Ways to Repair or Recycle Defective Phones

According to figures, there are millions of unused phones lying around in homes across the world. There were an estimated 70 million unused phones in the UK alone at the last count and with 62% of Americans confessing to owning two or more phones that they no longer use, this figure probably runs into billions. This seems a shocking waste of resources and money because there are ways to repair or recycle defective phones which are far more useful than simply leaving them to clutter the house. So what should we do about it?

Unique Ways to Repair or Recycle Defective Phones

First up, many phones can be repaired. A whole industry has sprung up in most areas repairing defective phones. Broken screens can be replaced and even smashed up phones can still work in some ways.  Repairing the screen and restoring the phone into a reasonable condition gives you far more options than just leaving it unused in your drawer.

You can use defective phones like these around the house in a surprising number of ways such as a designated alarm clock, a music player, a radio, the phone you use to Skype on, or the phone that your kids can play on.

If you have children, your old device can be used as a perfectly adequate baby monitor.  Your old phone may not be up to the latest spec, but it still can perform a variety of simple useful functions.

Selling Your Old Phone

If your phone is still fairly current, you can try selling it on eBay or any other retail site. As long as you have restored it back to factory settings and removed all your data from your SIM card, you are perfectly safe to cash it in. You might not get much for it but defective phones do sell. Many people make a business out of repairing and selling phones so this can be a surprisingly easy and effective option.

Some early cell phones are surprisingly collectable, so check out your model on eBay and you may find that it is actually worth something.

Phones that are out of date are always welcomed by charities. Donating your old device to a charity that provides phones to victims of domestic abuse or military personnel serving overseas, is a useful way of helping people. Some charities specialise in refurbishing defective phones for a range of people in need.

If defective phones are past all hope of ever using again, remember that your phone does contain small quantities of precious metals such silver gold, palladium, and copper.  You can donate it to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so that these valuable resources can be used again.

According to the EPA, for every million of phones that are handed in for recycling, 35lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered. When you consider just how many defective phones there are, this seems a great way to clear clutter and to help the planet. 

How Does the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test Work?

The Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test is a way to measure stress levels in the voice in order to find out if someone is telling the truth or is lying. It is sometimes used in criminal investigations in the USA.

How Does It Work?

The way is works is actually fairly simple. The software detects involuntary changes in the movement of the vocal muscles, and as these cannot be controlled by the subject, it provides an indication that the subject may be lying or nervous). These patterns are compared with the subject’s voice when speaking normally.

As with the polygraph test, the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test is not completely fool-proof but many experts agree that it is more reliable.

Advantages of the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test

One great advantage of the computer voice stress analysis test is that it is not as stressful for the subject as the polygraph. It only requires that a microphone is clipped to the clothes, and therefore the person under test feels freer to speak normally. 

Once the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test is ongoing, it can help to encourage the subject to confess. According to criminal investigators, when a subject sees the results, he or she is more likely to give up lying and tell the truth. After all it seems little point in continuing to lie if computer technology shows clearly that the subject is not telling the truth.  

An added advantage of the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test that it can be used in covert investigations where the subject does not realise he or she is even being recorded. This is working well in many types of undercover police work including counterterrorism.

Disadvantages of the Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test

There have been some issues with the test, and not everyone is onboard with its use. Critics have argued that some subjects are put under stress by the situation and will be marked down as lying when they might be telling the truth. In a high profile murder case in Wisconsin in 2014, a man falsely admitted to killing his mother after failing the test. When further DNA was provided, he was acquitted after serving 15 years in prison.

It is always important to bear in mind that with all technology, there is always a margin of error. The Computer Voice Stress Analysis Test is a great tool that is at the disposal of law enforcement agencies, and it can help secure convictions by indicating that someone is not telling the truth.

However, it is important that this test does not replace other forms of investigation or evidence gathering when looking to secure a conviction.

How to Apply for a Google Software Engineering Internship Summer 2020

Who wouldn’t want to work for Google? If you are a software engineer, it doesn’t get much better than that. It might seem a distant dream to actually work for Google, but you may be surprised to learn that the company does offer job opportunities in the form of internships. If this is something that interests you, you can apply for a Google Software Engineering Internship Summer 2020.

Better still, unlike most internships you will actually get paid for it. In addition, the experience you will gain will be invaluable and it will look good on your resume for years to come. As an added incentive, once you have your foot in the door, who knows where this opportunity will take you?

Getting Started

So how do you apply? First up, check out Google Careers online. You didn’t know there was such a thing? No we didn’t either but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

First up you need to complete your online application by December 2019. If you miss this deadline, you will have to apply for the following year.

Your application should be accompanied by a resume or updated CV. You also need to complete your educational qualifications – if you are still at college, just write “still attending.”


