back to the good old days when life was simpler and we didn’t have today’s technology, but the truth is that nobody would really want to go back in time. People who say this, and if you look at social media, older people especially are ALWAYS saying it, but nobody really means it. Like it or not,  when you consider the question, ‘What are the advantages of technology in human life?,” the answer is that there are numerous advantages that we all use and benefit from every day in the home.

How Tech Helps Us

Technology is always advancing. It is there because we want it and because it helps improve our lives. Imagine running a home without technological advances! We would still have to heat it, clean it, and cook. Without technology, this would be a labor intensive job.

Today the equipment and technology used in domestic cleaning makes the job simple. Even the humble vacuum cleaner is now cordless and practically silent, requiring only a charge every few weeks. Efficient and fast, already vacuums are becoming replaced by automatic robotic machines that do the cleaning for you on a continuous basis without any need to even think about it.

Imagine how our great grandmothers would have felt about this type of technology. They would have loved it! And although it makes a picturesque image to imagine someone in old-fashioned clothes mopping the floor or beating carpets by hand, nobody in their right mind would want to actually be that person doing all the work.

Importance of Communication

When you ask yourself, “What are the advantages of technology in human life?,” one of the greatest advances must be in communication. The digital world has made communication instant, and most people have embraced this technology. You can contact the world from your own living room via video calls, making the world seem like a far smaller place.

It is ironic that even the people posting on social media have no trouble accessing and using the latest technology in order to complain about technology.

One technological advance helping busy people is the way we can control our heating, electricity, and home security from our phones. This means that you can be fully in control of your home when you are not even there.

One aspect of home security technology which has really taken off with customers is the smart doorbell. This is fitted with a video camera so you can see who is at your door and speak with them. It is Ideal for parcel deliveries and for monitoring your home security. Already burglars have been identified thanks to these door video cameras and door bells.

The next time somebody starts asking about what are the advantages of technology in human life, just look around and consider the alternative if we did not have these technological advances to help us.

Best Technology Gifts for Teenagers

Most teenagers are obsessed with tech, so if you are looking for ideas for birthdays or special occasions, technology gifts for teenagers can be a great idea. There is a wide range of choices out there from cool gadgets, fun music, and lighting tech to useful tools that support their increasingly online lifestyle.

Our Fave Tech Gifts for Teens

Portable Charger

One thing that unites all teenagers is the phone. If your teenager is always running out of battery power, a mobile charging pack can keep him or her fully connected wherever their day may take them. A portable charger is small enough to fit into a bag or pocket and can deliver a high speed charge. We liked the Anker PowerCore, but other brands are also available.

Technology gifts for teenagers that provide a useful function are always welcome. In addition it means that there are no excuses for not calling home because of running out of power!

Digital Drums

If your teenager is interested in making music, choose from a wide range of music tech. Sphero Tech Drums is a great way to make music without the need to buy expensive musical instruments. The coloured rings allow you to compose music by tapping on the surface of the light up rings and you can get access to a bank of sounds as well as sync it with other music apps such as Garage Band. If your teenager wants to try out his or her own musical creations, he or she can create a musical masterpiece with just a few taps of the finger.

Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is also important and technology gifts for teenagers that enable this to happen are always going to be well received. Wireless headphones incorporated into a beanie hat or headband will allow your teenager to listen to music while running, walking or even falling asleep in bed!

When you are a teenager, your room is your domain, so technology gifts for teenagers that help improve or add to the individuality and comfort of their bedroom are likely to be popular.

Mood Lighting

Lighting gifts are great tech technology gifts for teenagers. The Lunsy Smart LED Strip Lights can create a wonderful lighting ambience that syncs with music and can be controlled via the phone.

Essential Oils & Diffuser

Alternatively, why not give your teenagers a gift to improve the atmosphere of the bedroom? The NOW Foods Portable USB Oil Diffuser is a heat free oil diffuser that gently releases fragrant essential oils into the atmosphere. Girls will love the calming fragrance that can create a festival atmosphere and if you have teenage boys at home, it will help mask the smell of old socks and teenage hormones!

Choose from a range of cool fragrances from NOW Foods, such as Orange Essential Oil,  Peace and Harmony or Organic Peppermint. These fragrances are suitable for all teenagers, and they will love that their room always smells good and a little bit mysterious and different from the rest of the family home.

