How to DIY LED Lights

DIY LED lights aren’t just good for Christmas. These inexpensive strips of light can look fantastic in your home all year round. In addition, they are extremely cheap to run and are perfect for adopting a greener life style. So let’s check out some imaginative and effective ways on how to DIY LED lights in your home. 

Use LED lights to make backlit wall panels. 

Backlit wall panels look great, create a subtle atmospheric lighting effect in your home and are easy to make with basic woodworking skills. Essentially each panel is a flat support covered with a leatheresque material.  At the back of each panel you stick your RGB LED light strip in place and then fit on the wall with a few inches clearance. Once switched on the light will diffuse upwards and side ways creating a fantastic lighting effect. 

Use in the Kitchen for custom counter lighting

How to use DIY LED strips in the kitchen for a practical lighting method is very easy with basic wiring skills. You just need to decide where your lighting should run and stick the LED strips in place first peeling the strip open to reveal the internal wires. These can then be fitted into a terminal block in order to join multiple strings together and the whole system can be plugged into a hidden socket. The result transforms your kitchen. Find the full tutorial on the MUO website.  

Use LED lights to liven up your bed frame headboard

Some LED light strips come fitted with a sticky back plastic strip so you don’t need to bother with tacks or pins.  Just stick the LED light strip in place behind your bed head, and let the light do the rest.  It is that simple. All LED lights come with a light controller so that you can choose between one color, set the colors to change or even set a timer. 

Use LED lights to light up dark areas and cupboards

How to DIY LED Lights is never complicated and they can be used for many practical reasons. Use a string of LED lights to illuminate the back of your pantry, wardrobe or other dark areas and cupboards in your home. That way you never have to search for the flash light in order to locate hard to find items lurking at the back of the space. 

Use LED light strips to illuminate your shelving units 

This makes a great display area for shelving. Whether you want to highlight your home bar or your book case, how to use DIY LED lights offers a range of possibilities that looks both stunning and subtle in one hit!

How a Minimalist Wallet Can Reduce Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most widely reported medical conditions. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lower back pain is the most common type of pain reported by patients and accounts for 25% of health enquiries seeking medical attention. In general patients are prescribed opioids despite a lack of evidence for their efficiency. 

However before you reach for the opioids it is important to consider your lifestyle. Lower back pain can be caused by numerous every day factors such as a lumpy bed or bad posture .Now research has found that the cause for your lower back pain may be sat in your pocket.

According to Stuart McGill, professor of spine biomechanics at the university of Waterloo Ontario, research suggests that an overfilled wallet in your back pocket can be a common cause of lower back pain.

If you carry a thick wallet in your back pocket – perhaps stuffed with cards, photos, tickets, cash and everything else, it is likely that you won’t remove it when you sit down. This is a big mistake. An overstuffed wallet causes you to sit unevenly on a seat which places stress on your spine. Over time this simple action of sitting unevenly will compress joints and muscles and add strain to the lower back. 

The answer is simple and it is in your own hands. Either get a smaller more minimalist wallet or make sure you remove your wallet from your pocket before you sit down. Another option is to invest in a fanny pack so that you can carry all your possessions safely around your waist. Finding a practical solution to lower back pain may be as simple as looking at your own lifestyle habits and effecting simple changes. 

However, lower back pain strikes us all occasionally, however careful we may be. If you experience lower back pain, it’s a great idea to first check out natural remedies, before you visit the doctor for powerful prescription drugs. Terry Naturally Curamin Low Back Pain features powerful natural ingredients in their award winning formula Curamin. Ingredients include Curcumin, Boswelia, Devils Claw and natural pain killer white willow extract. 

The formula offers effective temporary pain relief while supporting healthy cartilage structure to maintain your spine’s natural cushioning.All Terry Naturally supplements are created by Terry Leromond, a nutritional expert, author and authority on natural remedies which he shares on his radio show Terry Talks.

Newest Technology Applications You Should Know About

There are so many new technology applications under development and entering the market right now. The easiest way to think of this, is that whatever we do in our lives, there is likely an app for it. 

Let’s take a look at some technology applications that if we are not already using, we will be using soon.

