How the Tech World is Improving Its Environmental Sustainability

Technology is not different when it comes to environmental sustainability. The relationship between technology and development has been on for a long time now. If you look at the countries referred to as developed countries, you will discover that they are doing well technologically. Therefore, the line between technology and development is very thin. We have existing technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and so on. All these technologies are already fast-moving, making the world sustainable.

Technology booming is something we see happen as time rolls by. With each passing year, we are introduced to new technology or an upgrade on a previous one. Let’s see the IoT for instance.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is one of the greatest technological advancements so far. It is all about connecting and controlling things that weren’t connected. It helps to make sustainable applications endless. A powerful positive impact of the IoT is its ability to make circular economy easier. In a circular economy, resources are made to be reused at the end of their life cycle instead of being discarded. This helps to save production costs and also reduces waste. When a circular economy is combined with IoT, efficiency is increased.

Research by the World Economic Forum has shown that over 84% of IoT deployments can be used to tackle the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The top three in this category are:

  • Industry, innovation, & infrastructure
  • Smart cities & communities
  • Affordable & clean energy

Let’s move on to Virtual reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been a trending topic in the tech world. In fact, it is a part of technology booming, in the sense that two applications for the Virtual reality technology are in the sustainability world. We’ve heard about a future with robots, driverless cars, drones, 3D buildings, and so on. Virtual reality can completely change how we do things. Surely, that will bring about a more sustainable environment.

Going forward, technology can address societal changes. You can see this in the way people have access to data and also understand it. The IoT has been mentioned earlier and this shows how things in the world can connect. You have technologies at home that monitor your habits and adjust the temperature of your home. In this case, you don’t even need to set a timer. That’s the power of IoT.

In all, technology is not the end of sustainability. Rather, it is a means that can be used to efficiently and effectively create collaboration for environmental sustainability. Put together, the issues of sustainability in the world can be addressed. Technology has brought a lot of good to the world. Look around you, you can see how far humans have advanced. From the smartphone you have in your hands to the appliances you have at home, we’ve come a long way. Of a truth, the tech world has improved environmental sustainability.

Herbs For A Natural Energy Boost

Stress and hectic schedules make a lot of people begin to search for alternatives to help them stay active, alert, energized, and focused. Of course, people are busy most of the time. So, they need to be active to keep up with all their schedules. Although it is right to eat healthily, exercise right, get enough rest and sleep, and take care of your body as a whole. However, certain supplements, especially herbal ones help to boost your energy. Before taking any herbs, you should consult with a professional medical practitioner to get their view. If you are on medication, you may want to seek a doctor’s advice too. Why? Because taking herbs may interfere with the drugs you are already taking.

Here are herbs that help for a natural energy boost and increased alertness:

1. Ginseng:

This is a very common herbal supplement and it is known for boosting energy. It helps to stimulate the brain as it has a lot of properties that do that. This is exactly why people take it to speed up mental and sports performance. Ginseng contains compounds such as eleutherosides, ciwujianosides, and ginsenosides. These compounds give it its energy and performance-enhancing effects. Taking ginseng increases physical performance, mental performance, reduces fatigue, and helps in alertness.

2. Rosemary

Rosemary’s essential oil is used to improve and speed up cognitive performance. The oil contains compounds known as terpenes that help to this cause. When inhaled or used as a supplement, rosemary improves performances that involve speed and accuracy.

3. Sage

When taken as a supplement, sage helps to improve alertness, memory, attention, word recall, and mood. It also reduces fatigue and stress-strain. Sage contains compounds such as rosmarinic acid, quercetin, luteolin, and apigenin. These compounds add to the overall medicinal properties of this herb.

4. Peppermint

Not only does peppermint essential oil has a pleasant aroma, but it also has energy-boosting properties. Inhaling peppermint tends to improve mood, boost energy, increase alertness, improves performance, and helps athletic performance. It also reduces fatigue and helps for improved memory.

5. Guarana

Guarana is used as an ingredient in most supplements and energy drinks. This is because it has stimulating effects and contains certain chemicals such as caffeine, tannins, and saponins. These chemicals are known to help brain functions. They also have a positive effect on energy.

Guarana helps to boost energy, increase alertness, improve cognitive and athletic performance, and helps to boost attention.

