How to Relax Your Eyes After Staring at the Computer

Staring at the computer screen all the time for long periods can take a toll on our eyes. Using a computer in a poorly lit room can lead to an increased strain on your eyes. Aside from looking at your computer screen for long not blinking enough are some factors that contribute to visual strains. A lot of people suffer from eye strain as a result of using their devices like computers and phones throughout the day.

 According to the optometrists’ network reports, 59% of adults experience eye strain associated with computer use also called digital eye strain. This stress can lead to having headaches, reduce productivity, work errors, and could even cause glaucoma. 

Some helpful excises can help to relieve eye strain. These exercises aside from reducing the stress caused by computers also improve your overall eye health which would increase more production and more importantly reduce the possibility of having an eye condition that could potentially make you go blind. 


A lot of times, you can get so focused on the computer screen that you may forget to blink enough. Blinking helps to retain moisture in your eyes so if you don’t blink accordingly your eyes may start drying out, which could lead to itchy eyes. Train yourself to blink every 4 seconds when using a computer screen. This technic may sound easy but when you start doing it you would realize how much you haven’t been blinking when using your computer screen. 


Also, known as the 20-20-20 rule. This rule helps to reduce eye strain when focusing on your computer screen as well as any potential visual impairment. This rule is so simple, what you need to do is look away from your computer screen every 20 minutes to another object that’s 20 ft away for 20 seconds. So easy, it is 20-20, 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Using this rule helps your visual health in a long run and it is even recommended by the American Academy of Opthalmology.

Take occasional breaks 

It is important to take short breaks to rest from staring at your computer cause aside from how much it helps reduce eye stress it also increases brain function which leads to more productivity. 

Adjust the lighting

The bright light and the glare coming from your computer screen can be the major cause of increased eye strain. Reduce those overhead lights and even your fluorescent lighting. Use an antiglare cover over the screen of your computers.

Eye rolling

You need to exercise your eye muscles and what better way to do that than using the eye roll technique. If you’ve been sitting in front of your computers for long periods, take a quick break to roll your eyes.  Do this by closing your eyelids and rolling your eyes around in a circular motion. This eases strain and lubricates the eyes more.

Investing in good eyewear is also another way you can protect your eyes from strain. Just ask your optician for a recommended glass, the lens that can help protect your eyes.