The Internet of Things (IoT): People are becoming accustomed to using app technology in order to make their lives easier. Mobile apps enable the user to control the heating, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the home security system and everything else in the home. App software plays a major role in this development with an estimated global market of around $161 billion. 

Foldable Devices: originally most phones had a folding cover. Then we all switched to touch screens such as the apple I phone. Now foldable devices are making a come back with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This could be a trend for the future, so if you want to keep up with the newest technology applications, a foldable device is something worth considering. 

Beacon Technology: we confess we are not great fans of Beacon but it seems likely that it will become more popular. It is all about proximity marketing and is designed to alert customers to offers and special deals while out shopping or are in store. According to industry sources Beacon is a vastly growing market and is designed to “improve customer experience” by nudging them in the right direction to buy. 

Mobile Payment Apps and Wallets: We are all increasingly using phone apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This trend is likely to continue because it is extremely convenient and it also enables companies to see exactly what we are buying and when. No doubt this information will be integrated with Beacon. It is extremely convenient for the customer but it probably comes at the cost of your privacy. 

On Demand Apps: These types of app offer services when you need them and include Uber, Air B and B and food delivery services such as Just Eat. Expect more of these to become mainstream in the future with every service you can think of such as parcel delivery, home cleaning, laundry, buying a car,  pet grooming and more. These new technological applications may not seem particularly revolutionary but they have a massive impact on how small business operate and advertise their services. 

Cloud Computing Integration: We are all accustomed to cloud storage but this hasn’t really become integrated with app use yet. Using cloud storage for apps will free up space on your phone and is likely to become the default for the future. 83% of enterprise workloads are already cloud based so it seems likely that app storage will go the same way in the future. To keep up with the latest in technological developments check out to find out how new trends affect your life.

What’s the Oldest Type of Technology?

The word technology comes from the Greek words Techne meaning art and craft, and logos meaning speech or words. Originally the term meant a speech about arts and craft and when the word first appeared in English in around the 17th century, it kept to its original meaning. 

It wasn’t until the 20th century that technology came to mean, “The means or activity by which man seeks to change or manipulate his environment.” So although the way that we understand technology today means that we can look back throughout human history and see all the technological advances that humankind has made this idea of technology as we know it today, did not exist 200 years ago. 

The beginnings of human technology date back to the Stone Age where humans began to make tools from stone, such as axes and flint knives. It is important to remember that some animals also use stones and sticks and it is likely that humans did the same until they began to refine these natural materials and make them into tools. 

The Neanderthal people were proficient stone tool users and examples have been uncovered that date back to 70,000 BCE. Nobody knows whether they also used wood or constructed simple dwellings because none of these have survived throughout this vast expanse of time.

By the Neolithic age (3500 BCE), humankind was making pottery, jewellery, tools and beginning to crease their nomadic lifestyle and develop farming practices. They used plows and grinding stones for wheat so also developed bread and other modern day practices, living in towns together rather than roaming the landscape and following the herds of wild animals they used for food.

Nobody knows how any of these advancements were discovered or by whom. But gradually over the space of thousands of years, humankind developed previous inventions and technology, refining them and turning them in to something better.

The Neolithic age in Europe has been defined by their mysterious stone monuments and stone circles such as Stonehenge. Scientists still do not understand how or why so many of these were constructed. To create Stonehenge, the vast stones needed to be transported many miles and the laws of physics and astronomy employed to position them into their final resting place. Even today modern people would struggle with this task so whatever technology the Ancients used it was certainly effective. 

Defining the oldest type of technology is actually impossible. Was it the use of sticks and stones and other natural materials as tools that were used in hunting and other human activities? Is this the first type of technology? Or was it when humans took a natural object and worked on it so that the tool became something suitable for an exact purpose that humankind could use?

Scientists and archaeologists cannot agree and there are no real answers but one thing is sure; human technology has been in operation since the first person sharpened a stone or a stick and that dates back to at least 70,000 years before the dawn of history as we know it. 

How To Use Castor Oil on Achy Joints

Castor Oil is one of those traditional health remedies that have gone out of fashion in recent years. Historically it has been long been used as a laxative but there is far more to this humble and inexpensive health ingredient than you may imagine.

