Best Natural Hand Lotion for Dry Skin

Our hands take a lot of punishment over the average day, leaving the skin chapped and dry and in many cases making our hands look red and unattractive. The problem is hard to avoid, because unless we wear gloves constantly for hand protection, the natural elements play havoc with our skin – cold weather, hot weather, water and household cleaning products all take their toll.

In addition since the Coronavirus pandemic, we are all constantly washing our hands with harsh soaps and using hand sanitizer much more frequently than ever before. This is essential for cleanliness and hygiene but of course it does have a damaging and drying effect upon your hands. Keep reading to learn about the best natural hand lotion for dry skin, and how to protect your delicate hands.

Hand Lotion that Hydrates

The best natural hand lotion for dry skin is one that gently soothes damaged skin and helps to replace natural oils, without adding yet more chemicals to the skin. Today this is essential. Our hands are constantly bombarded with substances and chemicals, so it makes no sense at all to apply even more to the hands in the hope that doing this will improve their health.

One of the best skin care brands is Andalou Naturals. This brand only uses natural ingredients that gently nourish and protect the skin. The best natural hand lotion for dry skin does not strip away natural oils and moisture so anything by this brand will certainly be effective. Andalou provides a wide range of skin care, using beautiful and natural essential oils and plant extracts such as rose petals and argan oil with added vitamins for added nourishment and protection.

Another good brand is Desert Essence. The company provides some of the best hand protection creams and lotions on the market whether you are looking for probiotic hand sanitizer, which contains powerful natural antiseptics ingredients lavender and tea tree oil. In addition the sanitizer is enriched by Kefir, so it nourishes your skin each time you use it, rather than drying it out and causing damage.

Alternatively, try Dessert Essence’s Hand and Body Lotion, a natural organic lotion formulated especially for dry skin. This is based on Bulgarian Lavender, a unique plant that is highly prized in Eastern Europe and has a soothing and healing effect on the skin.

What’s your favorite hand lotion for dry skin?

The best natural hand lotion for dry skin is one that not only makes the skin of your hands smoother and more supple, it makes you feel good overall. Both these brands are highly recommended and are ideal for repairing damaged skin without causing further damage to PH levels. 

It is important to look after our hard working hands. They come in for a lot of damage on a daily basis so it is essential that you reward them with some gentle pampering and protection.