What Happened During the GameStop Hearing?

The Game stop hearing has certainly raised a lot of questions surrounding investment and the way that ordinary people can change the economic climate. The wide ranging hearing lasted over 5 hours and saw investment platforms criticised for their role in the GameStop rush on stock which took place in January 2021.

The GameStop rush inflated the price of stock for a few days and almost crashed the stock market. Today GameStop stock has plummeted by 80% so anyone who felt they could get rich by playing the markets, without understanding any of it, have certainly lost the bulk of their investment.

Robinhood the trading app at the heart of the trading frenzy was singled out for special criticism. 

Company CEO Vlad Tenev had to apologise for Robinhood’s performance during the crisis, including the policy to restrict trading in stock of GameStop and other largely overlooked companies which were targeted by amateur traders organizing on social media. 

The decision, and similar ones by other online brokers, interfered with the integrity of the trading process. It caught the wannabee investors off guard, and drew a rash of lawsuits, provoking outrage from lawmakers in both parties.

The Game Stop hearing featured testimonies from all the major players. Keith Gill the trader known as roaring kitty on YouTube who started the whole frenzy, Reddit co-founder Steve Hoffman and the CEOs of major investment companies including Citadel and Mervin Capital all faced criticism and are likely to face further investigation by the law makers. 

However it was Robinhood and Vlad Tenet who were singled out for most of the blame. According to the Court, Robinhood has been the company to profit most from the Game Stop mania because the app makes it money from transaction fees. These are hidden from the customer, creating the illusion that Robinhood enables trading for free. 

Republican senator Cindy Axne (D-Iowa) was among those who called the arrangement a conflict of interest that disadvantages the users Robinhood says it exists to empower, Saying to Tenev that” the app’s users “aren’t your customers, they’re your product,”

Tenev acknowledged that Robinhood generates the majority of its revenue from the deals but disputed Axne’s characterization, arguing its business model “has become the industry standard for a reason. It’s because it’s good for customers,” and allows them to trade for free. “

This fact was disputed in the court for a long time getting nowhere as Tenev defended the Robinhood business model and the senators insisting that it was misleading to customers.

A more sombre note entered the courtroom when Tenev was asked about the tragic death of a 20 year old customer last year. Alex Kearns died by suicide last year after being hassled by Robinhood for having a negative balance of $703,000 and being faced with a bill of $178,000. It turned out that this was an accounting error but despite Kearns trying to contact Robinhood he was unable to reach out and eventually took his own life.

Our Reviews of Website Building Tools

Website building tools can be a great option if you want to create your own website yourself. Doing it yourself will save you the cost of hiring a professional  and it does enable you to build the site exactly how you want and to your own design. However the secret to success is finding the one you can work with and if you are a beginner, it needs to be easy to use. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of the website building tools out there, from some of the more established brands such as WordPress to new web building products such as Karta


WordPress.com is the basic building platform offered by WordPress. There is also WordPress.org which offers more power but is technically more demanding. 

WordPress .com is not the easiest web builder on the market to use. It does require that you have a basic understanding of basic coding in order to maximise the site and novices may struggle with using it. However it is perfect for users who have some technical confidence and is suitable for all types of site from basic blogging to large commercial enterprises. Price options range from free to $45 per month depending on your package. 


Wix is easy to use so is a great choice, using simple drag and drop editing tools plus a range of great features. Wix features 500 templates that you can customise but beware; once the site goes live you will not be able to change the basic design.

Wix is a good choice for beginners because of its easy usability. In addition there are eight different payment plans starting at $14 per month plus a free option. This means you could try it out for free and then upgrade to a paid plan once you are satisfied. 


Squarepress is a fantastic web builder if you want your website to display a creative and unique interface with plenty of fully customised extras. The template designs are considered the best in the industry so this is a great choice if you want a visually impressive website. 

Squarepress is not as easy to use as Wix and there is no free option. However you do get a free 14 day trial so you can try it out cost free. After that, there is a range of 4 premium plans which start at $14.99 per month. 


Karta is a new kid on the block when it comes to web building but it already attracting a lot of positive attention. Karta is easy to use, employing drag and drop technology similar to Wix. There are hundreds of templates to choose from and is easily customised with other technology such as video links, check out software and more. It also gives you a place to store leads and helps you arrange your marketing information. 

