Advanced Technology Offers for Businesses

Technology offers many benefits to the small business owner, leading to cutting costs and improved time efficiency. Technology can make difficult tasks like accounting much easier, it can streamline communication and long distance networking, improve security, and help you carry many other day to day functions from hiring new staff to posting on social media, sending out mail shots and video conferencing.

So with a huge range of technology offers out there, which type of software is essential for small businesses?

Must-Have Advanced Technology Offers for Businesses


Accounting is usually a major headache, so using an accounts program will certainly make life easier whether you are a sole trader or a larger company. One of the best accounting software programs for users is Intuit QuickBooks This covers all your business accounting needs including Payroll. Intuit offers some great deals with prices starting for as little as $8.00 per month with regular special offers such as introductory discounts on packages.


If you are looking to expand your business online, you definitely require a website. If your needs are basic you might be able to use a free website builder such as Wix. This website builder is easy to use and has an impressive array of features. You can upgrade to a paid version with added features, when required later.

Asana and Taskworld

If you have to work with a remote team, you can bring everyone together with a work management platform and everyone can be on the same page quite literally, regardless of location. Asana is probably the best known and is free to use for up to 15 people. Other platforms include Taskworld which offers a free trial period to new users. Asana and Taskworld are both good at enabling people to share ideas and to work on the same documents and projects but are not suitable for hosting online live meetings.


For hosting meetings and video conferencing you need to use video conferencing tools. Zoom is probably the best well known but there are other technology offers available. Zoom can be free to use, but there are numerous options available to larger businesses. The free option for example times out after 40 minutes, so if you want a seamless meeting with shareholders, for example you need to check out the paid options to avoid embarrassment.

Cyber Ghost (VPN)

Internet security is very important so using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes this more robust. A VPN hides online activity and limits who can view the content of the network. There are numerous VPN offers available to businesses and although most of these are paid options you can sometimes find free offers too. One of these is Cyber Ghost which is a respected VPN provider with a range of price options including free deals on some packages.

Mail Chimp

Your business will undoubtedly need a marketing service. Mail Chimp is a marketing platform that can support you by providing a way to understand your potential customers and to connect with them on line. You can use Mail Chimp for sending out mail shots, carrying out market research and surveys and finding your customers on social media. There is a free option for businesses that are just getting started and other technology offers to suit all scales of business.