Other herbs that help to boost energy naturally are:

  • Bacopa monnieri
  • Ashwagandha
  • Maca
  • Gotu kola
  • Holy basil
  • Rhodiola
  • Cordyceps
  • Schisandra

While keeping healthy, be sure to take supplements. Most of these supplements contain natural herbs that will boost your energy and help increase productivity.There are several brands out there that sell supplements. It could be protein supplements, vitamin supplements, and even herbal supplements. Get a trusted one and buy from them. Remember that your health is a top priority. Therefore, you should do all you can to ensure that you are always in the right state both physically and mentally.

Oracle Buys TikTok App – What This Means for TikTok Users

Oracle and TikTok could before our eyes become one in business in the U.S. This deal was created to bring peace because Trump’s administration is not a fan of the video app, speaking as someone with experience.

This information came in after speculating for weeks about the future of TikTok in the U.S. Donald Trump has stated that if the app isn’t sold, then it would have to leave the country in peace.

What is going on between Oracle and TikTok isn’t definite at the moment. It wasn’t a “take this money and give me this product” type of thing. This news came in after Microsoft stated it wasn’t going to purchase TikTok, and ByteDance was the one that made this information before the public.

Oracle stated this is part of the proposal that ByteDance submitted to the department that handles all issues related to funds. There it stated it would serve as the trusted provider of technology. ByteDance was asked to comment, but they have not yet responded. TikTok refused to comment too.

Tiktok Is a Controversial App

After TikTok became extremely popular in western countries and the United States, it became one of the first social media platforms made by the Chinese to gain this many followers outside of China. It has more than three hundred fifteen million downloads only from three months this year—more downloads quarterly than any other application in the history of app downloads.

US politicians and Trump stated the application served as a national security threat because Beijing could use it to spy on the United States. Other authorities have stated that it could be used in the collection of personal data on the citizens of the United States.

TikTok stated it never had any plans of doing any of these things. It centers its data outside China, and none of the data gotten by TikTok could be subjected to the law of China.

The agreement Oracle had for TikTok came some days before the US wanted to ban TikTok. After the 20th of September, the department of commerce needs to make everyone knows the type of business Oracle has involved itself with involving TikTok. Or both would be banned from the country. You know the US doesn’t waste time when it wants to get rid of something.

We don’t fully know yet if the partnership of Oracle and TikTok would save the app from being prohibited in the United States. The language and scope of the order and the remarks Trump has stated about TikTok has made everyone confused with how this ban would take place. Trump also said TikTok has till the 7th of November to find a buyer.

One of the employees of TikTok challenged this ban in the federal court. He wants this decision handled judicially for the 6th of August in order to get suspended. We will know how that would end when the time comes. 

The U.S. Restricts Technology Imports from China

The world has had enough imports from China, to be honest.

The United States doesn’t want anything related to technology to be imported from China. These restrictions include products like those used on hair and goods that serve as technology from specific Chinese companies. The US doesn’t want these goods because it is known that the companies used forced labor from Xinjiang to create these products.

This policy would let the United States agents destroy or derail technological goods that are brought into the US by these named entities or companies in Xinjiang. Xinjiang is a western region in China. It has lots of Uighurs and other minorities in prisons and internment camps.

This move is known to increase the already present tensions between China and the United States. It is way worse than the time when the United States banned the importation of Tomatoes and Cotton that was produced in Xinjiang. This measure made companies that used Chinese cotton as a means of survival to get ready because the US had no desire to import these products any longer.

Officials following the Department of Homeland Security had a conversation with reporters at the beginning of the week. They stated that the following analysis was done legally; more future assessments will be done.

Why did the U.S. restrict technology imports from China?

Xinjiang has a Vocational Skill and Education Training Center. This center provides labor that is done by prisoners to manufacturing companies around, as stated by the border agency.

These are the reasons why the US stated they don’t want any product made from the labor of prisoners. They do not want to be a part of this madness. The US is thinking about their future and what the history books will say. These restrictions would prevent the importation of hair products that would be made by Lop County Hair Product Industrial Park. Other companies that are restricted include the following; LYSZD Baoding Trade and Business Company, Yili Zhou Wan Garment Manufacturing Company, materials used for sewing clothes processed by Xinjiang Junggar Cotton, and Hefei Bitland Information Tech Company that makes use of computers.

These human rights violations are extreme, and for that reason, the response towards them should be epic.

The scope of what would happen to these companies in China isn’t clear at the moment. But we know what to expect. Border agency officials are known to state the value of dollars and the number of funds these Chinese companies would be losing after forcing prisoners to suffer unnecessary labor by making their products.

