Censor Apps to Protect Kids Online and on Smartphones

If you are a parent, it is important to know about your child’s or your children’s internet use. As we all know, it can be dangerous out there. Most children have access to browsing the internet on a laptop or smartphone and this can put their safety at risk. Censor apps have been designed with this issue in mind.

A parental control app gives you control over your child online.  It will enable you to block certain sites that you have already identified. In addition, censor apps work on algorithms that will automatically block sites with dubious content, such as porn, violence, drugs, or weapons. These apps will issue alerts whenever these parameters are triggered and will monitor your child’s social media usage, alerting you to any potential problems.

Some censor apps also come with a built in GPS, so you know your child’s whereabouts in case of an emergency. These days, the internet is an unsafe place – with  cyber bullying, sexual predators, and adult content all too common in the modern world.

Your child is unlikely to open up to you when surfing online and encountering such bad content, so censor apps will help keep your child safe by alerting you to any problems before they get out of control.

4 Censor Apps You Need to Try

Here are some of the better censor apps out there.


Bark is a censor app that is popular with parents and schools. It proactively manages text messaging, monitors 24 social media platforms, and is compatible with Android and iOS. This option is suitable for older children, because it is the most comprehensive censor app for social media.


Qustodio is another good option and offers more comprehensive support, because it is compatible for use on desktops and laptops, as well as on your child’s phone. Qustodio comes in bulk packages, enabling you to protect the internet access of all family members on up to 15 devices.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is certainly good for younger children. It enables you to switch off the internet, filter content, set curfews, and know the location of your child’s smartphone or primary device at all times.


Eset is suitable for use on Android and comes with many free features. Premium membership features a child locator.

Although you might not want to invade your child’s privacy, there have been so many cases where a child has suffered because of the internet. Censor apps provide varying amounts of control to help you keep your child safe.

There are many other censor apps available on the market. Just check out some of the top tech websites out there for ideas! Happy hunting!