To apply for a Google Software Engineering Internship Summer 2020, you need to have the minimum qualifications of a BA in computer science or similarly related technical area.

Alternatively, you need related experience in algorithms, data structures, coding or more. It is worth applying even if you have only school coursework and projects to show as experience, because Google require a range of different talents.

When you apply your application will be automatically sent to the nearest Google location across the USA. So you may find yourself working in Houston, Austin, Texas, Chicago, or even at the heart of Google in Palo Alto, California.


The Google Software Engineering Internship Summer 2020 runs over 12 to 14 weeks, depending on the position. If you are passionate about computer science and programming, you should definitely apply for a summer internship. Google welcomes diversity, and the only thing that is required of you is that you should be good at what you can already do and are keen to learn more.

Ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or not having the trendiest interview clothes are not going to count against you. If you require accommodation or have disability needs, you are requested to fill in a form so that your particular needs can be met, but again it will not count against you.

Google does not discriminate on the basis of age either, so if you are veteran with a passion for coding, you will be just as welcome as a kid just out of university.

Missed the Deadline?

If you have already missed the deadline for next year, don’t worry. There is always 2021 to consider, so you can apply by December 2020 for the following year. Keep an eye on Google Careers’ website to make sure you don’t miss out next time.

Must-Have Telecommunication Apps

Telecommunication apps have transformed the way we communicate on our phones. It is hard to believe that a couple of decades ago, the only options for communication were to dial a number and speak or to send a text message. These days you have a much wider choice of communication methods that work via your phone but do not actually cost you anything for the calls.

4 Popular Telecommunication Apps


One of the most popular telecommunication apps is WhatsApp. Operated by Facebook, WhatsApp only works through the mobile phone network but enables you to make free voice calls, video calls, and text messages. With over 300 million daily active users worldwide, WhatsApp is certainly popular – especially in European countries. This is a must-have telecommunications app for everyone. It is not just because it works so well (although it does). The simple reason is that everybody uses it, so if you want to connect with many people you know, you need this app.


When it comes to telecommunications apps, Skype also takes some beating. Skype was the market leader for years and is still a popular method of communication. Numbers have dropped off in recent years but there are still an estimated 1.33 million people using it. Skype can be used for free voice / video calls and messaging. Although it is not as popular now as it was several years ago, plenty of business still operate via Skype. It has also been very useful in keeping families across the world together, many who still use Skype for this reason alone.


FaceTime only operates on iOS phones, so is only suitable if you have an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. FaceTime works extremely well, since the app is built into iOS, you don’t have to bother to download it. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, 40 million Facetime messages and calls are sent each day, and new technology on the platform is making it easier to group chat. OK, it doesn’t work on android phones or tablets, but if you do have Apple products, this telecommunication app is easy to use.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is linked to Facebook, naturally, but you don’t have to be an active Facebook user to use Facebook Messenger. This app can function as an instant messenger, and you can also make voice calls and video calls. In our experience these can work very well regarding streaming and reception, and the great thing about it is that it will work on any type of smartphone. 

For business owners, Facebook Messenger is a must have app. Your Facebook customers can chat with you instantly, either by messaging or by call. Facebook Messenger enables you to be completely available to your customers without being disruptive in the same way as a Skype call. In addition, your Facebook customers can contact you directly via your sales page.Telecommunication apps are constantly evolving. (Just see our list of censor apps to keep kids safe!) There is not one telecommunication app to fit all situations and to reach all users. Therefore, your only real option is to download the ones that suit your lifestyle best. Also check top tech websites to find out about the newest, coolest apps.

How to Put My Phone to Sleep & Other Tech Tips

We all do it! I do it myself! I go to bed for an early night, only to find that three hours later I am still looking at social media and am now wide awake. Most other people are the same. Even if we resist this temptation to look at the phone, there is still the blue light of the screen and the sound of the constant notifications. Please put my phone to sleep so that I can get some rest, I say, but the problem is that I don’t really mean it.

You can make your phone more sleep-friendly without going cold turkey and actually turning it off. I didn’t know this before, and these simple tips will certainly help.

How to Put Your Phone to Sleep

Switching your phone to night mode will help reduce glare. You can set this function to timer so your phone does this automatically at bedtime. You can also set your phone to “do not disturb” or flight mode to turn off notifications or instant messages. If you use the flight mode, you can still use your alarm clock function.

If you are concerned that you are spending too much time on social media, there are a couple of apps that track your time. If you are using iOS, this is an inbuilt feature. It can make for some scary reading when you see just how much time you can waste on it.

Many of us struggle with sleeping, and it is not always the fault of the phone. Many times, I have put my phone to sleep only to lay there wide awake. So, one easy way of curing insomnia is to try a sleep supplement. I find that the best sleep supplements are the ones that contain melatonin.

