Tech 101: Ethernet versus Internet for Your Home

If you run multiple computers and smart devices in your home, you might want to consider connecting them by Ethernet rather than the usual Wi-Fi system used by the internet. This is because when it comes to connection speed, the Ethernet is far faster and more reliable than any wireless technology.  So although most of us don’t consider that there is any alternative to using Wi-Fi, when it comes down to the Ethernet versus internet, there can be some surprising advantages to using Ethernet.

The Ethernet is a way of connecting computers together into a local area network or LAN. The Ethernet it is a physical wired connection that enables computers to pass information to each other in the same way as wireless, but the difference is that this information is passed through a cable rather than the air.

For those that are old enough to remember, before the rise in Wi-Fi technology, the Ethernet was the only way to bring computers together on a home network. Today this is less common for home use, but businesses still rely on Ethernet because it is so much faster and it is more secure.

For business use, it is a no brainer when it comes to the Ethernet versus internet. After all, we want security and speed, but for companies, especially those that deal with our finances such as banks, these two factors are crucial, so the Ethernet wins every time.

A home Ethernet system may be a good idea if there are several laptops or computers within the same building. However, it can be a hassle to set up. Setting up the Ethernet does require wiring work, such as the laying of ethernet cable and fitting of Ethernet sockets in the correct locations. It also requires careful planning. Where are you going to fit the sockets? How much wire will you need? And unless you want to live with a jumble of wires can you fit the cables within the walls or under the flooring?

In truth, most people will find that running their home computer network on Ethernet is far too much bother, and far too technically challenging, especially as most people find that Wi-Fi is so easy to use and to set up. In addition, the Ethernet is not suitable for Wi-Fi only devices such as iPads, tablets, or phones.

So, what should you choose when it comes to the ethernet versus internet? For home use, the ethernet is a step too far for most people, and unless you have a particular reason for wanting to do this, there seems little point to it. This is especially true now when wireless technology is so advanced and many of us access the internet via our tablets and phones which are Wi-Fi only.

However, for anyone running a business that requires secure fast connections and a network, the Ethernet is still the best way of establishing a reliable network.

How to Close Apps on iPhone 11 to Prolong Battery Life

Apple has always maintained that leaving apps open does not drain the iPhone battery or cause any adverse issue, but the problem is that not all apps are the same! Some apps, such as Facebook are notorious for running in the background, draining your battery when you are not using them, so although most of us don’t bother, learning how to close apps on iPhone 11 will save your battery life.

How to Close Apps on iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 does not have a home button, so you can’t simply switch off your app and force close it by double clicking on it and sweeping upwards as previously. Instead, you have to learn a new set of app gestures in order to operate your phone.

With the iPhone 11, your first step is to access the app switch option. To do this, press the bottom half of your screen and swipe up, pausing in the middle of the screen. Leave your finger in place for a few seconds, and then you will see all your open apps appear in card form. To force close the open apps, sweep upwards (in the same way as with earlier models) once the relevant app is in front of you on the screen.

Finding out how to close apps on an iPhone 11 will prolong your battery life and it is very easy to do once you get used to managing without the home button.

Cleaning Up Apps

To clear up your apps even further, why not delete the ones you don’t use? You can do this by pressing on the app icon and clicking delete. The good news is that if you change your mind in the future, you can get them back by simply visiting the app store and reinstalling them. If you can’t open an app, the way you close apps on an iPhone 11 will also help you to open it again.

First, force the app to close and then restart your phone by pressing the off button. Your app should then reappear and open again. If it does not open, make sure it is running the latest version and that your phone is also running the latest iOS update. To check that your app is the latest version, scroll down your account details from your card, and you will be told if an app needs to be updated.

There is a setting for automatic updates, so your phone should do this for you. In addition, if you have not subscribed to automatic updates, you should receive a notification from the Apple App Store when a new version is realised.

Most of us use our iPhones without bothering to learn how to use them most efficiently. However, finding out how to close apps on iPhone 11 is extremely easy, and once you do this on a regular basis you will find that your phone does not eat up so much battery life. We liked the old start button, but you can clear apps just as easily without it.

Website Hosting Plans: GoDaddy versus BlueHost

If you are looking to create your website, there are numerous website hosting plans on the market, so it can be a confusing choice. Two of the biggest companies in this market are GoDaddy and BlueHost. GoDaddy is probably the best well known thanks to a global advertising campaign, but BlueHost looks good too. So which is best? We take a quick look at GoDaddy versus BlueHost to find out.

