How to Make Siri Call You Something

Siri is not real, people! It is just Apple’s virtual assistant – an automotive voice that responds to your commands. But that said, Siri can feel like a real person, so finding out how to make Siri call you something can feel quite rewarding. It’s like having your own little electronic friend in your handbag or pocket.

So how do you do it? Keep reading to learn how!

The Secrets to Using Siri

First up, your information that Siri uses is all based on your contact details and specifically the credit card that you used to make payments for Apple products, such as on iTunes. So, if you wish to make changes to what Siri calls you, go into your contacts app and then find your own contact details – marked under the “Me” label.

Tap on the edit option at the top right hand corner of the page to make changes to your name, such as a nickname. Siri calls you by the name in your information field, so if your name is John Smith, for example, this is what Siri will call you. You can make changes here to your name. The important thing is that the name you choose here is linked with your card.

To make Siri call you by a nickname or anything else, go to Settings on your phone and click on the General tab. There you will find Siri in the choice of options. Choose the My Info tab to see the contact details, which you have already edited in the contacts list. You need to ensure that these are the details that are linked to your card.

The next bit is easy. Just hold down the home button to launch Siri, and then say the name that you want to be called.

Next time you carry out a Siri command, you will be responded to by your chosen name. If Siri is struggling to pronounce it correctly, tap on the edit button and choose the Add field option. This provides you with the option of Phonetic first name, so just tap this out phonetically rather than sticking to the correct spelling.

Finding out how to make Siri call you something might not be the most important thing in the world, but it is fun to personalize Siri in this way. And it certainly makes a fun party game, too.