Melatonin Supplements

Melatonin is a natural hormone in the body that regulates and helps you fall asleep. In supplement form, it is excellent for anyone who works irregular hours or travels, and it has been proven to be effective in clinical testing. So if irregular sleep hours are adding to your insomnia, a melatonin supplement may be worth a try.

When it comes to melatonin supplements, you have three great options. 

Try TonicSea’s Melatonin a natural supplement that contains melatonin as the sole ingredient.

Alternatively, Premier Research Labs’ Melatonin-ND contains fermented, probiotic-cultured melatonin, which helps with sleep, brain, and immune support.

My third choice is Nutramedix’s Melatonin – a natural melatonin supplement in liquid form that you just drop on to your tongue.

If you struggle sleeping, remember the following rules for bedtime. Say to yourself, put my phone to sleep and take a melatonin supplement, and if you are anything like me, you will quickly fall asleep in no time at all.

Censor Apps to Protect Kids Online and on Smartphones

If you are a parent, it is important to know about your child’s or your children’s internet use. As we all know, it can be dangerous out there. Most children have access to browsing the internet on a laptop or smartphone and this can put their safety at risk. Censor apps have been designed with this issue in mind.

A parental control app gives you control over your child online.  It will enable you to block certain sites that you have already identified. In addition, censor apps work on algorithms that will automatically block sites with dubious content, such as porn, violence, drugs, or weapons. These apps will issue alerts whenever these parameters are triggered and will monitor your child’s social media usage, alerting you to any potential problems.

Some censor apps also come with a built in GPS, so you know your child’s whereabouts in case of an emergency. These days, the internet is an unsafe place – with  cyber bullying, sexual predators, and adult content all too common in the modern world.

Your child is unlikely to open up to you when surfing online and encountering such bad content, so censor apps will help keep your child safe by alerting you to any problems before they get out of control.

4 Censor Apps You Need to Try

Here are some of the better censor apps out there.


Bark is a censor app that is popular with parents and schools. It proactively manages text messaging, monitors 24 social media platforms, and is compatible with Android and iOS. This option is suitable for older children, because it is the most comprehensive censor app for social media.


Qustodio is another good option and offers more comprehensive support, because it is compatible for use on desktops and laptops, as well as on your child’s phone. Qustodio comes in bulk packages, enabling you to protect the internet access of all family members on up to 15 devices.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is certainly good for younger children. It enables you to switch off the internet, filter content, set curfews, and know the location of your child’s smartphone or primary device at all times.


Eset is suitable for use on Android and comes with many free features. Premium membership features a child locator.

Although you might not want to invade your child’s privacy, there have been so many cases where a child has suffered because of the internet. Censor apps provide varying amounts of control to help you keep your child safe.

There are many other censor apps available on the market. Just check out some of the top tech websites out there for ideas! Happy hunting!

Top Tech Websites

There are thousands of tech websites online. Among them are a wide range of niche sites that cover specific types of technology, such as cameras, gaming, music, or phones. There are also some sites that provide an overview of everything related to technology and everything in between. Here is a brief overview of four of the most popular tech websites out there.

4 Tech Websites You Should Be Following

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is massively popular and huge website. It publishes thought-provoking articles on all types of technology, consumer guides, product reviews, and you can find out about the latest video games, phones, and technology trends. As an added advantage, you can find some great deals too. An additional feature is that you can download “how to” guides to practically anything on this tech website. New content is updated to the site on an hourly basis, and the site is easily navigable. In our opinion, Digital Trends is one of the best technology websites out there.


This website does not focus on the nitty gritty of one piece of technology over another, and unlike many other tech websites, it is not a consumer guide. Wired provides you with all the news of current events and tech developments in the world via a magazine-style layout. If you want to know what Elon Musk is doing, find out about science and space, and learn about how cyber security is affecting your government, you can find it all in Wired. The only downside to this site is that irritating pop-ups related to your browsing history can make this site difficult to read sometimes.

Tech Radar

Tech Radar’s principle purpose is as a tech buying guide, so if you are in the market for a new phone, camera, laptop, vacuum cleaner, or even a VPN, you can find out all about it on this site. As with the other major tech websites, Tech Radar is presented in a magazine format of articles covering the latest tech news, but the primary focus is as a consumer guide for hundreds of tech products. If you want to weigh up the pros and cons about buying, or need to download a consumer guide, this website will suit your needs. In addition, it saves you money by highlighting some great internet deals that you may miss elsewhere.

