Smart Gear that Enforces Workouts

These days we are all more fitness conscious than ever before. And with many people choosing to exercise and workout at home, it can even be a cheaper option than an expensive ongoing gym membership. So let’s take a look at some of the smart gear on the market to help you stay gym fit, even when you are staying at home.

Smart Mirror

A smart mirror is a large screen that you fit to your wall and you can use it to pair with an exercise class or trainer and follow the moves in the same way as attending a physical class. And because it is interactive, your trainer can see you and offer feedback on your performance.

Luluemon were the first company to come up with this technology and this company is hard to beat. The Smart Mirror looks like an ordinary home mirror when not in use so is suitable for placing anywhere in your home. The Luluemon mirror requires a monthly membership subscription and this gives you access to hundreds of live online classes in many different genres.

The Echelon Reflect 40 is a more compact alternative. Like Luluemon it gives you access to hundreds of online classes so whether you are weight training or interested in yoga or Pilates, you have a wide range of choice with this smart mirror.

Massage Gun

One issue that ruins motivation is tired aching muscles. A hand held massage gun will prevent this and will aid post workout recovery. There are numerous of these on the market and they are great for giving you an instant deep tissue muscle that will sooth aching muscles and pain. The Cryotex Massage Gun could be a good choice as it is popular with customers and comes with a comprehensive selection of different massage heads and speed options.


Getting out and about on your bike can be enjoyable but the Peloton Training bike takes cycling to a new dimension. Peloton provides a range of cycle training and you can also take a virtual cycle ride across some of the best scenery in the world, helped along by your real-time online trainer. There are a range of membership options available; with the cheapest digital membership only $12.99 per month. That said Peloton is not cheap by any means but it does offer you good value for money and it will motivate you to fitness.

Smart treadmill

The smart treadmill comes with a screen so you can follow workouts or take a run across some wonderful real life scenery from your own home, including adjustable inclines and more. Nordic Track looks like a good choice. It is a gym quality treadmill for the home environment and is fully programmable via the smart HD touch screen.