Karta is suitable for beginners – you don’t need to understand coding and there is a high level support on offer from the help desk. There is no free option but you can choose between a range of options that start at $99. There is also a limited offer that enables you to try the site for a month for only $1.00

Karta is a good choice for a business website, but is not suitable for a private blog site. 

Who Invented GPS Technology?

The Global Positioning System or GPS has transformed the way we view the world. Originally GPS was used for military purposes. Later it became an essential lifesaving tool for adventurers, yachts people or anyone who might need rescuing and was extremely expensive.

Now we have GPS just about everywhere. It is on our phones free of charge, tracking our movements and informing us if there is a pizza restaurant nearby. It helps us avoid getting lost, route finding and a thousand and one other applications which have crept in over time.

So who invented GPS Technology? Can this momentous invention ever have been created by just one person? Let’s take a look.

The truth is that it can be hard to pin down the true inventor so if you want to know who invented GPS Technology it can be difficult to find out. The technology was developed by the US Military; However GPS was also being worked on in the UK from the Cold War onwards. Did the two nations share their research and technology? Were other countries like Russia also developing their own GPS technology elsewhere?

There is no record that they did however, we do know that in the UK, scientists and engineers were working on global positioning as far back as the 1960s although there is no record of this now and the research was protected by the Official Secrets Act.

Who invented GPS technology according to the USA?

A cold war scientist called Robert Easton worked on many inventions of the time. He invented a time based navigational aid called TIMATION which used passive ranging, circular orbits, and space-borne high precision clocks synchronized to a master clock.  These features are vital in any modern GPS.

Robert Easton was credited with this invention in 2004 when he was awarded the United States National Medal of Technology and Innovation. This honor was awarded in recognition of “extensive pioneering achievements in spacecraft tracking, navigation, and timing technology that led to the development of the NAVSTAR-Global Positioning System.”

Two other US scientists were also credited with inventing GPS. So it seems that who invented GPS technology depends on whom you ask.

These were Dr Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson who both were instrumental in inventing the NAVESTAr Global positioning system. There have been some disputes about this led by the son of Robert Easton who has always attested that the invention came from his father alone.

How Did GameStop Stock Rise and Plunge So Suddenly in Early February?

GameStop is a well-known fixture of the US Shopping Mall, selling video games, consoles and other gaming paraphernalia. And because the Coronavirus has forcibly closed the stores plus gamers tend to buy online and download games direct to their computers, it has been likened to the Blockbuster Video rental stores and HMV.

The feeling on the street was that GameStop’s days were numbered because the store is increasingly looking like an anachronism. After all why bother leaving your room to go to the store when you can buy your latest game or latest piece of tech online, along with your pizza?

At the beginning of February, something strange started happening with GameStop stock. Everyone started buying GameStop stock in a move that has been described as the storming of the Capitol in January. The rush to buy GameStop stocks was fuelled by gamers’ favourite forum Reddit and quickly spread across the internet.

The prime mover in the GameStop buying craze was started by Reddit user and industry watcher Keith Gill. His rationale for buying stock in Game Stop was that the company had underlying strengths such as a loyal customer base and reward system plus a new set of board members with a background in ecommerce. He felt that the falling price of GameStop shares made the company a good choice for investment so passed this on to Reddit users.

This was not the reason why GameStop stock went through the roof. Most people buying GameStop did not consider the reasons for buying, because it became a movement, similar to a meme and the craze affected people who had never previously considered buying stocks and shares but wanted to get in on the action.

Many gamers found it amusing to invest in GameStop and like the storming of the Capitol, it seemed to represent an idea of “sticking it to the man” in a populist idea of gaining control over the stock market.

The GameStop buying frenzy has had a negative effect upon the companies who bet on GameStop’s failure. Instead of reaping the profits of shorting GameStop, investment companies such as Melvin Capital lost billions of dollars overnight. Do we care? Not really. How does this really affect any of us “ordinary “people and benefit the economy?

The stock market is always volatile and unpredictable. And although many people invest in a company based on knowledge of market trends and political upheavals, the way the market moves is often driven by feelings and desires that cannot be rationalised.

The rise of GameStop is probably over now, and the wave of investment has slowed. Will any of these amateur investors make money from their GameStop shares? It is impossible to say.

Robinhood an investment brokerage has been accused of encouraging amateur investors to invest via their app which works pretty much like any gambling app on the market with lively graphics and gamification. Is this a bad thing for the economy? Stocks and shares is a gamble and has been likened to a game so why not make it accessible and fun for everyone?