Laws from the United States have completely prevented the purchase of any good or service that was created using labor that wasn’t necessary. Human rights groups state that this practice has been going on in Xinjiang for quite a while. Lots of these prisoners are called into these programs which keeps them working in farms, factories, or textile mills.

I don’t blame the United States. What is being done to those prisoners isn’t right or fair in any way.

How to Stay Mentally Sharp When Working Long Hours at Your Computer

Lots of us spend hours and days staring at screens working and trying to make a better positive day for ourselves. At times, we could be trying to catch up with our family and friends and trying to download the latest movies, or it could simply be work that’s keeping us so close to the screen for that long a time.

This article will tell you how you can stay sharp mentally after working for a very long time with your computer. Research is realizing that the stimulation our brain gets when we make use of a computer for a long period aids in making you have better memories and reduces the speed with which your brain would slow down. Partaking of activities that would make you learn more is a great use of effort and time.

Make sure as you stay online, and as you work, you keep yourself interested in other necessary fun facts. You could subscribe to a website or a link that notifies you by the hour or day of a new fun fact. This will help you learn, keep your brain sharp, and aid you as you work for long hours in front of your computer.

Think about how sharp some old people are. Most of these people have been making use of computers before the birth of most of us. Making use of computers for long periods from research has helped in increasing the frontal lobes of the brain. This brain part is in charge of controlling memory which saves our perception of time, and it also helps the part of our brain that solves issues and analyzes information.

Brain Train

This refers to a process where we look at the screens of computers for a long period, and this reduces the chances of contracting Alzheimer’s disease and other terrible forms of impairment to the cognitive part of our brains. This can be done by performing activities that stimulate the brain continuously. It is said that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

In more ways than one, using the computer to work is like exercising continuously for long hours. Spending long hours in front of the computer working or doing other things will build brain muscle just as going to the gym would help build physical muscle. Like the body, the brain is even more active in remaining sharper and smarter. It doesn’t feel pain, and it doesn’t need to rest like the body would need to if you are exercising. Whenever your body is being trained to get muscles, you burn calories and your muscles get built. The same thing goes for the brain. Your brain engages on several levels too. This helps in keeping the brain flexible and properly oiled.

Now we all know different ways to stay mentally sharp when working long hours at your computer.

Learn more about improving mental focus at Lumosity, and consider additional ways to exercise your brain. CuraMed and Terry Naturally supplements may also prove helpful.

How is Technology Booming Since the COVID Crisis Began?

Although the COVID crisis has left many businesses struggling to survive, there have also been success stories as people switch to online companies rather than using traditional bricks and mortar outlets. So with the companies that operate via technology booming, what does this mean for the future?


Amazon is a success story of the COVID crisis. Already the richest company on the planet, the COVID lockdown has caused a massive increase in all their services from online shopping to their streaming services. According to Amazon insiders, the company has taken on over 100,000 new employees in their U.S. warehouse facilities alone. Does this suggest the end of the shopping mall? It certainly may help its demise.


Video conferencing companies are also doing well. Zoom which most people had never even heard of 12 months ago, is a success story of the COVID crisis, as many people switch to working from home and getting in touch with friends via this technology booming in all aspects of life.

Other Companies

Microsoft teams and other collaborative conference tools are booming as many companies have cut back on expensive office space and have moved their employees to home working.

Cloud services are also booming technology in this troubled time as companies switch to the online format and need the additional space to store documents and online collaborations.

Streaming services are certainly having a great year. Already gaining traction in the entertainment world, the closure of movie theatres, such as Cine World, is only going to add to their success. The COVID crisis has caused people to stay away from crowded spaces and to view the latest releases from the comfort of home. Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube profits are up and this technology, booming at the moment, does not look likely to be losing popularity any time soon.

The sales of technology are also up. Although the COVID pandemic initially affected production and supply to the tech giants including Apple because of the supply chain from China, this now seems to have been resolved. In technology, booming sales have arisen as people upgrade their phones, TVs and home entertainment systems. 

Not all technology is booming. The car industry is in trouble and according to global figures; one in six people working in this industry are likely to lose their jobs. Analysts predict that the pandemic will have a lasting effect upon this industry and will change the landscape of this once important industry.

In America, car production is down by a massive 90%, and customer demand is equally low. The COVID pandemic has created financial uncertainty and although the automotive industry will continue, this is not the time for most people to even consider buying a new car.

In any time of crisis, there are always winners and losers. Traditionally, a crisis has always led to an increase in revenue for bars and the entertainment industry but in today’s world of the new normal, the main winners are the companies offering technology booming all the way to the bank.

