Newest Technology Applications You Should Know About

There are so many new technology applications under development and entering the market right now. The easiest way to think of this, is that whatever we do in our lives, there is likely an app for it. 

Let’s take a look at some technology applications that if we are not already using, we will be using soon.

The Internet of Things (IoT): People are becoming accustomed to using app technology in order to make their lives easier. Mobile apps enable the user to control the heating, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the home security system and everything else in the home. App software plays a major role in this development with an estimated global market of around $161 billion. 

Foldable Devices: originally most phones had a folding cover. Then we all switched to touch screens such as the apple I phone. Now foldable devices are making a come back with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This could be a trend for the future, so if you want to keep up with the newest technology applications, a foldable device is something worth considering. 

Beacon Technology: we confess we are not great fans of Beacon but it seems likely that it will become more popular. It is all about proximity marketing and is designed to alert customers to offers and special deals while out shopping or are in store. According to industry sources Beacon is a vastly growing market and is designed to “improve customer experience” by nudging them in the right direction to buy. 

Mobile Payment Apps and Wallets: We are all increasingly using phone apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This trend is likely to continue because it is extremely convenient and it also enables companies to see exactly what we are buying and when. No doubt this information will be integrated with Beacon. It is extremely convenient for the customer but it probably comes at the cost of your privacy. 

On Demand Apps: These types of app offer services when you need them and include Uber, Air B and B and food delivery services such as Just Eat. Expect more of these to become mainstream in the future with every service you can think of such as parcel delivery, home cleaning, laundry, buying a car,  pet grooming and more. These new technological applications may not seem particularly revolutionary but they have a massive impact on how small business operate and advertise their services. 

Cloud Computing Integration: We are all accustomed to cloud storage but this hasn’t really become integrated with app use yet. Using cloud storage for apps will free up space on your phone and is likely to become the default for the future. 83% of enterprise workloads are already cloud based so it seems likely that app storage will go the same way in the future. To keep up with the latest in technological developments check out to find out how new trends affect your life.