A Closer Look at GoDaddy

First up, GoDaddy. This website hosting domain can be yours for as little as £0.99. According to the advertising, GoDaddy has 19 million domains under its management, so if you choose this one, you are in good company. You have a great choice of names too, and because this is such a well known brand, the GoDaddy name inspires trust and confidence. You can choose between a .com or specific country extension such as or more.

Although the price is cheap for the most basic package, adding your email address to match your domain name costs extra, and if you want to secure your data and boost your rank via SSL, there will be an added yearly charge. That said GoDaddy seems well priced, so we probably should not quibble.

With GoDaddy you get a free month’s use of Web Builder. This takes you through each step of building your website from scratch without any need for any technical knowledge. You also have 24/7 access to a customer support team which you will probably need if you are new to building a website!

A Closer Look at BlueHost

BlueHost is not as popular as GoDaddy, but with over 2 million websites using the BlueHost domain, it looks good, and it comes with some freebies to tempt you in. These include a free domain name for a year, a free SSL certificate included in the price, and regular special offers. Prices start as £2.30 per month and you do get a free trial period and a 30 day money back guarantee.

BlueHost is a great option for anyone already that is already familiar with using WordPress. BlueHost is one of the top recommended WordPress providers, so you can enjoy hassle free WordPress on all accounts. You also have access to a wide range of analytics plus access to marketing services, tools, and paid ad credits.

As with GoDaddy, you do have access to a designated customer service helpline. BlueHost also provides educational resources including video tutorials, guides, and more. However, be careful after your trial period ends, as service and hosting fees may actually skyrocket.

So when it comes to GoDaddy versus BlueHost, which company comes out on top? In truth, there are no simple right or wrong answers, because both companies are similarly priced up front, and both offer great quality web hosting and customer support.

Both GoDaddy and BlueHost are fully partnered with WordPress, and both offer added extras. However, we like the analytical tools and extras provided by BlueHost, and we found the video tutorials easy to understand, so if you have some money set aside to host your site for more than just a year, this would be our choice.

Best Visual Studio Publishing Software

Visual studio publishing is an important component of desktop publishing and becomes increasingly complex each year. Today’s online businesses have to perform in a range of mediums, producing high quality material online that can be transformed to print, but more importantly be produced as digital media. Interactive online publications, apps, responsive graphics, and video content are common requirements, so choosing the best visual studio publishing software is crucial for any forward-thinking business or for anyone who needs to get their message out there.

Recommended Visual Studio Publishing Software 

Adobe Products

For most web professionals, Adobe remains the go-to software for visual studio publishing. Photoshop is the industry favourite and allows you to create images, edit, and carry out limitless possibilities for the graphic artist. 

If you are primarily focused on video and film making, Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard for editing, creating video, and more. Premier Pro works seamlessly with other Adobe products, including Photoshop and InDesign, and with access to Adobe Stock and the Creative Cloud, you can get the latest updates as soon as they are released.

Apple Products

For Apple users, iStudio Publisher gives you a wide range of desktop publishing, including photo editing and images. It is fairly easy to use and much cheaper than the Adobe software, and you can integrate Photoshop with it too. Apple products are generally easy to use, so iStudio Publisher is a good choice for a small business or private individual who needs to access visual studio software, as well as the other parts of desktop publishing.


Affinity is becoming popular, and it is easy to see why. This software enables you to carry out visual studio publishing to an extremely high professional standard. You can create images with Affinity Photo, and bring your visions to life with Affinity Designer, incorporating these mediums with Affinity Publisher. Affinity is ideally suited to Mac or Windows and offers an affordable alternative to Adobe.

If you are looking to create digital content, this would be a good choice. To target specific illustration needs, such as smoke and cloud brushes, you can buy add on products from the Affinity website; however, this visual studio publishing software does not include moving images or video. In addition, you do have to pay for extras. With Adobe Photoshop, everything is included.


Pageflow is another great choice. This visual studio publishing service was developed by the West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR) and is a way to transform video content, images, audio, and text into immersive visual stories and digital reports in full screen. Originally aimed at journalists, it enables you to create multimedia content. If you want to try it out, you can sign up for a free 30 days trial. Pageflow is ideal if you need to tell a story, but it may not be as good for creating images and creative content for advertising.

Although there are many different types of visual studio publishing software on the market, plus a range of free options provided by Linux and a choice of free apps too, we can’t fault Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. These are always the first choice of the professionals.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Risks and Complications

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a painful and debilitating medical condition that affects the wrists and hands. Symptoms include tingling and numbness of the arm and hand and weakness. It generally starts with numbness and tingling in the fingers and hand that progresses to the arm, and many sufferers find it unbearable. When this happens, surgery may be the best option. It is an effective treatment, but there are many carpal tunnel surgery risks and complications, and it can be painful and slow in recovery. Keep reading to learn more.