New Must-Have Apps Technology for Kids

Computer apps are not just about the next game craze and mindlessly zoning out online. There are some fantastic apps out there for kids that can help them learn and get creative with technology, and even better, many of these are free or low cost. Apps technology is aimed at all ages and at all parts of life, so let’s take at the new must have apps technology for kids.

Hopscotch:  Hopscotch is one of the best apps out there for technology. This iOS compatible app teaches kids basic coding so that they can replicate game favourites such as Angry Birds and invent their own computer games too. Aimed at the 9 to 11 year old bracket this free app is proving popular with kids and parents alike.

Apps technology is also great for learning languages.

Duolingo: This is an app that makes learning a second language fun and is a great way to get your kids on their way to fluency. Available in most languages including Spanish, French, and Russian, Duolingo teaches through play and is great for language learners of all ages.

Star Walk:  Technology apps are a great way to learn about the wider world, and with Star Walk, your kid’s horizons are set even further with this astronomy guide. It encourages your kids to get outside and snap the outside sky and to then learn about the constellations and the planets with the interactive sky map. Priced at $3, this app could set your children off on a lifelong interest in astronomy.

Treble Cat: One of the most rewarding things you can learn as a child is how to read music. Treble Cat makes this easy with this app which teaches children how to read the notes on the treble clef. Costing $5, this app is good value and will appeal to any child who is taking music lessons.

Monster Math 2: Technology apps that make school lessons fun offer a great way of learning without tears. Monster Math 2, aimed at elementary level, makes math learning fun and will help boost math skills while fighting monsters. This app is free to download and will help your kids excel in this sometimes difficult subject.

Lego Movie Maker: If your kids are Lego fans, this free app is great fun and we can see this becoming popular with all the family. It enables you to make movies from Lego creations, by turning the figures and constructions your kids build into stories. Available only on iOS, Lego Movie Maker is a great way to spark an interest in film making as well as good for boosting creativity.

Earth 3D – Amazing Atlas: This app brings the world to you  at a click of your finger and it helps your child learn about geography, climate and cultures around the globe. Fun to use and with some fantastically rich graphics, this app is mesmerizing. It is available only on iOS and it costs $3.

How Can I Restore My Vision from Computer Eye Strain?

Staring at a computer screen or phone screen for long periods of time leads to eye strain, causing itchy tired eyes, headaches, and more. In today’s world, this is hard to avoid as many of us need to be online for most of the day. So let’s take a look at some easy remedies to this common problem.

So how can I restore my vision from computer eye strain?

·       Eye exercises.

These can help restore vision very effectively. One issue is that we spend too much time constantly focusing on a nearby screen, so to give your eyes a mini workout and improve vision, look away from your screen every 20 minutes, and focus on a distant object or the horizon. You can also try looking at nearby objects and then focusing on something far away.

Switching your focal length for around 15 seconds may be enough to restore vision. This is an easy improvement if you want to know how to restore your vision without changing your lifestyle.

·       Move away from the computer!

This one is self-explanatory, but moving away from the computer every hour will not only improve vision, it will help your overall physical health as well. Taking a regular break will not only improve eye strain, it will help you keep fresh and fatigue free.

·       Make sure your lighting is good.

Eye strain is commonly caused by too much light or by straining in low light. Your lighting needs to be in the Goldilocks Zone, and this means not too bright or not too dark, but just right. As well as the lighting in your room, make sure your computer screen is at a conformable setting and is not causing excessive glare.

·       Take an eye test.

Are you sure it is the computer that is causing your eye strain? Visit your optician for an eye test to make sure.

·       Wear computer glasses.

Computer glasses help cut the glare from the screen so it can reduce eye strain too. When you visit your optician explain your problem, and you will probably find that with computer glasses your eyes improve immediately.

·       Take a supplement to boost eye health.

We are what we eat and a supplement that contains natural ingredients often missing from our usual diet can be a great boost to health as well as combat eye strain.

Pure Encapsulations is a reputable brand of supplements that can boost health and vitality in many different settings. Eye Protect Basics is a supplement aimed solely at eye care and is rich in minerals and vitamins that can support healthy eyesight, including zinc, lutein, copper and vitamin C.

We all take our healthy vision for granted, but it is extremely important to look after our eyes, as we only have one pair! If you are already looking up “how can I restore my vision” on Google, then it suggests that you need to take action fast or risk causing damage to your eyes with computer strain.

Taking steps to reduce and improve your computer time as well as the support of a good quality eye supplement will help restore your vision back to top condition.