LifeHacker (Gizmodo)

The Life Hacker website aims to help you do everything better and offers a wide range of tips and advice on just about everything from money, family, relationships, and technology. It makes for interesting reading in general. The technology arm of this site is called Gizmodo, and here you can find tech advice on all sorts of issues including reviews on phones, games, gadgets, and more.

Whether you are looking for a wearable device or want to turn your house into a smart home, these top tech websites offer sound advice and a new way of looking at technology. Happy browsing!

Where Can I Buy Newborn Robotic Pets?

Robotic pets make great toys for children! There is a wide range available, and they can come in the form of crazy sci-fi animals, real-looking animals, remotely controlled robots, or more. Newborn robotic pets are especially appealing.

These cute little robots play just like 8-week-old puppies and kittens and have many characteristics of the real live animals, yet none of the disadvantages like having to walk them or take them out outside to go to the bathroom.

According to Tekno, the leading manufacturer of robotic pets, these creatures are designed with a love of animals in mind. These cute pet toys are completely interactive and safe, and if your child ever tires of his or her toy, a real life animal does not have to suffer.

Also there is no chance of a cute baby animal turning into a big dangerous dog that might quickly outgrow your home. Instead, these little robot toys are great fun to play with and are a big hit with children of all ages.

7 Benefits of Newborn Robotic Pets

  • The eyes will light up when it is awake, and it will respond to your voice and your touch.
  • It jumps, begs, plays and even sings.
  • It follows simple commands and wiggles the ears and tail.
  • The pet will jump into your hands on command.
  • It will interact with other robotic pets in the range.
  • It doesn’t need to eat, sleep, be walked or bathed.
  • It makes a great gift for any boy or girl!

Where to Get Newborn Robotic Pets

Tekno is the market leader in robotic pet designed, and you can buy their range of newborn robotic pets from a wide choice of outlets, including Amazon and Walmart.

Prices start at around $30, depending on the retailer and model. Many people find that once they buy one, they just have to own the full set. There are four in the range: Pink Kitty, Blue Puppy, Purple Puppy, and Teal Kitty. Undoubtedly, Tekno will be releasing other models in the future.

There are other brands available of robotic pet available. Wowee Chipper is a robotic dog that can fulfil many dog actions such as barking and playing.

You can also find remote controlled robotic pets such as the Top Race Robot Dog.

But in our opinion Tekno have got their design just right with their newborn robotic pets range. We can see that this toy craze will only grow as more and more people discover the experience of robotic pet toys and this brand in particular.

Of course, if you prefer to simplify tech, you can always get a real dog or cat as a pet. Just be sure you and your child are ready for responsible pet ownership.

How to Simplify Tech and Support Good Vision for a Healthy Lifestyle

These days, eye strain is a common problem. Too much time looking at our computer screens and our mobiles can have a serious impact on our eyes, leading to eye strain and headaches. Left untreated, it can have a more serious effect upon our vision. If you suffer from eye strain as a result of too much screen time, finding a way to simplify tech may help you minimize damage.

You don’t need to be attached to a screen 24/7, but doing this does get to be a habit – especially if you work on a computer all day and then go home and watch TV for hours and hours.

Ways to Simplify Tech in Your Life

Try not to respond to your phone every time you hear the ping of an email. Also, do you really need to catch up with social media the minute it happens? Although social media is addictive and it is tempting to look at your phone every time somebody posts or comments on your posts, doing this is not good for your eyesight and just prolongs screen time.

Getting enough sleep is extremely important for eye health. Simplify tech by banning all screen time from the bedroom including the TV and that way you will not be tempted to sit up all night staring at a screen and straining your eyes. If you can’t sleep, try listening to music, an audio book or a radio show – anything to rest your eyes.

If you are concerned about eye strain and have noticed deterioration in your vision, natural supplements may also help improve eye health.

3 Vision Support Supplement Brands

Irwin Naturals

Irwin Naturals is a supplement that provides daily support for visual function. It contains a range of vision specific antioxidants, plus minerals zinc and manganese as well as omega 3 oils and bilberry extract – used in the past to help fighter pilots improve night vision, so it will certainly work for eye strain.

Jarrow Formulas

Jarrow Formulas is also an effective treatment for eye strain and aging. This supplement is rich in vitamins and minerals including copper and zinc plus it contains antioxidants specifically related to eye health, including black current and bilberry extract as well as amino acids. Many people say that this supplement improves the clarity of vision.

Terry Naturally

Terry Naturally also offers  a range of natural supplements designed to ease eye strain and improve eye health. Crammed with a range of natural vitamins and powerful antioxidants, this is a natural way to get relief from eye strain.

Even with some self-imposed rules in place to simplify tech, it is hard to avoid screen time in the modern world. So if your eye health is suffering because of your lifestyle, a great way to boost your eye health is with some healthy vision supplements.