Best Hi Tech Careers

If you are looking for a career in technology, you have plenty of choices when it comes to opportunities. Almost all private businesses and government organizations rely on technology, so hi tech careers span all boundaries of modern life. This means it is hard to go wrong with a technology degree, and although there is competition for the top jobs, there is a wide demand for people with the right skills.

Hi tech careers can be very well paid and demanding. With the constantly changing tech landscape, you need to be prepared to be constantly learning and adapting to new developments in technology, because this is a fast moving science that is constantly changing. Here are three of the top hi tech careers you can pursue.

Top Hi Tech Careers

Data Scientist

This is an extremely crucial role in any organization or company (or government), as it is all about interpreting meaning from data and translating it into a coherent accurate strategy. Earnings usually start at around $118,000 a year, and you need to have a background in math or statistics, as well as computer programming and software engineering. 

Software Developer

There are always thousands of vacancies and openings for software developers, and with high wages, on average around $130,000 per year, this is one of the best hi tech careers to have. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are driving tech development, rather than just being a consumer.

The role of the software developer is challenging. There is a high demand for software developers, fueled by the demand for mobile apps and the other technology products that we all love. Any company will live or die by the success of its technology, so a software developer will always be in demand.

Information Security Analyst 

One thing that is a constant threat to any computer system is that of internet security. So  the job of an Information Security Analyst is one of those hi tech careers that will always be necessary in order to stay ahead of the scammers and the criminals, in order to keep any system safe and secure. You can expect to earn around $88,000 a year, depending upon the size of the corporation.

Although these three hi tech careers are generally best paid, other hi tech careers can be equally rewarding in terms of pay and job satisfaction. So becoming a web developer, IT manager, Systems Analyst or a Network Manager are all great careers that will suit you if you are considering a technology-based career and have the relevant STEM degree or MBA to back it up.

For less qualified people who may want a technology career but lack the relevant degree, becoming a Computer Support Specialist can be a good move. Becoming part of the IT team and manning help desks or troubleshooting IT problems can be a rewarding and interesting job that starts at around $47,000 a year, depending on the company and the complexity of the position.For more hi tech careers, check out the best tech websites for job openings.