One interesting point about the GameStop craze is that it completely derailed the established stock market for a few days.  If it has made the establishment nervous, all those Game Stop investors will probably think it has all been worth it.

How Has New Technology Affected the Modern Workplace?

New technology has affected the modern workplace in numerous ways but all it depends upon how far you want to go back in time because people have been asking this same question for decades!

How has new technology affected the modern workplace? Ask this question at the beginning of the last century, the answer probably would have been those new-fangled typewriters! (For younger readers this was like a keyboard and did nothing else).

Fax machines, Word Processors, Dictaphones, telephones; all new technology has had its moment in the sun. And although new technology today has had a massive impact on the workplace, this is an ongoing development rather than an end result.

The truth is that like the new technology of the past, our new technology of the present will one day look dated and quaint rather than cutting edge and modern.

A big step to today’s modern office was the rise of the paperless system. It might be surprising to know that email communication did not really become mainstream until about 20 years ago saving time and money on communication. In addition at about the same time many companies began to store records on the computer, doing away with the need for filing cabinets and the job of a filing clerk!

So how has new technology affected the modern workplace today? One of the biggest changes to the work environment must be the rise of working from home rather than the office. This has been made possible by instant communication methods such as video conferencing by technologies such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams which enables the virtual office to function in a similar way as before while enabling employees to stay in their homes.

In addition cloud services makes work collaboration possible. This technology enables a whole virtual team to work on the same project in real time in the same way as you could work together in your office.

Today’s modern technology has also done away with the need for permanent employees. With the rise of the gig economy, companies can hire freelance workers online to work on their projects.

For the company this cuts costs and reduces the need to provide any workplace benefits such as healthcare. For the people working in the gig economy there are advantages too but this method of self-employment does not provide any basic protection or benefits such as holiday pay or sick pay.

How has new technology affected the workplace when it comes to customer service?

For customers, new technology can make contacting any company increasingly difficult. Most companies outsource their call centres so if you do have a complex enquiry, it can be hard to find the right professional to help you.

We have all had the experience of waiting in line for the next available operative and although we are always urged to use the website, in many cases this does not provide the instant results that could be once achieved by picking up the phone and calling your local branch – such in the case of your bank.

Nonprofits Donate Computers to Disadvantaged Students

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to all parts of everyday life and education has been especially impacted. Now with most schools and colleges moving to online classes it has meant that many disadvantaged students are missing out on their education.

Having access to a computer or laptop is essential. And the worrying thing is that many students with issues around homelessness or poverty are falling behind academically because of having limited or no access to computers.

This technology gap is known as the digital divide and is an issue causing major concern among educators and disadvantaged students alike. To help bridge this gap, Stanford students have set up a new non-profit organisation called Bridging Tech.

The initiative was started by two Stanford students Isabel Wang and Margot Bellon back in April 2020. They have already assembled a workforce of hundreds of volunteers and have partnered with many commercial organisations who have donated hundreds of computers to students residing in homeless shelters.

Originally dealing with students in the local Bay Area, the charity has expanded and is now operating in numerous states across the USA.

According to non-profit founders Isabel Wang and Margot Bellon, the digital divide is an issue affecting around 11 million children across the USA.  Without access to computers, it means that these children cannot go to school at all and so are being seriously held back in their grades.

Bridging Tech is a growing operation that has required a huge effort from volunteers. The laptops first need to be collected from donors and then need to be wiped and updated by the volunteers. The laptops are then delivered to homeless shelters where they are given to the students who get to keep them permanently.

So far Bridging Tech has mainly focused on students in urban areas, but the non profit hopes to expand into rural areas whose needs may be greater.  As Bellon points out,

“Students in cities tend to have more access to Wi-Fi and public libraries with computers in general, so we want to bridge this gap for students in more remote areas,”

Social inequality throughout the USA is at crisis level and with the pandemic now disproportionately hitting disadvantaged students the hardest, it means that this group has an even harder struggle to get out of poverty. Many students will have their life chances ruined because of their inability to access online education from their schools and colleges.

Stanford University has been extremely supportive of Bridging Tech. As Bellon says,

One of the first things we did when founding this was reach out to alumni through the Stanford Alumni Mentoring Network. These alumni were some of our first supporters and mentors, and account for a large percentage of Bridging Tech’s donations.”