Tele-Health: Can You Get an Accurate Diagnosis Virtually?

Online meetings with your doctor have numerous advantages over visiting your doctor in person. These types of medical appointments have risen since the onset of the COVID pandemic and can be better for the patient and for the community as a whole.  

A tele health appointment enables you to stay at home if you feel unwell and yet still obtain online medical care. It minimises the risk to the patient of picking up infection if immunity levels are low, and it helps reduce the spread of infection in the doctor’s surgery and waiting room, especially important if you have an infectious disease or illness.

Tele health appointments are becoming increasingly sophisticated. These days you can have a live face to face consultation via video software such as Skype, Zoom, or any of the other video platforms available. So you can speak to your doctor and he or she can see you from your smartphone or tablet.

One way to make the tele health diagnosis more accurate would be if the patient received a visit from a health care assistant who could measure temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure at the same time. That way, the doctor could obtain the hands on information without having to be physically present at the consultation.

You can also use messaging and send images so that your doctor can access your information later. Patient portals could facilitate this type of communication so that you could send your information and expect a response once your doctor has made a diagnosis.

Not all doctors surgeries are offering tele health appointments yet, and in many cases, the appointment can only be carried out by telephone, but tele health is certainly something we can expect to see more of in the future.

At present tele health consultation is generally used as a preliminary diagnosis. A tele health diagnosis can be accurate, but it does not really replace human intervention. Oftentimes, a doctor will be able to detect that something is wrong by other methods – such as how you carry yourself, your skin tone and smell. These are hard to monitor over a video call, yet are instantly apparent in a face to face consultation.

Despite the drawbacks, the trend towards virtual tele health appointments is going to continue because the advantages do outweigh any negative issues. In most cases, a doctor will request to see you in person once the preliminary diagnosis has been made, or if he or she suspects an underlying issue. In addition, it is important to remember that doctors are human like anyone else, and plenty of conditions have gone undetected even in traditional face to face appointments.

The bottom line is that you can get an accurate diagnosis virtually. In most cases, your doctor will be able to accurately prescribe treatment and see your condition over the screen. It will make seeing a doctor safer and quicker too. If you are comfortable with technology and you have a laptop or tablet so that the doctor can see you, there seems to be no reason why not.

Can Injured Bones be Revitalized? What Role Does Technology Play?

Broken and injured bones can be difficult to get over, with younger people facing a far quicker recovery time than people who have a few years on the clock. Injured bones generally heal themselves by knitting together over a period of time, but this process can be painful and lengthy. Healing time will vary depending upon the severity of the fracture and the physical health of the individual.

Scientists are looking at technology to improve the healing process, and results can be surprising. One new system for healing shattered bones and major bone injuries may be achieved by applying an electric charge to the area to encourage bone growth.

This requires a scaffold of non-toxic polymer, which supports the broken area, and when this is combined with electric stimulation via an ultrasound, it encourages bones to regrow far faster than otherwise possible.

So far, this technology has only been tested on mice, but results are promising. As well as the injured bones, it also seems effective for helping the body rebuild tendons and cartilage. Researchers at the University of Connecticut who are carrying out this investigation still do not fully understand why an electric charge should encourage bone growth, so we may have a long wait until this technology is actually used in hospitals.

Although we can all be involved in an accident that causes injured bones, strengthening your bones will help protect you. Exercise is a simple way of preventing joint pains and for strengthening bone structure, and because so many of us lead such sedentary lives, many of us are at risk of breaking a bone far more easily than an athlete or active person.

Diet is also crucially important for bone health ,and taking the support of a daily supplement will help protect against injured bones. Neurobiologix is a supplement range you can trust. Made in the U.S., the company specialises in natural and effective health supplements that support health and wellbeing without using chemicals or artificial additives.

Neurobiologix Bone Support provides multi nutrient support for bone health and is designed for two key purposes:

1: To ensure that teenagers and young adult women optimize peak bone mass.

2: To help slow the rate of bone loss in menopausal women, elderly people, and those with a family history of bone loss.

Neurobiologix Bone Support is packed full of bone strengthening minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D3, calcium, and magnesium. The supplement will raise your levels of these vital nutrients, and when used in combination with a healthy diet, will offer you enhanced protection from the risk of injured bones. Obviously nothing can protect against the unexpected, but Neurobiologix Bone Support will help to strengthen your bones. This supplement is ideal for young growing teens as well as the elderly and is a great way to supplement your diet.