According to research it seems that castor oil is a fantastic treatment for joint pains and arthritis. Castor oil has powerful anti inflammatory properties so it is ideal for massaging into the affected areas. It works for all types of joint pain including muscle strain, nerve inflammation and aching joints and muscles. So whether you have overdone your workouts or you are suffering from the effects of aging, castor oil is a treatment that works on all types of muscle and joint pain regardless of age. 

Castor oil also has a beneficial effect on arthritis. It will not cure arthritis but it will certainly reduce the painful symptoms so is certainly something that all sufferers of arthritis should try. This old school remedy is not a new invention. Historical research shows that as far back as Roman times, people were using castor oil rubs as a way to improve physical health and ease the joint pain and discomfort of arthritis.

To use castor oil to alleviate joint pains and achy muscles, the best way to do it is to add heat. Just massage the castor oil into the affected area and then heat with a hot water bottle for maximum effect. 

Home Health is a US health Company that specialises in safe and effective topical treatments. The company has produced a fine medicinal castor oil with no added parabans or chemicals. Home Health Castor Oil Cold Pressed and Processed is a fantastic natural product that can help sooth tired muscles and aching joints. It works best in combination with their Home Health Wool Flannel for Castor Oil Packs. The Flannel is washable and re useable and is ideal for applying castor oil to the body and enabling the oil to seep deep into your joints or muscles.

Once applied and in place, for best results apply a heat pack or a hot water bottle to the affected area and just wait for the soothing relief to calm down muscle and joint pain.

Castor oil has many additional uses. You can use it as a hair tonic and anti dandruff product. It can also help treat skin complaints such as dry skin or acne and it is great for scalp infections. 

However it is for joint pain where castor oil really scores. Safer and as effective as many pharmaceutical sprays and ointments , castor oil is a fantastic way of easing joint pain without breaking the bank or resorting to chemical products. 

Facebook Launches Special Glasses to Play Video Games

Sometimes it seems as if we are already living in a weird Sci Fi reality. Facebook has planned to increase this mood with their special glasses designed to augment reality.

The AR glasses are being produced in partnership with Facebook and Rayban and they look like ordinary Raybans with an additional LED light button, plus a slick button on the side. Called Rayban Stories, they can be paired with either IOS or Android and you control them via your phone in the same way as any wearable tech such as the Apple watch.

The glasses come with a smart case that enables you to charge them and keep them protected when you are on the go.

The first generation glasses are already on sale. They cost $299 USD and are available in 20 style choices including Rayban classic frames such as Wayfarers, Aviators and more. They are available in stores and online in the US as well as Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, and the UK.

So what can you do with the smart glasses?

According to Facebook, they enable you to take pictures from the unique perspective of your eyeline. You can also use them to listen to music and speak to people via the smart built in speakers. The technology accepts Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

You can also make 30 second videos and share immediately online. In fact you can do most things via the glasses as you could do via a smart phone. Predominantly designed for social media, if you like posting your life online, it makes it fast, easy and hassle free.

You can’t see images through the glasses that are not really there. So you can’t transform your daily commute into a rainforest for example, but undoubtedly this will come.

In addition you can’t use the glasses to play video games and see all the action unfold in front of your eyes. Again we will probably get to this in the future but so far this function is not available.

Rayban Stories were launched on September 9th 2021 and surprisingly there has been very little fanfare. But if you are a fan of wearable technology and you like wearing cool sunglasses, these smart glasses will undoubtedly be top of many people’s Christmas list.

Only time will tell as to whether the smart glasses will really become as popular as smart phones. We think it is unlikely right now but with the move to put everything online and stay connected 100% of the day, it is highly possible that we will all be wearing these in the future.

Top Apps and Online Language Learning School

It is great to learn a language. Not only is this a fantastic skill that will help you communicate when you are travelling, it is good for your brain too. Neuroscientists say that learning a second language improves mental capabilities and memory and can even stave off dementia so is certainly something we should all be embracing. Luckily there are numerous online language tutors out there to help. So let’s take a look at some of them.