Bridging Tech is now trying to widen their support and gather new partnerships.

So anyone who wants to get involved either as a volunteer, donate a laptop or make a monetary donation should visit the website.

This fantastic cause is already making a difference to thousands of children’s lives but they cannot do it without your support.

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

We all tend to spend a lot of time at our laptops and this means your lap top keyboard can soon become a health risk! So if you notice crumbs getting stuck in your keyboard, plus splash back smears making it look yucky it is probably time to do some housekeeping and clean it.

One easy way to keep your laptop fairly dust and crumb free is to keep a soft brush handy so that you can brush away surface dust before it gets lodged in the keyboard.  A cosmetics brush is ideal for this purpose.

However, a quick brush over will not be enough to clean the keyboard thoroughly.

The big question is how to clean laptop keyboard without causing any damage. Don’t worry; it is easy if you go about it in the right way.

So How to clean laptop keyboard

To clean your laptop keyboard, you need a microfibre cloth – such as the type of cloth you get with eye glasses. If you don’t have any of this to hand, magic fiber cloth that is generally used for cleaning camera lenses is perfect for your laptop keyboard too. You don’t want anything that sheds fibres and makes the problem worse.

Giving your laptop keyboard a rub over with this magic cloth can be enough to make a difference. You can also use a cleaning spray especially designed for the purpose and clean the screen at the same time.

Another way how to clean your laptop keyboard is with cotton buds and 70% isopropyl alcohol (70%). Just apply the alcohol to the bud or tip and wipe it between the keys. It can be surprising at just how much dirt and gunk this process will pick up!

If you want to know how to clean laptop keyboard more effectively, you can try cleaning it with compressed air. The Meko Dust Blower is designed for cleaning computers and laptops and will remove dirt and debris from all your electrical appliances.

You can also use compressed air to clean the fans in your laptop. To do this you need to remove the bottom panel and then you can direct the air onto the fans to blow away dust.

Although this is not technically the laptop keyboard, the fans are often the final resting place for any crumbs that made their way into the laptop via the keyboard.  And you will probably find that doing this will improve performance, especially if you notice that the fan often comes on in hot weather.

Opening your computer is not for the faint hearted. You will need the correct type of screwdriver and the confidence to take this step so is probably best left alone if you are unsure.

However, it doesn’t take much effort to keep your laptop clean. Always switch it off first before you clean it and be cautious about delving too deep between the keys or you could risk damage.

The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise pollution is a serious problem for many people. It can even lead to mental health issues. But however you feel about noise, there are times when we all find it a major source of irritation and distraction. So if noise is an issue with you and you can’t avoid hearing noise over your usual music, it may be time to invest in some better quality headphones.

The best noise cancelling headphones will make your life more peaceful and make your music or podcasts much easier to hear and enjoy.

So which are the best noise cancelling headphones on the market? Let’s take a quick look.

First up you need to think about whether you want over the ear headphones or ear buds that fit inside your ear.

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are headphones that fit outside your ears (over the ear). These are the best noise cancelling headphones produced by Bose so are the top of the range.

The great thing about these headphones is that you can adjust the level of active noise cancellation (from 0 – 10) so you can still remain aware of your surroundings – important for safety. Alternatively you can block out all external noise for a totally immersive experience.

Comfort wise the Boise Noise Cancelling headphones 700 are fantastic. They are comfortable enough to fall asleep in, so are ideal for long journeys or even when you are trying to sleep at home.

If you like ear buds, the 1 More Dual Driver ANC Pro  are a good choice. These are great for travelling and combine superior external sound cancelling with long battery life. You can choose complete noise cancelling mode or switch this off so you are more aware of your surroundings. Ear buds are easy to store and convenient to wear, although some users may find they irritate the ears.

The best noise cancelling headphones are generally quite expensive but if you are watching your budget, the Anker Soundlife Q20 are a low cost alternative. You can buy them from Walmart for less than $50 and the sound quality is good. Many cheaper headphones are high on treble, but these are fairly bass driven. These Anker above the ear headphones are pretty basic but they do work for sound cancellation and this combined with excellent battery life makes them a good budget buy.

Another budget option is the TaoTronics TT BH042. These wireless earbuds are very effective for noise cancellation and are waterproof too so are ideal for exercising as well as when you are travelling. They are only suitable for wireless mode so battery life is slightly limited at around 8 hour’s usage on maximum charge.

