How to Change Security Question in Gmail

With millions of users, Gmail is always looking for new ways to protect customer security in order to keep the platform safe and functioning. One question that has been puzzling users is how to change the security question in Gmail. Surely this step is paramount to safety from hackers and cyber-attacks? Keep reading to learn more!

Gmail Security Tips

To check out your security on Gmail, click on your picture or photo at the top right hand of the page. This brings up the names of your Gmail accounts so click on this and then on the, “Manage your google account” tab. Here you will see all your data and settings in one place and carry out a security checkup to see if your account is fully protected.

What you cannot do, is access your security question. In fact, according to Google, the security question function is no longer used on Google accounts. If you are like most people, you have probably forgotten what this question actually was – needing the prompts to remember the answer anyway.

The reason for this change to security is that the security questions were not secure because most of the answers could be found out by using a simple Google search. What’s your mother’s maiden name, first school, or first pet? All this information is available to see online, especially if you post on social media. Armed with this simple information a  scammer has a sure-fire way of getting into your account.

These days you cannot change security questions on Google or modify it in any way. Google has not removed existing security questions but it is impossible to gain access to these now, and you are not going to be asked for this information should you need to recover your account.

Staying Safe in Gmail

To stay safe on Gmail it is important that you check your settings on a regular basis. You can take a security checkup to see which devices are associated with your account, any changes to passwords, or similar activity.

Instead of the security question, a better option is to sign up for two-step verification by providing your mobile phone number and an alternative email address. That way, if there are security issues google can inform you of any suspicious activity and check it is really you, signing into the account.

Many people have now been trying to change the security question in Gmail by simply removing it but in most cases, it is impossible to reach this information. Yes, it is probably stored by Google somewhere in the Cloud, but as it is no longer part of your internet security protection and is not used in account verification, it should not pose any security issues.

It is important to regularly update and review your information and settings on Google. Changing your password or removing access from third-party sites is important for safety. In addition, ensuring that your two-step verification information is correct. Should there be suspicious activity on your account, Google will alert you by phone or alternative email address so it is important. And if you do need to recover your Gmail account, two-step verification gives you an easy way back in.