Pimsleur: this offers a traditional method of language learning in that it gives you the fundamentals of grammar. It also provides plenty of conversational practice and requires that you listen to audio clips and repeat them until they are right. According to language experts, Pimsleur is more rigorous than many of the competitors and with 50 languages on offer it is ideal for getting a baseline understanding. It costs $15 per month so offers good value for money.

Duolingo: This is a free app although there is a paid version. Duolingo gives you idiomatic expressions and introduces vocabulary , so it would be useful if you were planning a vacation and wanted to manage day to day requirements However it doesn’t provide any explanation of grammar so you will not get very far unless you combine it with other language learning methods.

Babbel: This is more challenging than Duolingo so expect a steep learning curve. That said if you stick at it, you will acquire a reasonable level of language. The first lesson is free and after that it costs $12.95 for a month or $8.95 per month if you sign up for three months.

Italki: This app offers one to one conversation online in 150 languages. You get to talk to people around the world and have access to your online language tutors where you can discuss a range of topics in your language of choice. Italki is inexpensive, ranging from $6 to $25 for an hour lesson.

Idlewild: This is a 7 week course that costs $295. Paying this will keep you focused on learning your language and this course does provide you with opportunities for deep learning. There are 7 classes a week via Zoom, taken by native language speakers and each class has a maximum of 10 students. The classes are aimed at a range of learners from basic to advanced and if you are serious about learning a language, Idlewild will deliver. Online language tutors with Idlewild deliver the experience of classroom learning into your home and will help you brush up or learn any of the major European languages.

Netflix: This is not a language learning app but with so many foreign language films and TV shows hosted on the site, it is a great way to enjoy the language and culture of your chosen country. Using Netflix in combination with a language app is a great way to become more fluent in language learning!

Supplements for Mental Focus

Many people take supplements to improve mental focus.  Stimulants such as caffeine can sharpen mental focus but can cause side effects such as jitteriness. Plant based ingredients such as Ginseng and Gingko are also popular and although they lack hard evidence, anecdotally many people believe they work.

However one of the best ways to improve mental focus is by diet. Ensuring you have plenty of green veg and natural protein in your diet such as obtained by oily fish, can help improve mental focus and general health. Your brain needs vitamins and proteins to work effectively and sadly because many people in the USA tend to eat a diet that misses out on these vital components, mental focus can suffer as a result.

A simple way of improving mental focus effectively is to ensure you keep your vitamin C levels topped up. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant present in natural fruit and vegetables that all humans require for health.

The problem is that the body cannot store vitamin C ; it has to be ingested on a daily basis in order for it to work. In addition, most of the vitamin C that we ingest, passes through the body and with the consumption of fruit and veg already low in the average American diet, it means that most people lack this vital vitamin. It is estimated that only 18% of the vitamin C we obtain by diet or supplements remains in the body.

Core Med Science is a US supplements company that has found a way to increase your vitamin C to optimum levels. Liposomal Vitamin C Softgels Gold Standard contain your full daily requirement of vitamin C and because the technology used in the softgels, bypasses the digestive system it means that all the vitamin C of the capsules is absorbed by the body.

Because Liposomal Vitamin C softgels have been developed using natural fats called phosphalids, all the vitamin C can enter the body without causing side effects.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful vitamins you can take for health. It has a neuroprotective effect so can help mental focus and it also helps prevent against the signs of aging as well as increase your resistance to disease.

So if you care about your health and that of your family, choosing Liposomal Vitamin C Softgels is a safe and easy way to ensure that your resistance to disease and illness is high. And when it comes to mental focus, this is one ingredient that can only give you fantastic proven benefits without any risk of side effects.

What to Look for in a Podcast Camera

Podcasts have long been an audio medium but today an increasing number of podcasters are now live streaming their content in video too. This means that if you are already a podcaster or you fancy trying it out for yourself you will now have to add a podcast camera to your equipment.

So what do you need to look for in a podcast camera? We checked out some consumer guides and podcast experts to find out where to start.

Record Time: make sure your podcast camera has a long recording time. Many cameras automatically switch off after 30 minutes so ensure that this automatic cut off function can be disabled, otherwise it will destroy the flow of the podcast if it cuts out and you have to switch it back on again.