Although noise cancellation is probably best with on ear headphones, 1 More True Wireless ANC are great if you are a fan of wireless ear pods. They block out external noise effectively and the sound quality is good. The downside is that battery life is only around five hours if the ANC is turned off and you do need to connect to Bluetooth. This means you couldn’t use these to plug into in-flight entertainment without buying a blue tooth transmitter first.

Low-cost SEO Software for Small Businesses

Without this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools, you would be walking without eyes to see. These tools could be like you’re wasting funds especially if you have not started earning proper profits. 

These SEO tools for software would aid in gathering SEO information and you wouldn’t need to spend all of your money. 

List of Low-cost SEO Software for Small Businesses 


This helps you conduct, monitor, and manage all your SEO campaigns. It has a lot of capabilities like Mangools. It is necessary when you want to watch your rankings and it helps all the efforts you’ve got especially when you would like to impact them all. These SheerSEO can be gotten at several levels. It is priced for Seven Dollars and Forty Dollars Monthly. We recommended the Fifteen Dollars option.

It can help you track your rank, this would let you understand where your pages are using their ranks. It would also do this using your selected keywords. You can follow these trends through your rankings with time. You don’t need to export all of these using a spreadsheet. 

It can also help you with referrers. This would help you know how many links you’ve got. It also allows you to look at the best fifty. It is all sorted using referrals or using PageRank Boost. This isn’t just the PageRank boost, it is made specially by SheerSEO which would estimate how well these links would affect your rankings. 

It also helps you with other social media platforms. This would help your site get tracked and it’ll be shared on both Twitter and Facebook too. This tool is necessary for looking for activities that would be shared. You would not need to see these from other social networks alone. 

You can use this to build links. This is a tool that helps review your blogs. It also helps you automate the process by getting these blog reviews on your products. There are direct submission tools that are included too. These are all tactics that are dated. 

This helps in reporting. You can use this to simply put together simple reports for clients to understand. 


This product can be purchased for Ninety Nine ninety-five dollars annually or nine ninety-five dollars monthly. You could make use of this property for your small businesses. You can make use of this tool to understand your keywords competition on Google. You can also discover new keywords that could be used by your top ten competitors through these search engines. 

This tool aids in offering page analysis. More types of analysis are available on the top ten competitors. These are also as details as those for off-page analysis on your links. There are several other factors one needs to consider which revolve around these. There are content optimizers that are there to grant advice and there are extras that have the forum necessary for swatch engines simulator used on snippets.

How a Discord Bot Could Help Your Website

The first question I had before I started this piece was how can one add a bot to Discord. Well to do this, you need to either find out if the bot is online or if it is available on the website of the creator. After you click on the type of bot you prefer, you can click on the invite button. Here you shall get redirected to the browser application of Discord. There you can decide which server you would prefer. You can get to decide which server you want the bot to work on. You need to keep in mind that there’s only one single bot you can add to a server. You need to be a moderator or an admin to that server like Facebook, Slack, and Twitter. After you grant full access to your bot, they would appear on your internet server and they would start helping your website immediately. 

What can a Bot do? 

All bots have several series of commands which one can make use of in the server. These can help to perform several different tasks. These bots would help you show a tutorial server after you add them up. Some other bots would need you to check the internet for instructions on how to build them. To make use of a Discord Bot, you should type this inside the text box and then through the text channel and press the enter button. This bot would prompt you to follow up on more commands. 

How can I get Started? 

If you would like to get rid of a bot from your server, you can easily right-click on the name of the bot, you can also check the member list of the server and click either ban or kick. These would depend on if you’ll like to get rid of the bot for now or remove it from your server permanently. 

How can I Make a Discord Bot and how can it help my Website 

Creating your Discord Bot is quite complex and you need to have some computer programming knowledge to be able to do this. Make sure you check to see if other applications would handle the functions you want them to do like the ones this Discord Bot can handle. Before you make a new one. 

A Discord Bot can help your website like you were the one making use of it. You could be busy handling other parts of your life and your Discord Bot would be there representing you. Like an active online receptionist. 

You can go to the Developer Portal for Discord and get a New Application. Click on the tab for Bot and then Name your Bot. You can then generate a token using some letters and numbers. You need this token for the end of your Discord Bot. 

Now you know how to create a Discord Bot and how it can help your website. Cheers to gathering more traffic out there.