About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve that runs from your arm through to your wrist and to your fingers. When this nerve is compressed, it cannot work effectively. Common causes include nerve damaging conditions such as diabetes, conditions to the muscles and ligaments in your wrists, such as rheumatoid arthritis or repetitive strain injury. Workplace factors such as damp conditions, using vibrating machinery, frequent computer use, and assembly line work can all make the condition worse.

Carpal tunnel surgery risks and complications include long term damage to your median nerve or nearby nerves and blood vessels, bleeding, infection, and painful scarring. Recovery can be slow for some patients. Although most people are pleased to remove the tingling and numbness, you can take up to a few months following surgery to fully recover.

There are other ways of treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Many people have found that strengthening the grip with yoga exercises can remove symptoms. Other methods include ultrasound and acupressure.

More Ways to Get Help

Of course the best way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is to prevent it by strengthening your muscles and ligaments and for this you may find that a good quality health supplement may help.

Terry Naturally is a supplement brand that focuses on using proven natural ingredients that work. Founded by Terry Lemerond, an experienced herbalist and health expert, the range is well known for combining natural botanicals with the latest scientific research in order to provide natural ways of healing.

Terry Lemerond is an author, radio presenter on health topics, and after 40 years experience is a trusted authority. His supplement brand is equally impressive, providing natural remedies for a range of conditions.

If you want to avoid carpal tunnel surgery risks and complications entirely, you may find that taking action now will help avoid it. Try Terry Naturally’s Healthy Ligaments and Tendons to strengthen your bone structure and connective tissue and to help your body build more protein. The supplement is packed with vitamins including high levels of youth boosting B6 and B12, there are minerals including zinc and manganese, plus Boswelia, an Ayuervardic herb. Extensive Research shows that Boswelia decreases inflammation and redness so may help with conditions such as arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without the need of surgery.

How to Change Security Question in Gmail

With millions of users, Gmail is always looking for new ways to protect customer security in order to keep the platform safe and functioning. One question that has been puzzling users is how to change the security question in Gmail. Surely this step is paramount to safety from hackers and cyber-attacks? Keep reading to learn more!

Gmail Security Tips

To check out your security on Gmail, click on your picture or photo at the top right hand of the page. This brings up the names of your Gmail accounts so click on this and then on the, “Manage your google account” tab. Here you will see all your data and settings in one place and carry out a security checkup to see if your account is fully protected.

What you cannot do, is access your security question. In fact, according to Google, the security question function is no longer used on Google accounts. If you are like most people, you have probably forgotten what this question actually was – needing the prompts to remember the answer anyway.

The reason for this change to security is that the security questions were not secure because most of the answers could be found out by using a simple Google search. What’s your mother’s maiden name, first school, or first pet? All this information is available to see online, especially if you post on social media. Armed with this simple information a  scammer has a sure-fire way of getting into your account.

These days you cannot change security questions on Google or modify it in any way. Google has not removed existing security questions but it is impossible to gain access to these now, and you are not going to be asked for this information should you need to recover your account.

Staying Safe in Gmail

To stay safe on Gmail it is important that you check your settings on a regular basis. You can take a security checkup to see which devices are associated with your account, any changes to passwords, or similar activity.

Instead of the security question, a better option is to sign up for two-step verification by providing your mobile phone number and an alternative email address. That way, if there are security issues google can inform you of any suspicious activity and check it is really you, signing into the account.

Many people have now been trying to change the security question in Gmail by simply removing it but in most cases, it is impossible to reach this information. Yes, it is probably stored by Google somewhere in the Cloud, but as it is no longer part of your internet security protection and is not used in account verification, it should not pose any security issues.

It is important to regularly update and review your information and settings on Google. Changing your password or removing access from third-party sites is important for safety. In addition, ensuring that your two-step verification information is correct. Should there be suspicious activity on your account, Google will alert you by phone or alternative email address so it is important. And if you do need to recover your Gmail account, two-step verification gives you an easy way back in. 

Solar Gifts and Gadgets

As we all try to live our best sustainable life and reduce our carbon footprint, harnessing the power of the sun gives us an unending source of energy that we can tap into for free. You might not have the space to install solar panels on your property but there are plenty of neat solar gifts and gadgets that can perform useful or fun functions without taking up space or costing you much money. They can actually help save you money as well. Keep reading to find out our favorite solar gifts and gadgets.