Battery life: This is equally important. You will need to set up the camera and equipment and you may run through a couple of times before you get it right. You need to know your battery life can keep your camera on, or you will face lengthy details for recharging.

Live Stream Capabilities: Can you carry out live streaming with your podcast camera? Podcasts are very immediate and enable your audience to interact and engage with you. To live stream a video you will need to stream to your laptop or smart phone via wifi or by using an HDMI cable. It is important that your podcast camera has the capabilities to use at least one of these functions. You might not be ready for live streaming yet, but it is something that you will probably want to do in the future.

High Resolution: Picture quality is important and even though it can be daunting to see your own face in high resolution, we have all become accustomed to viewing in high picture resolution. Make sure you choose a podcast camera that delivers the best viewing experience possible. The minimum should be 1080p and with the popularity of 4K, if your podcast camera can record in Ultra HD, so much the better.

There are some great podcast cameras on the market right now which will deliver these capabilities and your choice will come down to your budget and your own personal preferences. So it is very important to carry out research before you buy, or it could be an expensive mistake.

Other points to think about for video pod casting

Remember too that your other equipment is equally important so your podcast camera is only part of the kit you need for video pod casting.

As well as your audio equipment, you will now need to ensure you have the correct lighting and a good place to film the podcast.

Many audio podcasts are recorded in studios that absorb sound to prevent background sound interference. You can achieve this by hanging drapes, carpets, egg boxes or other soft materials that absorb sound.

Now you are switching to video podcasting, it is a good idea to make the recording space as dark as possible and to introduce lighting. That way you can control the light coming into the studio and focus on the participants, rather than other distractions. Black out curtains can be a great idea for the podcast studio because it enables you to fully control the light that you want your podcast camera to pick up.

How are Science and Technology Related?

Science and Technology?  You can’t have one without the other. Science is the study of all of the natural world and how it works. Technology helps us find ways to apply what we have learned and helps us increase discoveries via specialised tools.

In human biology, science and technology work together to create a greater understanding of the human body as well as improve how any necessary treatment is to be achieved. From the simple blood test to life saving cancer surgery, technology finds ways to measure the body’s vital responses and find solutions at all levels.

There is a lot we still don’t know about how the body works. And because the body is so complicated, no medical expert can fully understand every part of it and all its complexities. Your heart specialist for example is not the best authority for a fractured bone. An endocrinologist understands hormones yet may not offer the best advice for a neurological condition.

The problem is that for many health conditions, many parts of the body are interrelated and there is no holistic approach that considers the body as a whole rather than a separate range of compartmentalised symptoms.

One health aspect, on which all health experts agree, is the importance of vitamin C. Your body needs this essential vitamin on a daily basis in order to protect it from many medical conditions and maintain health, yet many people never even consider it.

You can only obtain vitamin C via diet and it is present in all fresh fruits and vegetables, yet owing to the modern day diet of processed food most of us lack this vital component in our daily diet. Your body cannot store or make vitamin C; it has to be ingested every day to provide protection.

Liposomal Vitamin C is a great example of science and technology working together. It comes from Core Med Science who have developed a way to deliver your daily requirements of vitamin C straight into your blood system.

There are numerous vitamin C tablets and supplements on the market but owing to their construction, most of the vitamin C is unabsorbed by the blood stream. And even if you up your fruit consumption and try to consume as much vitamin c as possible, only 18% will get into the blood stream and it often leads to digestive problems such as diarrhoea as a result.

Liposomal vitamin C offers something different. The scientists at Core Medical Science (CMS) have developed the technology to deliver the full RDA of vitamin C direct into the blood system by bypassing the digestive process.

Liposomal Vitamin C is in liquid form. The vitamin dose is protected by natural phospholipids which are microscopic spheres of fat and as this substance is already part of our cell membranes, it enables the body to fully absorb vitamin C without losing any of the serving size or causing digestive side effects.

Thanks to Liposomal Vitamin C you can now maintain your body’s Vitamin C levels in one daily dose.  So if you care about your health today and long term, taking this scientifically designed supplement is the best thing you can do for your own health and for your family.