How to Make Excel Files Read Only

It is great to collaborate online and to make changes to documents. This helps virtual teams work together remotely in a way that would have been unimaginable a few years ago. However, if you have worked hard on a document that must be maintained and left unchanged, it is important to ensure that it is protected. If you want to know how to make Microsoft Excel files read only, it is not difficult but you must carry out a few simple steps to ensure that the next person who sees your Excel file does not change it.

Tip on How to Make Excel Files Read Only

You have a couple of options but the safest way is to use the Protect Sheet option. 

First up, click on the worksheet tab and choose Protect Sheet in the drop down menu.

Then enter a password so that you and only you can make changes to the excel file later if required.  You will need to store this password in a safe place because there is no way it can be recovered later if you forget it.

The Protect Sheet tab comes with a drop down menu that can be customized in order for other viewers to make changes. To enable them to do this you must check each box. Options include select locked cells, select unlocked cells, format cells  format columns, etc.  However, If you leave all these boxes unchecked  any further users can only view the Excel files and not change them.

Once you have ticked OK and re-entered your password , your Excel file is now protected.

If you want to unprotect it at a later date, right click on the worksheet tab and click Unprotect Sheet. The password for the downloadable Excel file is “easy.”

Alternatively, you can make your Excel file read only by saving your copy of the sheet. This enables other users to make changes but it leaves you with the “master copy “ intact.

How to make Excel files read only by this method is easier, but it is not as secure as Protect Sheet.

First open your worksheet or Excel file. Choose the File Tab and click on Save As. Then click on Browse.

Once you have done this, Click on the Tools button and the click on General Options in the drop down menu. This will reveal a box that gives you a couple of options. Choose Password to Modify and type in a password. This means that any readers will be unable to change the document without the password.

However, if you only want to advise them not to modify the document and trust them not to make changes, just tick the Read Only recommended  box. If you do this you don’t have to enter the password.

Enter the file name, using the read only prefix and save.

Password to Modify is not a security setting. If you choose this option, your Excel file is not encrypted so if there is any security risk Protect Sheet is always the better option.

How to Make Window XP Faster

Windows XP came into being in 2001, but despite its age, many people still use it, and as an operating system it has worked very well. The issue with using it today is that it can be slow and may not support more recent programs. However if you want to stick with using it, there are ways to improve performance. So if you want to know how to make Window XP faster, you can try a couple of tweaks to improve performance.

Try These Tips

One way to make Windows XP faster is to uninstall programs you don’t use. Simply go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –and then double-click on Add/Remove Programs. Review the list and uninstall programs you never use.

You can also try turning off unnecessary visual effects by setting your XP to best possible performance. Go into Start –> Settings –> Control Panel. In the Control Panel, click on System and then go to the Advanced tab. Once you click on this you will see the Performance Options window.  Select Adjust for best performance, and then click OK . This will turn off visual effects that may be slowing down your computer.

Another option is to carry out a clean-up and defrag. Windows XP comes with a built-in disk cleaner and disk defragmenter do this  go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Clean-up.  To use the Disk Defragmenter, go to Start –> (All) Programs –> Accessories –> System Tools –> Disk Defragmenter.

The basic problem with Windows XP is that support for it was ended back in 2014, so the operating system is no longer updated, although an exception was made for exceptional security updates. That said, despite its age, XP is still being used in many countries and by people who see no reason to change.

How Do You Make Window XP Faster?

Although you can try these tweaks, the best way to make Windows faster is to download a new operating system. Windows 10 is freely available to all Windows users, so this is definitely the best way to increase the speed of your computer.

To download Windows 10, go to the Windows 10 website. Under Create Windows 10 installation media, click Download tool now and Run.

Then choose the Upgrade this PC now and follow the prompts.

Once the upgrade is completed and it can take a few hours, then, go to Settings Update & Security –> Activation, and you should see a digital license for Windows 10.

The problem with Windows XP is that although it was a fantastically popular operating system that worked very well in its day, that day was some time ago! This means Windows XP is no longer current and it cannot deal with the new technology and even if you manage to improve speed and performance, this operating system is now well out of date.

Your best solution is to download Windows 10 – an operating system that has had its share of complaints but is so much faster than the now antiquated Windows XP system.