3 Fun Solar Gifts and Gadgets

Solar Powered Lights

These inexpensive lights are fantastic for patio or garden lighting. They soak up the sun’s rays throughout the day and when the sun goes down; provide lighting when you need it. Cheap and available from any store or garden centre these solar gifts and gadgets perform a very useful purpose and they look really good as well. You can choose between serious looking technology or go for fun novelty models such as Chinese lanterns, animal inspired designs or mason jars.

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers are also very useful. These solar gifts and gadgets are ideal for charging your mobile phone without plugging into the mains electricity. They’re ideal for when you are travelling but also great for domestic use.

Solar Powered Rainbow Maker

A solar powered rainbow maker might not save the planet, but who wouldn’t want one of these in their home? It fills your room with a swirl of dazzling rainbows and works via some impressive technology. Solar gifts and gadgets like these are ideal presents for just about anyone.

How to Protect Yourself from the Sun

Although many uses of solar energy in the home may not seem important, this technology could transform our planet if the power of the sun were fully harnessed. It is also important to remember that although we love the warmth of the sun and the energy it provides, too much sun can be extremely dangerous for health. 

One of the best things you can do for you and your family’s health is to ensure that you all are always protected from the potentially harmful effect of sun damage on skin – the cause of skin cancer and the visible signs of aging.

Mychelle Dermaceuticals is a leading skin protection brand that provides a range of skin care products suitable for the whole family. All products are natural and paraben free suiting even the most sensitive of skin. They specialise in sun protection such as sun shield and more but the one that caught our eye is the Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion.

Mychelle Dermaceuticals’ Replenishing Solar Defense Body Lotion SPF 50 is a mineral based hydrating lotion that delivers protection against the full spectrum of UVB/ UVA rays. The lotion is SPF 50, so you can be confident that it does offer full protection against harmful sun damage.

Suitable for all the family, including children with delicate skin, it is perfect for everyday use, all year round. As many skin experts advise that we use sun protection all year in order to minimise risk of skin damage, this natural lotion is a great way to keep you and your family safe.

What are your favorite solar gifts and gadgets? 

What to Include in Technology Portfolios for IT-Related Jobs

According to recruiters in the IT industry, most managers will reject a candidate’s resume immediately if there is no technology portfolio, or if there is one but it is incomplete or unimpressive. This means that technology portfolios are of paramount importance when you are applying for IT jobs. You may be suitable for the position, but if your technology portfolio is not up to scratch, you and your prospective employers will never find out!

Why Create Technology Portfolios for IT-Related Jobs?

Knowing what to include in your technology portfolio can be a difficult issue for some job candidates, especially if you haven’t had much experience. But before you get stressed out about this, remember that the important factor about technology portfolios is that they work! This is after all your chosen field, so a failure to provide a great looking fully functioning portfolio is about as impressive as a translator who can’t understand a foreign language or a salesperson who cannot sell.

The way that the technology portfolio works is almost as important as the content. If it is clear, well thought out and easy to understand, you have a far better chance of being called to the interview than a candidate who has more experience but fails to get their portfolio right. If you are in an artistic field, be sure to focus on your creativity as well as your technical expertise.

What to Include in Technology Portfolios for IT-Related Jobs

Surprisingly, many IT candidates neglect their technology portfolios. According to recruiters, many candidates provide links to sites where they store their online resumes which are no longer available. Not impressive and this basic error will cost you the job!

If you have links in your portfolio, make sure that they work and lead somewhere that is relevant to your professional life. If you have worked on the site and you are trying to showcase your talents, explain this. Otherwise it will just seem like a random link to a site.  It is important to remember that recruiters do not have the time to figure out what you mean. You have to explain yourself in a clear and concise manner.

The same goes for images and screenshots included in technology portfolios. These need to be explained in a way that is easy to understand. You can use technical IT expressions, but be careful that you are not overdoing the jargon in order to seem impressive. Your fellow IT professionals will soon catch you out if you are being deliberately confusing.

You should always link your resume to your technology portfolio. Your future employers will be interested to see how your work experience ties in with your history. Recruiters like to see that everything you say adds up. If you have not had much in the way of work history, you can add personal projects or school projects to your portfolio as well.

The important thing to remember is that interviewers and recruiters receive many applications for IT positions so they need to have all the information about you in a way that is easy to understand. Technology portfolios are a good way of showing your future employers what you can do. Sadly for many IT candidates they are also a good way for recruiters to reject you.  

Best Baby Apps for New Parents

Becoming a new parent can be a challenging experience. There are new routines, bouts of crying, and sleepless nights to contend with, and that’s before we even think about how the baby is doing! Here are some of the best baby apps for new parents available to steer you through this difficult, although joyous time, and keep parenthood as stress-free and worry-free as possible.

3 Baby Apps for New Parents

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is an app that helps you keep track of baby’s progress. It records feeding, diaper changes, milestones, appointments, and everything that you need to keep on top of your baby’s schedule. If you are leaving your baby with a caregiver, it enables you to share information and be alerted should the need arise. It enables you to track activities, baby’s mood, and moreover the course of the day.

Sound Sleeper

Baby apps for new parents often target specific purposes such as sleeping. Sound Sleeper is an app that offers a wide range of soothing sounds to help your baby sleep. This app can double as a baby monitor and it enables you to track sleep patterns. With this insight, you can understand and plan your day and nights more effectively.

Baby’s First

Baby’sFirst is a free app that helps you create a lovely record of all his or her developmental milestones. Although we all take photos all the time, this simple app collects your photos, adds prompts, and milestone checklists. When you are caught up in the early days of parenthood, it is easy to let these important days pass by. Baby apps for new parents often focus on the problems of parenthood, and we like this one because it focuses on joy.

Although baby apps for new parents can be useful, obviously nothing replaces hands-on care. If your baby has trouble sleeping, an app may be helpful, but a soothing bath before bedtime and some skincare products on sensitive areas will make your baby more comfortable and sleepier.

Essential Baby Products 

Natural organic soaps and skincare will help your baby’s delicate skin, which can become uncomfortable – especially around the diaper area. Try Ora’s Amazing Herbal range of baby products. One we particularly like is Ora’s Amazing Herbal’s Baby Salve, which is designed for tiny tushies, rolls, and folds.

Earth Mother OrganicsDiaper Balm is a soothing calendula balm that keeps your baby’s bottom chubby soft and cheerful and is a slightly less expensive option. Also, try Weleda’s Baby Calendula Body Cream.

When it comes to parenthood, baby apps for new parents can provide some great support. However, when it comes to hands-on care, your baby deserves the best natural products that will not irritate delicate skin. Making this part of your daily or nightly routine is the best way to ensure that your baby thrives and is happy, and hopefully, you will be able to sleep at night too. 

How to Make a YouTube Playlist on iPhone

We all love our iPhone. We all love YouTube too, and as a source of music, it can’t be beaten. On YouTube, you can choose the version or the performance of the music you love, whether it is the live version, the digital remix, or the original performance – all in video format. So, finding out how to make a YouTube playlist on the iPhone offers a way to get the exact playlist you want, without the need for scrolling through the many choices.  

How to Create a YouTube Playlist with New App

So first up, open the YT app. This is the free YouTube app, and if you don’t already have this, you will need to go to the app store and download it now. The icon is a simple white play button in a red circle.

Step 1

First, find the song you want to add. You can do this by tapping the search icon and finding it either on YouTube or your home feed or library.

Step 2

Next, tap the three dots icon next to the song. This opens up a pop-up menu giving you options. One of these options is “Add to Playlist.” If you already have playlists, it will ask you which one you want to use. Alternatively, you can create a new playlist by clicking on “Create New Playlist.” This will need a title, so make up a suitable name next.

Step 3

Now you must choose your privacy settings. Anyone can see YouTube and your activity, so if you don’t mind this, choose the Public setting and other people can see your playlist too. 

Alternatively, choose the unlisted playlist option. This means that you can share it with friends but only if you send them a direct link.

If you want to keep your playlist hidden (all those Spice Girls tunes can be embarrassing, for example), you can choose the Private option.

Step 4

Once you have decided on your privacy settings, tap Create and add your first song. Then tap the Library icon. It looks like a musical note and is situated in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

When you tap the Playlists icon in the Library, all your playlists will open as if by magic. You can open the playlist you want by tapping on it.

Step 5

Find the song you want and click on it – this will automatically save it to your designated playlist. Once you have managed to do this, you will get a notification. Although most of us use YouTube on a regular basis for watching videos or finding music, when you know how to make a YouTube playlist on iPhone, it replaces the need for Spotify or other music streaming services.

If you have YouTube Premium, and YouTube Red, the app that accompanies the paid subscription, it is even better because you don’t have to be online to hear your playlist.  When you save to your playlist, you are given the option to play offline. This is a great option for a road trip playlist or for listening anywhere outside Wi-Fi range, without running through your mobile data.

Finding out how to make a YouTube Playlist on iPhone is a great way to listen to any type of music you want both online and offline.